How to Play Scratch for Beginners

Scratch cards - this is a relatively new type of gambling which appeared in the online casinos recently, but this did not prevent it from gaining quickly popularity. Lotteries have existed for several centuries, but scratch cards appeared only half a century ago. They were invented by a team of students from the state of Massachusetts, the scratch layer became available thanks to a freshly invented coating that protected the contents of the lottery ticket but was easily cleaned with any hard object.

Briefly about the history of scratch cards

The idea of creating this type of lottery was quite simple - instant winnings and payouts. The concept developed by the Americans formed the basis of most instant lotteries of our time around the world.

How to play scratch cards - classic rules

Classic scratch cards are mainly made in the style of real scratch cards. The front side of the scratch card contains a field with the number of cells from 3 to 12. In each cell under the cover there is an image indicated by the rules and the payout table. To see the pictures, the player must erase the protective coating. If the combination of pictures matches one of the combinations indicated in paytable - player wins.

Players can scrape the cover in two ways:

  • sequentially in each cell, moving the mouse over the desired sector;
  • in all cells at once. To do this, use the Scratch All key or Show Card, depending on the version of the game. Pressing it instantly opens all the images on the card.

Modern versions of online scratch cards

There is a lot of competition among online casinos, which is why there are more and more new games. Scratch cards are no exception. In online casinos, new types of scratch cards are available that have no analogues in real life.

Cards with oversized fields

These are cards in which several dozen fields can be present, and winning combinations can be formed by a lot of different variations.

The rules of the game can be quite complicated, in this type of scratch cards online - you need to find a combination of pictures vertically, diagonally or through the cell (it all depends on the rules of a particular game).

Scratch cards with bonus games

This is a type of scratch cards that are somewhat like online slots, as they contain bonus symbols that open access to bonus rounds. Bonus rounds can be different, starting from guessing the suit of the card and ending with the game of “complicated tic-tac-toe”.

Modern manufacturers are constantly presenting new projects aimed at increasing the attractiveness of instant lotteries for users. Digital platforms are being developed, scratch games for mobile devices are being created, and the range of models is expanding. Experts predict the further development of the online instant lottery market, so we will see new types of scratch cards every new year.

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