Aces and Faces - Video poker

Video poker is considered one of the interesting gambling entertainments for modern users, which offers a diverse gameplay and high-quality graphics. The virtual casino is full of unusual and standard, simple and complicated video poker games from different manufacturers, but still each user has his own most favorite among them. So, the extremely popular among the players is the video poker Aces and Faces Poker, made by Tom Horn.

Description of Aces and Faces Poker slot machine

Graphically, the Aces and Faces not very diverse. It is also impossible to single out certain topics in it, but at the same time the game is different from many of its kind. The main color in the machine is blue, against which the whole gameplay unfolds. The payout table is separated in pink, which immediately draws the attention of the participant to it (colors may vary, depends on the software developer). The graphics of the game are endowed with an animated effect, so that it seems to the user more believable and interesting. Well, of course, the developer did not forget about such an important soundtrack, with the help of which it becomes more fun to play.

In order for the game to be fun and simple, the user is advised to familiarize himself with game operation manual. To do this, the player should look at the payout table, which displays the potential winnings for certain combinations. Next, the user needs to adjust the gameplay parameters necessary for him in the MENU section. After this, you should proceed to fixing bets that affect the total winnings. The higher the bet, the larger the reward is assigned to the participant. To fix the highest bet with one click, the player should use the Max button. After all this done, player can proceed to the cards dealing. Another button that is useful to the participant for the gameplay is HELD and it allows you to fix a particular card before the second deal of the cards.

The basis of the gameplay in Aces and Faces video poker is that the player needs to form various combinations. Each of them guarantees its own size of payments, the largest of which relies on Royal Flush. It must be remembered that the game is played using one deck of cards, in which there are 52 of them, there are no jokers. An important highlight of the game is the combination of four of a kind, which is divided into a square of aces, pictures and numbers. Naturally, the highest prizes are awarded to the participant for 4 aces, then K, Q, J and 2-10. In addition, the game has the ability to collect such standard combinations as straight flush, full house, straight, flush, three, two pairs and jacks and above. The last and penultimate combinations appear much more often than the others, because the user can count on decent wins from them.

Aces and Faces Poker video poker at Casinonic online casino

An important game element of the Aces and Faces video poker is the presence of a risky game. Each user who has previously formed a winning combination and then clicked the doubling button can get into risk round. The essence of this additional round is that the player will face 5 cards and one of them will be face up. The user's task is to guess from the remaining four cards which card would be higher than the opponent’s card. This guarantees a double reward for the last winning combination to the player.

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