All American Video poker

Among all the software from different developers for Casinonic online casino you can find a poker machine game called - All American. This poker machine can be literally translated for non-English speakers as “100% American”. However, it is worth noting that the most successful is the All-American software from the Playtech company. This video poker will attract the player with a colorful design, a fully translated interface for most of the major languages, and most importantly, a wide range of bets.

General Description of All-American video poker

”One hundred percent American” is the most popular video poker machine in our time. In All American, winning combinations begin with two jacks. A player making a bet has the right to exchange any number of cards for free. The minimum bet in this type of video poker is ten cents, and the maximum bet is limited to $500.

The player must make his bets in coins, for this he must first establish their face value, which ranges from 5 cents to five dollars. As in many other versions of video poker machines, payouts for winning combinations are made according to a specially set odds table. It should be noted right away that when playing a game of five coins, a royal-flush to a player is paid disproportionately higher than other winning combinations.

If a player has a winning combination and receives a payout, he is offered with a “doubling game”. In this case, player will have five cards dealt, one of which lies face down. In this case, the player, relying on his intuition, must choose a card from the closed set of cards that is higher than the one face up. If the card is higher, the doubling round will be won by the player; if it is lower, the bet goes to the casino. There is a peculiarity in this type of video poker: if the selected card during the “doubling game” turned out to be open, then the player can take back the bet made, or a re-deal of the cards will follow. The maximum limit for a “doubling game” is $2,000.


The convenience of the All-American poker machine from Playtech is that the menus and rules of the game are fully translated to all major languages. However, a beginner should be familiar with some of the features of this video poker game.

The value that coins will have can be selected in the lower right corner of the screen. How many coins to put on one card deal, the player can easily determine with a mouse click in the payout table. Using the special buttons, you can choose whether the bet will be minimum, or maximum. The winning combination by which the player will receive his payout will immediately be highlighted in the table. In general, the All-American video poker interface can be described as accessible at an intuitive level.

The 100% American poker machine has a ton of tweaks. It’s allowed to the player to change the interface for more convenient use, turn off the sound. In the "Menu" section there is a "Help" section, which will be useful to everyone who is just starting their acquaintance with All American video poker.


As many already know, most of video poker games online are constantly gaining popularity due to the low advantage of casinos. All American video poker is also among them. However, the player should remember that all poker machines without exception have a high level of dispersion.

In any case, “100% American” is a great opportunity to have a good time in an exciting and thrilling game.

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