Deuces Wild Video Poker - Strategy for the Lazy

Most novice players are reluctant to memorize and practice the full version of Deuces Wild video poker strategy. For those who want to quickly plunge into the game process and at the same time not to throw money senselessly (and it is also desirable to win in an online casino), you can learn the basic rules of a simplified strategy. It is enough to remember the mathematical advantages of the casino. A judicious and unhurried game will bring mathematical expectation closer to equilibrium.

Let's look at several situations in which the user was dealt cards (with or without deuces).

Cards with deuces

  • In the case of distribution of four deuces, all cards should be kept, since it is impossible to collect the best option;
  • In the distribution of three deuces - you need to keep cards under the "wild" Royal Flush. In the opposite situation, it is worth keeping only deuces;
  • With the option of two deuces dealt, it is advisable to leave any combination. It is worth keeping any four cards under Royal Flush. Otherwise, all but two should be changed;
  • If a player is dealt one deuce, then he should keep any paid combination. Moreover, it can only be broken if there are four cards on the Royal Flush. The player keeps four cards for straight flush and three cards for royal flush. In the absence of such options, every combination should be changed completely, except for the deuce.

Cards without deuces

  • User keeps all paid combinations. Moreover, they can be broken only if there are four cards on the Royal Flush;
  • The player keeps four cards on a straight flush;
  • The player keeps three cards on the Royal Flush;
  • You need to keep any pair (two pairs remain only in the rarest variations, where Full House is paid);
  • The user keeps four cards on the Flush;
  • The player keeps any pair of cards of the same suit: 10, J, Q or K;
  • If the user has nothing mentioned above, he can safely discard the entire five cards and get new ones.

At the beginning of your acquaintance, it is advisable to print these rules and turn to the “cheat sheet” if you want to win in the Casinonic casino. Before making any decision, you need to make sure that it is correct. No one is rushing you.

Experience has shown that newcomers often make many mistakes that run counter to the strategy for the correct course of play in Deuces Wild.

Among them, cases are described when players:

  • have the highest card kept, although only a deuce should be kept;
  • deuces are dropped in some cases, and this can never be done, even if it is possible to pull on a clean Royal Flush;
  • a deuce is left with some kind of card, which is unacceptable in any situations;
  • two pairs are left, although the Full House in this game is paid at a low level.

Remembering these mistakes, it is easier to avoid incidental situations. This short version of the strategy is enough to play Deuces Wild in a Casinonic online casino for money. But it is still necessary to study the full payout table and strategy of video poker. This will not be a difficult step if the player knows the basics well and realizes that winning in an online casino only with luck is not always possible.

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