Jacks or Better Poker Strategy

In the early 70s of the twentieth century, a new kind of poker machine appeared - Jacks or Better. This is the first game of its kind. And today, regardless of a rather respectful age, Jacks or Better is in great demand among the regulars of the Casinonic casino. This kind of game is most often used for the first acquaintance with video poker. This is due to the simplicity of the rules and easy gameplay.

At the very beginning of the emergence of video poker games, payouts were made starting from only two pairs and above. The probability of winning of the player was very low. Therefore, most gamblers simply refused to play. All this prompted the developers of the video poker games to review their games. The first change was an increased chance of a player winning. The second step, the developers redesigned the payout system. Now it all starts with two jacks. This is where the name of this type of poker machine comes from - Jacks or Better. The introduced innovations were approved by the majority of players. The popularity of this type of video poker has increased significantly around the world. Since the advent of online casinos, Jacks or Better has become much more affordable. Demand for the game has doubled.

A little later, when the fame of the game grew, various versions appeared. The most interesting versions of the poker machine are characterized by a low degree of mathematical advantage of the casino. As a rule, it is less than 0.5%. As you know, in a casino there are very few games with such a low advantage. Naturally, to minimize the benefits of a casino, a serious strategy for a Jack or better video slot machine is required. Possible mistakes must be ruled out. To learn this, we will analyze the main principles of the tactics of the game in Jacks and Better. We will discuss the most common cases that can occur with a user after receiving cards. It makes no sense to decipher the names of the combinations, because all game lovers understand them.

Dealt hand

What should you do

Royal flush, Straight Flush

Keep it

Four of a kind

We keep four of a kind and change last card

Full house

Keep it

4 cards for Royal flush

Keep cards for royal flush, change the remaining card, even if you need to break the ready-made Flush

4 cards for Straight Flush

Keep cards for Straight Flush, change remaining, even if you need to break the pair. (but do not break if you have ready-made Flush)


Keep it


Keep it

Three of a kind

Keep Three of a Kind, change remaining cards

Two pairs

Keep two pairs change remaining card

KQJ or QJT of the same suit

Keep these cards, change remaining hoping for Royal Flush or other combination

JJ or higher pair

Keep the pair, change other cards

3 cards for Royal Flush without an order

Keep them, change others, even if you need to drop out the lower pair

4 cards for Flush

Keep, change remaining, even if you need to drop out the lower pair

KQJT of different suit 

Keep them, change remaining card, even if its Ten

Any low pair

Change only this pair, change other cards

4 cards for Straight without a pair

Keep four cards, change the remaining one

3 cards in order of the same suit without a pair

Keep them, change other two cards

QJ of the same suit without a pair

keep QJ, change other three cards

TKQJ of the different suit

Keep them, change last one in order to catch Straight

2 cards of T of the same suit

Keep only these two, you should change others

3 cards for Straight Flush not in order

Keep, change two cards that left

JT of the same suit

Keep, change other cards

QT of the same suit (if there is no other cards of the same suit)

Keep, change others

One of the cards is J,Q,K and four lower cards without a set or pair

Keep only higher card, change four lower cards

Trash cards or trash cards with A

Change all cards

At first, it may seem to everyone that remembering the entire table is not realistic. But this is not so. You just need to gradually deal with each group. It is necessary to understand when it is needed to try to collect them. And then it will be possible to consider situations with diverse pairs and dissimilar cards.

To improve the quality of the Jacks or Better poker machine, the user just needs to remember and adhere to the above principles. Fortune is necessary in all gambling, but you cannot count on it solely. Anyone who relies only on luck makes a big mistake. Because of this, most novice players lose significant amounts.

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