Joker Poker Video Poker Strategy

There are several options for video poker in which you can play both in the casino and at the slot machine. In each of them, you need to have your own strategy and strictly follow it in order to increase the chances of winning. One of the most popular video poker games is Joker Poker. In this game, there are two jokers in the deck, and if you get them when you got your cards, then this is a big step towards winning. These two joker cards change a lot in the game, and it is worth adjusting the standard strategy of the game.

At Joker Poker, as a rule, at least a pair of kings must be present in your hands to get a win. Therefore, decisions in the selection of cards will differ from Jacks or Better. If you follow the rules below in your strategy, then your game at Joker Poker will become optimal (although the casino’s edge will not decrease but will be minimal).

These rules can be divided into two groups: in case you have a joker in your hands, and if you don’t have one.

So, the joker is in your hands, then you should leave it in your hands during the cards change (we always leave the joker in hands):

  • all combinations from Three of a Kind and higher, except when you have four Royal Flush cards;
  • any four straight flush cards or four flush cards if it includes K, A, or both;
  • three cards for Royal Flush;
  • paid high cards (A, K);
  • any three cards for straight flush;
  • any four Flash cards without K or A;
  • consecutive four cards to straight;
  • if you don’t have anything like that, leave only the joker.

If you don’t have a joker, then keep the following card combinations:

  • four cards for Royal Flush;
  • any four cards for straight flush or any three for royal flush;
  • four cards of any flash;
  • any pair starting with Q;
  • any three cards of the same suit;
  • four cards for Straight;
  • two Royal Flush cards if one of them is A or K;
  • a variety of A and K;
  • A or K in a single suit;
  • two suited cards to Royal Flush lower than A or K;
  • If all of this does not suit you, then change all five cards.

Using this strategy will reduce the advantage of the casino. This will help you to stay in game for a longer time and staying in the game for a long is an opportunity to break a large bank!

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