Online video poker rules and strategies

We all know video poker for over fifty years, and it is still a very popular online and casino game. Simple gameplay, huge potential for large payouts is very attractive for professional gamblers and amateurs in online gaming. This article will reveal you the whole thing you need to know about competing in video poker, with various valuable tips on game strategies.

First, some info about the varieties of video poker and its main features. After that, we will talk about the ideal scheme for choosing the right amount of coins and the strategy for “big” hands.

Video Poker Strategy - Selection and Gameplay

Throughout the years, hundreds of titles have been created in theme of video poker. The Casinonic casino has all video poker game variations from Joker Poker up to Jack's or Better and Deuces Wild. A key difference is whether the game to include jokers in the deck, which is a substitute for any card. A good example is that to get a jackpot you need a Royal Flash without a joker, although the joker gives you the opportunity to get big payouts - but you won”t get a jackpot.

The gameplay itself is very simple, which is one of the major reasons for the success of video poker. In most of the video poker games you need to choose the size of your bet in coins and hit on "submit" button. After that you will get 5 cards on the screen, and you decide which cards to change and which to keep to yourself. You should keep the hand if you got high combination of the cards from the first card deal.

Most of the card deals will be fairly ordinary, you will be dealt a pair or 4 suited cards. Next, you should use the game strategy, should you fold, in the hope that a better hand will come?

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Video Poker Strategy - Payout Table and Coin Count

If you look at the payout table of a regular video poker game, you will see that the upper right corner shows a proportionally larger win than the rest. This applies to winning with the most coins. If you always choose a game for 5 coins, this win will change the advantage to a very small value - within 0.5%. If you play the same game with fewer coins, the number would be in the region of 1% in each card deal.

If 5 coins is a lot of money for you, then you should look for a gaming machine in which coins are cheaper. For example, playing at a limit of 20 cents, use 5 coins - you will spend only $1 per card deal.

Video Poker Strategy - Chasing Strong Hands

Experienced video poker players know that big money comes mainly from random large wins. This means that most often it’s worth sacrificing a small payout of 1 to 1 when you have a chance to change 2 or 3 cards that will give you Royal Flush or Street Flush. The variance will be greater if you play in a similar way.

Video Poker Strategy - Bonuses and rewards play a big role

Video poker machines are famous for having a small advantage, some of them will be in the player’s favor if the player uses the perfect strategy. If you have bonuses, you can make a profit even with machines that have a high casino edge.

You will have a wide selection of bonuses online. They may be based on your initial deposit or may be in the form of a loyalty program and rewards. Before choosing a bonus in the Casinonic online casino, you should compare the number of points that is necessary for the wagering of the bonus, as they are very different between the games and bonus types.

Non-network casinos also have a loyalty program, and you must make sure to register for a card in order to track your game. These rewards can be in the form of privileges for restaurants and can be increased if you play in a "quiet" time. Depending on the casino, you may even receive an invitation to play a free game in blackjack or slots.

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Hand ranking in poker - explanation of poker combinations

The main thing once you begin competing in online poker is to understand which hand is the high ranking. After only a few days of the game, you will already know by heart all the hands, their order and strength. Always remember – you need to understand all the poker combinations before playing the game! For the duration of the study of poker combinations, you should immediately understand for yourself that the top positions are occupied by far from common combinations. Most often, the fight will go with combinations on the hands of the flash and below.

Poker Hand Rankings - Senior to Junior Combinations

  • # 1 - Royal Flush - A-K-Q-J-10 combination of the identical suit.
  • # 2 - Straight Flush – consists of the cards of the same suit in order, for example 4-5-6-7-8.
  • # 3 - Four of a kind - this is a five-card hand in which 4 cards match in rank. A very rare combination.
  • # 4 - Full House - example, A-A-A-Q-Q.
  • # 5 - Flash - 5 cards of the same suit. This combination hits a straight, set and two pairs.
  • # 6 - Street - 5 consecutive cards, for example, 10-J-Q-K-A. Remember: there is a special type of straight in which the ace is considered to be one - this is A-2-3-4-5 (the youngest street).
  • # 7 - Three of a kind (trips) - three cards of the same value plus two unpaired cards.
  • # 8 - Two pairs - any combination where two cards match in rank and two more cards match in rank. Two pairs are higher than one pair.
  • # 9 - Pair - two pair cards in a five-card combination. If the players have the same pairs, then the winner is selected by the oldest unpaired card in his hand (“kicker”).
  • # 10 - High card - when players reach the showdown and they don’t have any pairs, no straight, no flash or the like, the winner is selected by the highest card in his hand.
Online Video Poker Rules and Strategies
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