Video poker for real money

Many people wonder if poker can be as a source of income. You can play in video poker and make good money at the same time. Of course, in order to become a professional in video poker, whose incomes amount to thousands of dollars a month, you need to have certain abilities and spend a lot of effort. But an ordinary person with an average intellect and moderate psychological stability may begin to earn 1-3 thousand dollars a month in video poker after a couple of months of playing, but you should play only in free time. Therefore, adhering to a reasonable video poker game strategy, and working on your mistakes, you can learn to win significant amounts of money from the video poker games in a short time, and turn video poker into earnings.

Consider several scenarios of your earnings at video poker, depending on your desires and inclinations.

Earn by playing video poker in your free time

It is assumed that you, even being a beginner in video poker, have read about the beginner strategies in video poker at our site, and play seriously, not forgetting to analyze your played hands and eliminate your mistakes. In this case, in about 2-4 months, you can rise to the limit of NL100 (even in real poker!), and stay on it for a while, without rising higher.

Playing at the low limit poker for real money at NL100 for 3 hours a day on 8 tables and having a win rate of only 2.5PTBB / 100 hands (this is a figure for the average player who is not very sophisticated in poker, and advanced players, as a rule, can have more than 4-8 PTBB / 100, but usually go to higher limits) you will receive a monthly gain of about $2600 – that’s if you play real poker online. The major difference of video poker is that you can win jackpot from first bet - you just need to know highest combinations that pay real money.

You can get in a total of $3800 per month just for the fact that you enjoy playing video poker in your free time on the Casinonic website. Of course, this is far from the limit, and improving your game, over time you can reach significantly higher numbers of earnings from playing video poker.

On the other hand, it should be noted that not everyone succeeds in achieving such a result, since many lacks the ability to learn, endurance and self-discipline - and this is the main thing in video poker. The best results are achieved by those who, especially in the first stage of training, are deeply immersed in video poker, playing a lot to gain experience, and devoting a lot of time to analyzing sessions and mastering new knowledge. But the main thing is a serious attitude to the game. If you play relaxed, for the sake of entertainment, relying on luck, and not on a winning strategy, then earning in poker will not work.

Play video poker for real money professionally

People who have more free time, or who have learned from their own experience that they can earn in video poker faster and more pleasantly than at their work, often start to play video poker professionally. This does not mean exorbitant heights in the skill of the game, since amounts exceeding the usual salary are quite achievable for the average player who shows a stable solid game in video poker. Like any profession, earning in video poker requires a lot of efforts. But still, the income from video poker, based on the effort expended, far surpasses most other professions.

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