Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the Casinonic Online Casino

Cryptocurrencies become much more widely used than before. That is why we added this payment method at the Casinonic casino. Every day, at least 200 thousand transactions occur in the Bitcoin network. But there are also a number of others - Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin. And each online casino willing to add such a payment option, since it is in demand among players.

How to deposit using Bitcoin Cash

To make a deposit on your account, you first need to register on the Casinonic site itself. When registering, you must clearly indicate the currency in which you want to make your bets, so indicate Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Next, go to the Cashier or Balance section and select the account deposit option.

You will see an address of thirty+ characters, as well as a QR code. These are the details for which payment must be made. You can transfer directly from one of the Bitcoin-wallets like Electrum, Bitcoin-Core or Cryptonator (any other will work as well). If there is conversion in exchange - it will occur automatically.

A free and also quite reliable option is a software wallet. The same Electrum, Copay or Bither is perfect. They all have mobile apps. To buy BCH, you can use exchanges, and p2p (LocalBitcoins), or special terminals.

How to withdraw money to your BCH wallet

The procedure for withdrawing money in bitcoins from Casinonic online casino is as simple as possible. It is necessary to go to the outgoing payments section in your account: funds withdrawal. Two fields will appear:

  • Withdrawal amount;
  • Wallet address.

Indicate how much and where you plan to withdraw BCH. Please note that you must specify your Bitcoin address. You can view or create it in your wallet.

Please note that there is no regulated withdrawal time in cryptocurrency. The same applies to commissions. It all depends on the state of the network. If it is overloaded, then the waiting time and transfer fee increase. Typically, funds arrive in the wallet for a few seconds, but sometimes it can take up to one day (24 hours). All of the above is also relevant for deposits.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Cash

Gamblers often resort to payments at Bitcoin casinos for several reasons:

  1. Completely anonymous system. The player does not indicate his bank details on the site. But the main thing is that monetary transactions are not recorded by financial institutions. As a result, various restrictions can be circumvented. Indeed, in a number of countries, there are bans on online gambling, additional taxes are levied, and so on;
  2. Maximum simplicity and affordability. Just copy the wallet address to complete the operation. No further action is needed;
  3. High level of reliability. It’s almost impossible to steal or intercept your funds in Bitcoin casinos. Everything is protected by cryptographic encryption and an elaborate system - blockchain;
  4. Cryptocurrency does not have any link to the region. A person from Gabon can easily send a payment to Samoa and vice versa;
  5. Usually, the withdrawal takes no more than a day, which is faster than when working with prepaid cards.

Disadvantages of the BCH

Cryptocurrency also has drawbacks. For example, unpredictable commissions. Sometimes it is necessary to give such an amount of "crypto coins", which is equivalent to tens or even hundreds of dollars. It is important to clarify in the support service how the commission is selected during transfers. If it is too small, then another minus appears - the timing of the operation.

Do not forget about the volatility of digital currencies. Within one day, the course can vary significantly (up to 10%, and sometimes more). It is impossible to predict when you win, and when you lose at the jump of the BCH price.

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