Dogecoins as a payment method at the Casinonic online casino

Playing in the Casinonic online casino is one of the options for what you can do with your cryptocurrency, especially if it is Dogecoin, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Casinonic keeps up with times and now accepts payments made with Dogecoins.

The brief history of cryptocurrencies

Electronic currencies took off in 1998, but their very idea appeared much earlier in the 80s of the twentieth century. Many researchers believe that it was then that a concept was born that eventually brought us fruits in the form of the emergence of cryptocurrencies, and in particular - Dogecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a mass of other tokens (now there are more than seven hundred of them).

In 2009, Bitcoin was first introduced to the public by a person known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was the first decentralized currency protected by the secure hash algorithm of the second version (SHA-2) in the POW function. Dogecoin is based on a Litecoin and was introduced in December of 2013.

The growing popularity of online gambling using Crypto

Like cryptocurrencies, online casinos began to develop with the advent of the Internet and, in fact, became the brainchild of the crazy nineties.

1994 was the most significant year in the development of online gambling. At the legislative level, the small state of Antigua and Barbuda approved the procedure by which it was possible to obtain a license for online casinos. And from the technological side, it was in that year that the first online gambling software was developed by Microgaming.

As you can see, the history of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoins and online gambling is quite similar: both started as an alternative to existing inventions and now both do not even stop for a moment in their development.

The online gambling industry is now valued at tens of billions of dollars. Many predict that online gambling will become the dominant form of gambling.

The benefits of using Dogecoins at Casinonic casino

Online casinos are better than real ones because you do not need to go anywhere to play your favorite games and enrich yourself. Also, if you want to try playing, you do not have to pay with real money right away, and if you want, there are a variety of payment methods to use. In addition, you can create an account with numerous operators and choose which casino will be more to your liking.

Cryptocurrencies are distinguished by the fact that they cannot be faked. To send a transfer through them is not only cheaper due to low fees, but also much faster and safer. Anyone with access to the Internet can carry out a transaction that is reliably protected by a special identification procedure.

Why is it worth using Dogecoins when playing in the Casinonic online casino?

Firstly, they are easier to calculate than traditional money. In some countries, gambling is prohibited, and you cannot pay in the game by real means, but you can safely use Dogecoins as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Secondly, if you have a very small number of Dogecoins in your account, then converting them into a traditional currency does not make much sense. However, you can double your Dogecoins in the casino with ease.

Thirdly, withdrawing a cryptocurrency takes a matter of seconds, and making a bet with it can be much more profitable since Casinonic, in this case, has very low commissions during the work with crypto.

How to withdraw or deposit money with Dogecoins?

The process is simple, you just need to follow the instructions when you choose this method for payment/withdrawal. However, you need to have a blockchain wallet with which you can receive and withdraw funds.

That is why, playing with cryptocurrency in an online casino is much safer, faster and even more honest. In fact, the chances of winning are slightly increased, since you do not need to pay additional fees for withdrawing and depositing funds, and you can also benefit from profit bonuses.

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