iDeal as the payment method at Casinonic online casino

iDEAL is a payment method that allows customers to make payments online directly through their bank. Since its introduction in 2005 in the Netherlands, over 1 billion online payments have been processed with iDEAL. This payment method is supported in more than 100 thousand online stores and online services as well as online casinos such as Casinonic. For several years, the iDEAL brand has been included in the Top 10 of the most recognizable and irreplaceable companies in the Netherlands, and more than 60% of buyers prefer it to all other payment methods.

iDEAL is not a centralized payment system. This is a set of technical agreements between banks and processing centers that allow you to integrate with online banking systems. Over the past year, iDEAL has processed over 313.5 million payments. The average number of payments processed per month is 30.8 million, and is growing at about 10% monthly. Since 2005, the company has already processed 1.388 billion payments - all thanks to partner banks and processing centers.

How iDeal works

For the user, the process of paying through iDEAL is simpler and faster than using a credit card.

  • The user selects iDEAL as the payment method.
  • Then he selects his bank in the list of banks.
  • The system redirects him to the online banking page, where he logs in as a bank client.
  • All payment details are already pre-filled, it remains only to confirm the payment.
  • The bank immediately displays a confirmation of payment.

The buyer returns to the website, where he sees the successful status of making a deposit and passing payment to the Casinonic online casino. The iDeal payment system was added to the Casinonic website for the convenience of the users from Netherlands. Play safe, play with Casinonic!

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