Maestro as a payment system in the Casinonic Casino

Clients of the Casinonic online casino, need information regarding the choice of a reliable payment system. Currently, the Maestro electronic payment card (Maestro) is very common for the payments made in the Casinonic online casino.

Electronic Maestro Card

Surely there is no user who is not familiar with the MasterCard payment system, which is quite popular in many countries of the world. So, it should be noted that the Maestro electronic payment card is one of the brands of the mentioned payment system. The Maestro card is a debit electronic card. Most often, Maestro electronic cards are used to withdraw money through an ATM, to pay for services and goods when visiting retail outlets. Also, among fans of gambling, it has become popular to make deposits with this payment method in the online casino.

In general, the Maestro payment card, being one of the many debit cards existing today, appeared a long time ago - the service was founded back in 1990. You can get the appropriate card at any bank branch that cooperates with the MasterCard. Maestro electronic card can be linked to the client’s current Casinonic account with ease.

How to use?

Same as all other cards. Just fill out form with all necessary information and make a deposit! The Maestro card does not require an electronic activation process - this is what differs it from many other debit cards. The popularity of this electronic payment option may be evidenced by the fact that Maestro cards are accepted at many points, the number of which exceeds 12 million!

Pros and cons of use

Among the undoubted advantages of this electronic payment system, it is worth highlighting the ease of use of the Maestro electronic payment card, as well as the availability of prepaid cards.

In order to learn more about how and when you can use your electronic plastic card, the client should contact the bank branch. If your Maestro card is suitable for making online payments, then the issue of making the deposit with it in the Casinonic online casino will not take a long time. In the corresponding section of the online casino menu, the user must select the desired payment system - in this case, is Maestro, and indicate a certain amount by entering the requested data. This is how you can make a deposit in the Casinonic casino when using the Maestro electronic payment system. It is worth noting that the transaction speed here is quite high, which is another plus of using this payment system.

Electronic Maestro card serves the same debit electronic cards. A client holding a Maestro card may not have to worry about accidentally exceeding the limit, because the money that he uses belongs exclusively to him - no virtual debts and no minuses in the account!

Maestro electronic card - reliable protection of banking operations!

A user who prefers to make a payment through the Maestro system is well protected. There is a reliable system to counter financial fraud - even if the customer has lost the Maestro electronic payment card. You can report the loss of the card to the appropriate bank - this can be done using a phone call or chat in your bank’s electronic account. Such a simple operation will allow you to timely block the Maestro debit card, thereby preventing the illegal withdrawal of money from it.

Each user with a Maestro payment card can be sure that his balance is controlled - the balance of the card can be checked using a mobile phone (sending an SMS command or via Banking App). Using the aforementioned service, you can establish the availability of money in the account of the card holder, find out about the latest transactions made, etc.

Maestro Prepaid Electronic Card

It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with Maestro's prepaid card service, which is a fairly popular payment option and is common in many countries around the world. The client can issue such a prepaid card both for himself and for the "third" person. It is worth noting that the validity period of a Maestro prepaid electronic card will be slightly less than the validity period of a similar debit payment card. The prepaid card contains an account number, logo, strip for the owner’s signature. A detailed Maestro card will serve as a great gift for your friends and relatives! The meaning of acquiring a Maestro prepaid payment card is to use it as an analogue of cash - for example, on travel or to play in the Casinonic casino.


We can safely say that the choice of the recommended payment system is justified, because Maestro represented in many countries of the world, the number of which exceeds one hundred. The client can pay with this electronic card in online casinos, shopping centers, online stores; You can also withdraw cash amounts using the ATMs.

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