Neteller Casino

Neteller is an international electronic payment system founded in 1999. Currently, payments are made in more than 200 countries and in 22 currencies. The founder of the company is Optimal Payments Limited ™. The customer base covers more than 2 million active users.

Neteller as a Payment Method At Online Casinos

Neteller provides the following services:

  • money transfer in electronic form. In this case, the recipient does not need to have an account in this system, the sender indicates the recipient’s email address and he will receive a notification that a certain amount is waiting for him in the system. It remains only to register and receive the payment.
  • MasterCard Net + card, with which you can make payments in online stores while keeping your bank card details secret. It supports 8 major currencies (pound sterling, USD, AUS and CAN, Euro, Japanese yen, Danish and Swedish kronas). The card can be issued both in a plastic format and can be virtual;


Withdraw money from the Neteller account:

  • Bank Draft - 7.5-25 EUR
  • Bank Transfer - 7.5 EUR
  • Bank check - 7.5 EUR.

Net + plastic card:

  • 2.95% currency exchange fee
  • 3.00 GBP withdrawal fee
  • 8.00 GBP card issue and delivery

Withdrawal - $6 per transaction, regardless of the amount of withdrawal.

Tips For Players

This payment system is available at the Casinonic casino. When opening an account in the system, pay attention to the currency in which your winnings will be, because during the conversion you will lose some money on commissions.

After registration in the system, you will be assigned a twenty-digit Account ID, as well as a Secure ID (identifier) of six digits, which you need to confirm all operations. Only you should know this number do not give it to third parties.

Also, after registration, an employee of the company may call you by the phone to confirm your registration. After this confirmation, you will receive a nominal status in the system. In order to confirm your identity and get more opportunities (higher limit of receipt and withdrawal of funds, better list of services), you will need to additionally specify personal data (passport, etc.).

Pros Of This System

  • Instant translations;
  • High degree of data protection;
  • It does not require the installation of additional software;
  • Own MasterCard Net + card (can be used as a regular bank card, pay in a store, withdraw money from an ATM, etc.);
  • There is no commission when making a deposit in the casino and withdrawing funds back to an account;
  • The system of accumulating points and rewards (for each payment you will be credited with a certain amount of points, which will subsequently participate in the lottery for $ 500 (when you collect 1000 points) and $ 3,000 (when you accumulate 5,000 points in Neteller).

Cons Of The System

  • Fairly high commissions for conversion (2.9%);
  • Withdrawing funds to a bank card is not possible for the CIS countries. Money can be withdrawn by bank transfer (you must have a bank account and you need to come in person for money). The operation may take 3-7 banking days (depending on the bank). Or you can open a plastic MasterCard Net + card (it makes sense if you plan to use the card often).
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