PayPal as a payment system at Casinonic

This electronic payment service was founded by students at a US university in 1998. Initially, PayPal served auctions held electronically. There was close interaction with the well-known eBay trading platform. Before April 1998, more than 1 000 000 transfers were made to pay for goods purchased at this site.

PayPal became the operator of more than 50% of payments made on eBay in the year of 2002 and also completely absorbed (bought out) by this trading platform. A further brief history of the development of PayPal is as follows:

  • In the year of 2007, PayPal appears in EU as a bank operating in Luxembourg.
  • By 2011, 24 world currencies supported by the PayPal payment system.
  • In 2012, the service works in 190 countries.
  • In 2015, a service was developed that allows to create private webpages for accepting transfers and payments.
  • In 2017, an online lending company was acquired, which can issue short-term credits of up to $500 thousand.

Different countries have different conditions for using PayPal services, so you need to carefully study the agreement between the company and the new client. At home (in the USA), the service is positioned as a banking institution, although it is not included in the deposit insurance system.

Reliability and security

Service has a high degree of security and reliability. Otherwise, PayPal would not be present in almost all countries of the world. Operations are protected by encryption and special technologies, so making money transfers and payments using the system is completely safe.

An important point is that when making a payment for a product through the system, not only the seller is protected, but also the buyer, who can return his funds if the purchased item is not delivered. Detailed information related to the reliability of using PayPal is available on the official website (page "Security")

Customer service

In order to become a PayPal user, it is necessary to register, after confirming the email address (it is the login for entering the system), you need to link the bank card to your account. This will be needed to make payments on the Internet. During the linking, a small amount (within $ 1) is charged from the card account to confirm that you are owner of the bank account. Upon completion of the binding operation, the money is returned to the user. This may take several hours. You can also use a bank account in the system. It is possible to bind several bank accounts to your PayPal account, which is quite convenient when choosing a payment method for a product or service.

You can store money on your PayPal account, which will allow you to pay for goods without using plastic cards tied to your account. Verified users have more options when using PayPal. It is most convenient to replenish the account and withdraw funds from the system using bank cards. Commissions in the system are different and divided into categories:

  • for buyers;
  • for money transfers;
  • for sellers.

The fee for the payment of goods or services by the system is not charged in the absence of conversion. If it is necessary, then the commission is 4% of the wholesale exchange rate (sometimes the seller takes the payment on himself, in some cases the buyer must pay).

Transfers within the system in one country are not subject to a commission (if an attached bank card is not used). When making an international transfer, you need to pay a commission of 0.4-1.5%. When using the card, an additional fee of 3.4% is charged. For sellers, their commission fees are provided, detailed information is available on the official PayPal website.

PayPal popularity in casino

The system is popular in online casinos. Since connecting this service is not considered cheap, not all gambling establishments are ready to offer services for its use to their customers. PayPal usually works in large and well-known clubs.

How to deposit at Casinonic casino through PayPal

Replenishing a game account via PayPal is very simple. Only registered users can do this. You must go to the cashier / personal account and find the logo of the payment system. By clicking on it with the mouse, you will need to indicate the transfer amount and the email address, which is the login in the system. Next, on the PayPal website, you should confirm the operation.

How to withdraw money from the casino with PayPal?

You can withdraw money using PayPal in Casinonic casino. You need to go to your personal account and, having previously studied the withdrawal limits, leave a request for a cash withdrawal. The operation will be completed in accordance with the rules of the payment system and establishment.

Online casinos with PayPal

PayPal payment system is known all over the world and is used in many online stores and trading websites. In our online casino, it is also realistic to make money transfers using this service. Payments are reliably protected by modern technologies of the PayPal service.

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