PurplePay at the Casinonic online casino

PurplePay is one of the new payment systems that is becoming popular in the Casinonic online casino. Using this method, you can make payments from almost all over the world. The system has received the maximum widespread use in Europe and North America. The main currency is EUR and USD.

Depositing funds into the system for replenishing your account at Casinonic with PurplePay is available with most methods: cards, bank transfers, vouchers and with the phone via SMS. System security works in accordance with general standards; no innovative technologies are used to protect customers of the PurplePay.

You can replenish your casino account through PurplePay using vouchers that are sold by the official site itself. The lifespan of each voucher is minimum - only a month. Therefore, when buying a prepaid card, it must be borne in mind that after this period the funds will be debited and it will be impossible to use the voucher. The transaction procedure itself when making a deposit in the Casinonic takes place instantly.

The voucher is a 16-character code that is generated by the PurplePay system. The system takes about 15 seconds to create a voucher. The whole procedure is carried out in encrypted form, which allows you to protect the client’s funds from potentially fraudulent activities. The voucher amount is not limited. The client is notified in advance of all possible fees.

If the user pays with PurplePay in the Casinonic casino we won’t receive any personal payer’s information. All this was made possible thanks to company policy. They do not transmit data about their customers to third-party sites. This allows individuals to conceal income from tax services. Play safe, play with Casinonic!

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