Qiwi Wallet as a payment system at Casinonic Online Casino

Modern technologies allow you to quickly and conveniently transfer funds via the Internet. The only thing you need to do now is to decide which payment system will cope with your needs best. That is why we want to introduce you the QIWI payment system. This is a payment service that operates not in a certain territory, but in many countries, which gives it the right to be considered international.

Service History

The QIWI payment system was launched in 2006, at the same time a variety of ways to add money to the QIWI account were created. After that, almost every year, the service made some fundamental changes. For example, in 2008 the option of continuous customer support was developed, and the QIWI brand was created. In 2010, the 1st Processing Bank entered the system and became known as QIWI Bank. A year later, the system stopped accepting payments from many e-wallets. This did not prevent the service from developing further, and in 2012, a long-term and global cooperation agreement was signed between VISA and QIWI, which gave impetus to the creation of Visa QIWI Wallet.

Due to the fact that the service offers a fairly wide range of money transfer services, its popularity is quite high. The largest number of users of this system falls on the Russia. It is the customers of this country that make QIWI popular due to the constant use of the service, both via the Internet and convenient QIWI ATMs. Although the total number of users from around the world reaches 15 million.

QIWI System benefits

This payment system is preferred mostly in Russia, that is why we added this payment system as an option in the Casinonic. Thanks to the user base of QIWI and Russian visitors of the Casinonic casino, QIWI became one of the official payment systems of the Casinonic casino.

The developers of the service assure each customer of the QIWI wallet with protection from any fraudulent activities. QIWI supports two factor authentication which makes your account more secure. Thanks to the good encryption and protection of the user data, no one will know anything about your transactions if you use QIWI wallet.

Anyone can use this system. QIWI is available for registration not only for Russians but for all people worldwide (except for African countries). You can make a fresh account on their official website.

Withdrawals from the QIWI wallet can be transferred on a bank card. The commission will be around 1.5% and the amount should be at least 1 USD. Also, the client can receive money in cash by visiting branches of QIWI partnering banks. The timing of receipt of money on the card can vary from two hours to 4 days, depending on the work of the bank. When transferring money from one virtual wallet to any other, the minimum amount is 10 USD (can vary, depends on country of residence), and the maximum is 5,000 USD.

How to use?

The registration process takes only a few minutes. But at the same time, the user must decide whether he needs a complete identification or not. In order to have all the privileges, you must go through the complete identification process. This will require the usual registration of the wallet when using a mobile number and a password convenient for the player, as well as to provide an identification document, citizenship, migration card, etc.

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