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Skrill (or Moneybookers) payment system is widely used by almost all online casinos and allows you to securely place bets and cash out winnings. The Casinonic online casino accepts Skrill as a payment system for withdrawal and deposit.

Skrill as a Payment Method at Online Casino

The Skrill payment system until 2011 was called Moneybookers. The headquarters of the organization is in London. Currently, over 36 million people use this payment system. This system operates in 200 countries and includes the ability to work with 40 types of currencies. At Skrill, users can send money from a credit or debit card, make purchases in stores and play in the casino (place bets and withdraw winnings).

Initially, you could only make online transactions, but very soon Skrill began offering its users cash cards. Now, you can connect MasterCard to your Skrill account and make payments without paper money or withdraw cash from ATMs.


Security - if you open an account in the Skrill payment system, your payments and information confidentiality is guaranteed. To make payments you will only need an email address and password. At the same time, your bank data and the data of your card (to which funds are withdrawn) remain known only to you.

Verification Of Identity

Since in the field of online payments the number of frauds and illegal circulation of funds is kept at a high level, you will be asked to confirm your identity. In addition, your account may be subject to limits - certain restrictions, depending on your status (individual or legal entity).

The system uses incoming and outgoing bank transfers as verification methods, can request a copy of a passport, copies of utility bills with an address and a full name, also a test payment from your bank card will be required. All this is done in order to both general security and in the interests of the client himself. The maximum transfer amount trough the system is 50 thousand euros.

Account Service

If you use your Skrill account for personal needs, then the service will be free for you. The only condition is at least 1 operation within 12 months.

Otherwise, a service charge of € 1 will be charged.

When converting currencies, the system will take 3-5% (depending on the amount and selected currency).

Advantages Of The Skrill System When Paying At Online Casinos

  • Reliability;
  • Security;
  • Transaction confidentiality;
  • Low cost of withdrawal of funds and account replenishment;
  • Simple design and intuitive use;
  • Special conditions for VIP clients;
  • Widespread use both in Europe and in the USA.

This system has proven itself on the good side, which confirms its use around the world. Very often it is used for purchases on eBay, when paying for the work of freelancers, and occupies a leading position in payments related to online casinos and betting companies.

Before opening an account in this payment system, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the rules that you can find on the official Skrill website in the public domain. In general, this is a very convenient system, which will be clear even to beginners.

Disadvantages Of The Skrill System When Paying At Online Casinos

The biggest drawback of the Skrill system is that you need to go through a tedious and long registration. It will take you about 10 minutes to fill out the registration form. Although the registration itself is not anonymous, your data will not be transmitted during transactions. The Skrill account will become active and ready for transfers after your bank account has been verified. All these steps take an average of a couple of days to go through all the checks.

Safety Of Skrill Transfers In Online Casinos

Skrill is very secure in its structure. Initially, Skrill worked only on a prepaid basis: customers had to first deposit money into a Skrill account before making payments and transfers through the Skrill system. In the current form, Skrill can also be associated with a bank card and make direct transfers.

As a regular user, you can pay €10,000 per day. Upon request through the support service, you can increase or decrease this limit.

Skrill make all transactions of companies and casinos through a secure HTTPS site, so all online transfers go through a protected and encrypted channel. As a user, you can request an additional degree of security through the settings - a double login (two-factor authentication) will stop almost any hacking attempt.

Skrill Support

Skrill users get very good support from the payment system itself. You can get help at any time of the day: on the official Skrill page, click on the "Help" button. Here you can find answers to all frequently asked questions, as well as help in difficult situations.

If you still want to receive help from one of the representatives of Skrill, you can contact the support team directly by clicking on the "Contact" button. The service is completely free and available around the clock.

How Much Does A Skrill Account Cost?

For the average user, Skrill is free. But Skrill has a so-called inactivity fee. For a month 3 € is charged from your Skrill account. An account that has not been in use for more than a year, including the lack of a login for a year, is considered inactive. Thus, Skrill collects small amounts remaining in inactive user accounts. This does not affect active users.

Skrill users' transfers to company and casino accounts are also free. But, as a user, you pay for the currency exchange, for example, when a transfer is made from a euro account to a dollar account. The user also pays for the transfer of money from a Skrill account to a bank account. For users with large or frequent transactions, Skrill offers a VIP program that reduces the cost of many services and provides pleasant benefits.

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