WebMoney Casino

One of the most widespread electronic payment systems in the world with more than 30 million users.

WebMoney As a Payment Method In Online Casinos

How to use WebMoney? Step-by-step instruction:

1. decide / choose wallet type

  • Depending on what kind of money transfer services you are interested in, you need to determine the type of wallet.

Types of wallets and programs:

  • WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) - downloadable software;
  • WM Keeper WebPro (Light) - you do not need to download software, but you will need to install a certificate. You can use it from a PC or smartphone;
  • WM Keeper Mobile - operations using a mobile application
  • WM Keeper Standard Mini is a light version, it cannot be installed on a computer, but it has its own limit - up to $100 equivalent in any currency. To enter, you only need a username and password.

2. Registration in the system

Registration in the WebMoney system is free, for this you need to visit the WebMoney website and create your account.

Depending on how much personal information you are ready to provide to the system and how many verification steps you want to go through, there are different types of Certificates. The higher the rank of the certificates, the more opportunities and the amount of funds that you can transfer over a certain time. WM-Certificate - individual digital certificate (12 digits).

The following types of certificates exist in the system:

  • Alias certificate - entry level, issued to everyone. Maximum restrictions on the transfer of funds.
  • A formal certificate - you need to enter passport data and passport scan. Data is checked by site moderators. After verification, the certificate becomes Initial.
  • Initial certificate - passed verification of personal data. The cost of the certificate is 2-5 WMZ (depending on the certificate, they can be selected on the website).
  • Personal certificate - the main certificate in the system. The cost is 5 WMZ.
  • In addition to the above, there are additional, highly specialized certificates: seller, developer, legal entity, etc.).

3. You need to open your wallet in a certain currency

After your certificate has passed the test, you choose which currency you will work with.

Attention: the currency can be transferred from wallet to wallet only without conversion. This means that USD can only be sent to USD wallets, and GBP to GBP wallets. Keep in mind and open several wallets on your account for different currencies at once (it's free).

WebMoney offers work with such currencies as: WMR (rubles), WMU (hryvnias), WMK (Kazakh rubles). WMB (Belarusian rubles), WMZ (dollars), WME (euro), WMG (gold).

Deposits are made at casinos, usually in WME Euro or WMZ dollars.

You can deposit money to an electronic wallet to replenish the game deposit in the following ways:

  • credit card (commission up to 8% depending on the bank),
  • bank transfer (commission up to 8%),
  • WM-cards (no commission), mail transfer (commission about 3%),
  • WebMoney exchange offices (commission up to 4%).

Withdrawal of funds is carried out in various ways: bank transfer, bank cards, mail, payment systems, special centers located in large cities (their addresses are indicated on the official website).

WebMoney Deposit To Online Casino Account

After registering in an online casino, transferring money to an account using WebMoney is quite simple. In the payment methods section of the Casinonic online casino, select WebMoney. You will be asked to enter a sum of transfer and WebMoney account ID. Confirm the payment via WMID and within a few minutes the transfer will be displayed on the online casino account. Online casino will not take money from you for the service, but WebMoney will withdraw the standard 0.8 percent of the transfer amount.

Withdrawal From An Online Casino Account Using WebMoney

Basically, withdrawing funds from an online casino through WebMoney works without problems, but many online casinos have their own rules for withdrawing money. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the nuances in your online casino through the support service. In addition, the transaction through WebMoney will cost you 0.8% of the amount. Depending on the wallet and WebMoney program, the withdrawal may take up to 10 working days.

Pros And Cons Of The WebMoney Payment System

Each system has its own strengths and nuances, and WebMoney in this regard is no exception.

Weaknesses Of The WebMoney System

  • A complicated step-by-step certification system. For a beginner, at first it will not be easy to deal with all the features of the system. Fortunately, there are many training videos on this subject, and even own WebMoney Wikipedia.
  • At first, you must to wait until your private records is checked. But this is a guarantee of security.
  • WebMoney asks for a certain percentage for depositing and withdrawing funds from the system - the commission of the system is 0.8%, at least 0.01 WM. Do not forget that there will also be a commission of that organization through which you will cash out money.
  • WebMoney has one-time, daily and monthly limits on the withdrawal of funds from the system. It depends on the currency and the level of your certificate. Therefore, upon receiving a large gain, it will have to be withdrawn in parts.
  • To use WebMoney, you need to think in advance about the method of withdrawing funds in order to withdraw them with the smallest fee. Do not forget that the commission is taken not only by the system itself, but also by an intermediary (bank, post office, payment systems, etc.).

Pros When Using WebMoney

  • High level of reliability - this system has proved itself to be the best in terms of protecting personal data;
  • Exceptional help - your difficulties will not be ignored;
  • Numerous casinos choose this type of payment, and thus extend players bonuses for its use (and this may well cover the cost of replenishing the deposit). On average, such a bonus is 10-15% of the deposit amount;
  • The deposit in the gaming house is replenished rapidly, as well as the withdrawal to your account is also made in a matter of seconds. Funds within the system are transferred very quickly. Do not forget that it will take time to cash out the funds (depending on the withdrawal method and the rules of the organization);
  • When making payments between wallets with the same currency, no commission is charged.


WebMoney is an excellent system in terms of reliability, although it is somewhat confused (especially at first glance).

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