Yandex.Money as a payment system at Casinonic online casino

Yandex.Money is a popular and sought-after service that allows its customers to pay for all kinds of goods and services online (Casinonic online casino included). The Yandex.Money service appeared in 2002 in Russia. There are more than enough fans of this system, and it is very difficult to count them, because according to statistical data about twelve thousand wallets created by new users each day.

Yandex.Money Overview

Yandex.Money has a number of significant advantages that distinguish this system from others. The main one among them is the fact that the service has an intuitive interface, which anyone can understand with ease. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that Yandex.Money works with a huge number of online stores and online services. This system is also in demand among gamblers, because with its help you can instantly make a deposit to your account in a Casinonic casino.

The payment service is constantly working for the benefit of its users and does everything possible to satisfy their desires. For example, Yandex.Money customers can use some of its privileges directly through applications for smartphones based on Android and iOS. Also, one of the advantages of the system can be considered that the client can easily transfer electronic money to a Visa bank card or Mastercard.

Millions of users who make financial transactions on a daily basis using Yandex.Money may absolutely be sure about the safety of operations, because the system uses reliable protection methods to save and control money of Yandex users. For example, when a guest visits the system, he is provided with a unique key that is valid for only one session. Also, channels on which data is exchanged are under reliable protection, guarantees the client complete protection of personal data. Moreover, the electronic service tracks every payment and transfer made by the client. In a word, user money is under reliable and professional control.

Despite the fact that Yandex.Money has Russian roots - you can use the capabilities of this service in almost every corner of the globe. And if a client gets a Gold Mastercard card, then with his help he can pay for services and purchases in any foreign country. The main drawback of the Yandex payment system is that you can pay and transfer money in it only with Russian rubles.

Basically, the deposit and withdrawal of money completely free and instant, but nevertheless a commission is charged for some operations. For example, a fee of 0.5% is charged for transferring funds from one authorized user to another. Also, the user will have to pay a commission if he wants to withdraw money from Yandex.Money. During the withdrawal of money, the user must pay around 3% of the withdrawal sum. It should be noted that certain restrictions were set on all transfers by the system. For example, for anonymous customers this amount will be 15 thousand rubles per payment. For those people who own personalized wallets, the figure grows to 60 thousand rubles. The maximum possible sum for transaction is 250 thousand rubles (available only to users with completed identification process).

How to use?

In order to become a full member of the Yandex.Money system, a person does not have to be a bank client or have a credit card. The main condition that user need is to register at Yandex. Money. This can be done either using an e-mail, or using one of the profiles on social networks. At the next stage, the user will need to bind his mobile phone number to an electronic wallet. This procedure is very important, because with the help of the phone the client can restore the password (in case he forgets it), monitor his financial operations and so on. As soon as the procedure with connecting the number is completed, the client needs to wait for the SMS message, which will contain a special code to confirm the Yandex e-wallet.


Yandex.Money Electronic Payment Service is a reliable, fast and convenient way to make a deposit in the Casinonic casino. This payment method especially convenient for the players from the Russia, since gambling is prohibited in this country officially. And the only option to play in online casino for Russian players is the use of online casinos with official license for conducting online gambling activity worldwide. We at Casinonic provide such opportunities for our players. Play responsible, play with Casinonic!

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