Online Scratch Cards

Many years ago, lotteries offered only weekly sweepstakes promising participants many prizes. Then some governments realized that they could get more money by allowing residents to buy tickets whenever they want. This is how scratch cards appeared. Having bought such a ticket, you had to scratch several cells in order to determine the type and size of the prize.

Today, Casinonic offers more prizes and different types of online scratch cards. Do you know what their main advantage is? Instant payouts! Online scratch cards are created using simple algorithms, so they are suitable even for beginners. Yeah, each developer adds new elements, but the general structure and principle of the game does not change.

Unlike traditional versions, games on the Internet allow the player to choose the amount of each ticket. As a rule, the price of one card does not fall below $1. Please note that some games offer to buy several tickets increasing the chances of a positive result.

Don't think online scratch cards are boring. Each such game has its own plot according to which you will win real money. The goal of the game is the same: erase the cells and determine the size of the payout, but you can do it with superheroes, fairy-tale characters, and so on.


These games don’t work with strategies. The result of each draw depends on your luck and this is another advantage of scratch card. Also, lottery tickets are relatively cheap and in the absence of payment you do not need to be upset because you can buy a new ticket and win a progressive jackpot!

For those who are looking for instant payments

Online lotteries have more benefits. They are available at any time and you always can receive additional payments. Also, you don’t need to spend most of your bankroll on buying a ticket. If you’re aimed for instant wins and payouts try scratch cards online now!

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