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Belatra Joué

belatra/SevenFruits belatra/SevenFruits belatra/SevenFruits
Seven Fruits
belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers
Bank Robbers
belatra/MWA belatra/MWA belatra/MWA
belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland
7 Days Anotherland
belatra/HighwayStars belatra/HighwayStars belatra/HighwayStars
Highway Stars
belatra/VenetianRain belatra/VenetianRain belatra/VenetianRain
Venetian Rain
belatra/TheWildlife2 belatra/TheWildlife2 belatra/TheWildlife2
The Wildlife 2
belatra/TheWildlife belatra/TheWildlife belatra/TheWildlife
The Wildlife
belatra/SpanishArmada belatra/SpanishArmada belatra/SpanishArmada
The Spanish Armada
belatra/TheSmartRabbit belatra/TheSmartRabbit belatra/TheSmartRabbit
The Smart Rabbit
belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania
The Moneymania
belatra/GhostWalks belatra/GhostWalks belatra/GhostWalks
The Ghost Walks
belatra/SuperSevensHappyWheel belatra/SuperSevensHappyWheel belatra/SuperSevensHappyWheel
Super Sevens Happy Wheel
belatra/SuperSevens belatra/SuperSevens belatra/SuperSevens
Super Sevens
belatra/Sevens belatra/Sevens belatra/Sevens
belatra/SeadogsStory belatra/SeadogsStory belatra/SeadogsStory
Seadogs Story
belatra/PrincessOfSwamp belatra/PrincessOfSwamp belatra/PrincessOfSwamp
Princess Of Swamp
belatra/PrehistoricStory belatra/PrehistoricStory belatra/PrehistoricStory
Prehistoric Story
belatra/PiggyBank belatra/PiggyBank belatra/PiggyBank
Piggy Bank
belatra/PersianNights belatra/PersianNights belatra/PersianNights
Persian Nights 2
belatra/OceanBed belatra/OceanBed belatra/OceanBed
Ocean Bed
belatra/NeptunesKingdom belatra/NeptunesKingdom belatra/NeptunesKingdom
Neptune's Kingdom
belatra/NeonBar belatra/NeonBar belatra/NeonBar
Neon Bar
belatra/MayaMystery belatra/MayaMystery belatra/MayaMystery
Maya Mystery
belatra/MarswoodParty belatra/MarswoodParty belatra/MarswoodParty
Marswood Party 2
belatra/LuckyDrink belatra/LuckyDrink belatra/LuckyDrink
Lucky Drink in Egypt
belatra/LuckyDrinkOld belatra/LuckyDrinkOld belatra/LuckyDrinkOld
Lucky Drink
belatra/LoveMagic belatra/LoveMagic belatra/LoveMagic
Love Magic
belatra/LocalPub belatra/LocalPub belatra/LocalPub
Local Pub
belatra/JustABingo belatra/JustABingo belatra/JustABingo
Just A Bingo


Belatra Games has been operating since 1993. For 20+ years, the company has released dozens of excellent slot machines, which occupy leading positions in the gambling market. At the moment, the provider portfolio offers more than 120 emulators:

-about 100 themed video slots (Piggy Bank, Lucky Drink, An Escape from AlCatraz);

-14 variations of the popular video poker;

-4 Roulettes (Quadro/ HD and others).

-2 hi-lo.

All slot machines are modern and have bonus options and features that are not available in games of other brands. In addition, Belatra releases Multi Billionaire kits designed for offline casinos and gaming halls. This series combines the new games of Belatra Games in with improved graphics and animation quality.

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