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Habanero Played

habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers
Totem Towers
habanero/SGWealthInn habanero/SGWealthInn habanero/SGWealthInn
Wealth Inn
habanero/SGTheKoiGate habanero/SGTheKoiGate habanero/SGTheKoiGate
The Koi Gate
habanero/SGScruffyScallywags habanero/SGScruffyScallywags habanero/SGScruffyScallywags
Scruffy Scallywags
habanero/SGSpaceFortune habanero/SGSpaceFortune habanero/SGSpaceFortune
Space Fortune
habanero/SGWickedWitch habanero/SGWickedWitch habanero/SGWickedWitch
Wicked Witch
habanero/JokerPoker1Hand habanero/JokerPoker1Hand habanero/JokerPoker1Hand
Joker Poker 1 Hand
habanero/SGJugglenaut habanero/SGJugglenaut habanero/SGJugglenaut
habanero/SGFlyingHigh habanero/SGFlyingHigh habanero/SGFlyingHigh
Flying High
habanero/SGVikingsPlunder habanero/SGVikingsPlunder habanero/SGVikingsPlunder
Viking's Plunder
habanero/SGZeus habanero/SGZeus habanero/SGZeus
habanero/SGMrBling habanero/SGMrBling habanero/SGMrBling
Mr Bling
habanero/TensorBetter1Hand habanero/TensorBetter1Hand habanero/TensorBetter1Hand
Tens or Better 1 Hand
habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe
Three Card Poker Deluxe
habanero/SGKanesInferno habanero/SGKanesInferno habanero/SGKanesInferno
Kane's Inferno
habanero/SGTreasureDiver habanero/SGTreasureDiver habanero/SGTreasureDiver
Treasure Diver
habanero/SGWaysOfFortune habanero/SGWaysOfFortune habanero/SGWaysOfFortune
Ways of Fortune
habanero/SGWeirdScience habanero/SGWeirdScience habanero/SGWeirdScience
Weird Science
habanero/JokerPoker10Hand habanero/JokerPoker10Hand habanero/JokerPoker10Hand
Joker Poker 10 Hand
habanero/SGHotHotFruit habanero/SGHotHotFruit habanero/SGHotHotFruit
Hot Hot Fruit
habanero/JokerPoker100Hand habanero/JokerPoker100Hand habanero/JokerPoker100Hand
Joker Poker 100 Hand
habanero/SGArcaneElements habanero/SGArcaneElements habanero/SGArcaneElements
Arcane Elements
habanero/TensorBetter10Hand habanero/TensorBetter10Hand habanero/TensorBetter10Hand
Tens or Better 10 Hand
habanero/SGAllForOne habanero/SGAllForOne habanero/SGAllForOne
All For One
habanero/SGBikiniIsland habanero/SGBikiniIsland habanero/SGBikiniIsland
Bikini Island
habanero/SGBombsAway habanero/SGBombsAway habanero/SGBombsAway
Bombs Away
habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley
Cake Valley
habanero/SGBuggyBonus habanero/SGBuggyBonus habanero/SGBuggyBonus
Buggy Bonus
habanero/SGDiscoFunk habanero/SGDiscoFunk habanero/SGDiscoFunk
Disco Funk
habanero/JokerPoker50Hand habanero/JokerPoker50Hand habanero/JokerPoker50Hand
Joker Poker 50 Hand
habanero/SGBirdOfThunder habanero/SGBirdOfThunder habanero/SGBirdOfThunder
Bird of Thunder
habanero/TensorBetter100Hand habanero/TensorBetter100Hand habanero/TensorBetter100Hand
Tens or Better 100 Hand
habanero/TensorBetter5Hand habanero/TensorBetter5Hand habanero/TensorBetter5Hand
Tens or Better 5 Hand
habanero/TensorBetter50Hand habanero/TensorBetter50Hand habanero/TensorBetter50Hand
Tens or Better 50 Hand
habanero/JokerPoker5Hand habanero/JokerPoker5Hand habanero/JokerPoker5Hand
Joker Poker 5 Hand
habanero/SG12Zodiacs habanero/SG12Zodiacs habanero/SG12Zodiacs
12 Zodiacs
habanero/SGArcticWonders habanero/SGArcticWonders habanero/SGArcticWonders
Arctic Wonders
habanero/SGCarnivalCash habanero/SGCarnivalCash habanero/SGCarnivalCash
Carnival Cash
habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef
Cash Reef
habanero/SGTheDragonCastle habanero/SGTheDragonCastle habanero/SGTheDragonCastle
Dragon Castle


Habanero is a promising manufacturer in the virtual gambling market, where it is actively developing and outperforming competitors. The studio offers slot machines of different genres. Soft licensed in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Habanero has been operating since 2012, so it does not have a huge portfolio. But at the same time, we cannot say that the range of games is limited. At the moment, it consists of 20+ unique models that will satisfy all your requests. We recommend to pay attention to such models:

  • Fire Rooster;
  • Gangsters;
  • Super Twister;
  • Dragon's Throne;
  • Coyote Crash;
  • Roman Empire.

Developers added cool bonuses to video slots. So, gamers can use Wild, Scatters and run themed mini-games. If you are a fan of board games, then pay attention to several versions of Roulette/Blackjack/ Poker.

Habanero tries to update the range of slot machines every month. You can run Habanero games on all popular platforms, including mobile devices. Players can also adjust the interface and other aspects of the slot machine.

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