Online Craps

Craps is one of the oldest games prototypes of which were found in Egypt, France, and even America. By the 30s of the last centuries, craps was represented in all US saloons, which made it one of the most popular casino games. Nowadays, new virtual casinos regularly appear, and online craps is increasingly appearing on monitors of the players.

Rules of The Game

The table has a unique design and is mainly used by gamblers to place their bets before the start of the round. The dealer uses two dice which determine the outcome of the rally. In general, the rules and algorithms are simple compared to other board games. Online craps accepts up to 20 players who place such bets:

  • Pass Line;
  • Don’t Pass Line;
  • Odds;
  • Field;
  • Come;
  • Don’t Come;
  • Big 6 and Big 8;
  • Hardways;
  • Any Craps;
  • Craps 2/3/11/12;
  • Any 7;
  • C&E.

After all bets have been placed, dealer throws dice determining the winning bets. Winners get paid and new round begins. It is important to remember that each roll is unique. If “6” fell out in the previous round, this does not mean that this number will appear again.

Why Should You Play Online Craps?

To win in the online craps skills and strategies are not required. You only need to throw dice to determine the outcome of the round. This principle eliminates the possibility of fraud on the part of online casinos. Unlike roulette and other table games, online craps gives the dealer a minimal advantage of 0.6%. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to win real money.

Finally, craps is the only game that provides many opportunities for betting. Due to their wide variety, the participant always has a chance to win. In the end, this is an interesting game that can make you a millionaire...if fortune smiles at you.

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