Online Video Poker

On the Casinonic website players can select the appropriate video poker from over 100 variations. In addition, you can play using from 1 to 100 hands at a time. Impressive solutions at Spin Poker (a combination in slot machines and video poker) or Multi Strike Poker (several hands with additional payments) take the game to a new level.

It took the developers several decades to achieve this result and create so many variations of the popular online poker. The first video poker machine released in the 70s caused a great stir but frankly speaking, it would look boring today. Fortunately, providers can offer many new versions among which you will find:

  • Progressive Jackpot Models. After collecting a certain combination (usually Royal Flash), a participant can receive a progressive prize. To increase the size of the jackpot, developers often connect it to several machines.
  • Multi Strike is a unique version of online video poker with four hand levels. To increase level you need to collect a paid combination. However, you must wager your bet for four hands, regardless of whether you have risen to a higher level. This game is endowed with one special card which allows the participant to rise to a new level for free.
  • Multi-Hand is suitable for players who came to win real money. This online video poker allows you to use up to 100 hands at a time. The volatility of the game is always high since you need to do all-rounder.

What about strategies?

Unlike other games, poker requires skills and strategies. However, there are many newcomers who win in almost every round thanks to luck. You only need to select the video poker version and understand the rules and paytable. After that, the game will be simple and straightforward. Remember that one strategy cannot be used in each game, so you will need to look for new solutions and ideas.

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