3-reel Slots

In the mid-19th century, a US entrepreneur invented the first gaming machine. It was primitive but the players liked winning chewing gum or beer in bars where first slots were placed. After that, other businessmen decided to improve the slot system by inviting players to win real money. Now, you can play classic and new 3-reel slots on the Casinonic website. Why are they still popular? The answer lies in their features...

Features of slot machines with 3 reels

3-reels slot machine design and characteristics are as close as possible to the classic one-armed bandits. For example, in the Tropical Juice slot, the interface is built in the form of a real slot machine. On the right side, the developers depicted a lever that made the reels spin. A similar interface is found in the Double Wammy slot which offers generous gameplay and large payouts.

In recent years, a tendency has formed that games in this category have fruits as symbols. This is not so because you can find hundreds of 3-reel slots dedicated to bandits, beautiful girls, wealth, and so on.

Also, slot machines with 3 reels are distinguished by simplified graphics and a limited set of pictures. According to the rules, the participant needs to collect a chain of any symbols provided by the payout table. After that, player will receive a payment according to the value of these pictures. The number of lines varies from 1 to 5. Modern versions of 3-reel slots can offer more prize lines.

Bonus symbols? Well, you can meet them in some classic 3-reel slot games. They usually offer Wild and Scatter. The first character replaces the usual images in combinations while scatter launches Free Spins and thematic mini-games.

Should you play 3-reel slots?

Short answer is yes! As you can see, these games are still popular despite much competition. They are interesting and generous. You can play almost any 3-reel slots online on the Casinonic website and thanks to a limited character set in these games, your bankroll will increase after every spin!

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