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nolimit/BenjiKilledInVegas nolimit/BenjiKilledInVegas nolimit/BenjiKilledInVegas
Benji Killed in Vegas
nolimit/KissMyChainsaw nolimit/KissMyChainsaw nolimit/KissMyChainsaw
Kiss My Chainsaw
nolimit/SanQuentin nolimit/SanQuentin nolimit/SanQuentin
San Quentin
nolimit/CasinoWinSpin nolimit/CasinoWinSpin nolimit/CasinoWinSpin
Casino Win Spin
nolimit/LegionX nolimit/LegionX nolimit/LegionX
Legion X
nolimit/IceIceYeti nolimit/IceIceYeti nolimit/IceIceYeti
Ice Ice Yeti
nolimit/Tombstone nolimit/Tombstone nolimit/Tombstone
nolimit/TheCrypt nolimit/TheCrypt nolimit/TheCrypt
The Crypt
nolimit/RoadRage nolimit/RoadRage nolimit/RoadRage
Road Rage
nolimit/DDay nolimit/DDay nolimit/DDay
nolimit/PunkRocker2 nolimit/PunkRocker2 nolimit/PunkRocker2
Punk Rocker 2
nolimit/Karen nolimit/Karen nolimit/Karen
Karen Maneater
nolimit/TombstoneRip nolimit/TombstoneRip nolimit/TombstoneRip
Tombstone R.I.P.
nolimit/BushidoWaysxNudge nolimit/BushidoWaysxNudge nolimit/BushidoWaysxNudge
Bushido Ways xNudge
nolimit/CoinsOfFortune nolimit/CoinsOfFortune nolimit/CoinsOfFortune
Coins Of Fortune
nolimit/SpaceDonkey nolimit/SpaceDonkey nolimit/SpaceDonkey
Space Donkey
nolimit/LandOfTheFree nolimit/LandOfTheFree nolimit/LandOfTheFree
Land of the Free
nolimit/FireInTheHolexBomb nolimit/FireInTheHolexBomb nolimit/FireInTheHolexBomb
Fire In The Hole xBomb
nolimit/WalkOfShame nolimit/WalkOfShame nolimit/WalkOfShame
Walk Of Shame
nolimit/TrueKult nolimit/TrueKult nolimit/TrueKult
True Kult
nolimit/TheCage nolimit/TheCage nolimit/TheCage
The Cage
nolimit/MayanMagic nolimit/MayanMagic nolimit/MayanMagic
Mayan Magic Wildfire
nolimit/HarlequinCarnival nolimit/HarlequinCarnival nolimit/HarlequinCarnival
Harlequin Carnival
nolimit/PoisonEve nolimit/PoisonEve nolimit/PoisonEve
Poison Eve
nolimit/DeadCanary nolimit/DeadCanary nolimit/DeadCanary
Dead Canary
nolimit/TractorBeam nolimit/TractorBeam nolimit/TractorBeam
Tractor Beam
nolimit/DeadwoodRip nolimit/DeadwoodRip nolimit/DeadwoodRip
Deadwood R.I.P
nolimit/Serial nolimit/Serial nolimit/Serial
nolimit/Infectious5xWays nolimit/Infectious5xWays nolimit/Infectious5xWays
Infectious 5 xWays
nolimit/Gluttony nolimit/Gluttony nolimit/Gluttony
nolimit/TombOfAkhenaten nolimit/TombOfAkhenaten nolimit/TombOfAkhenaten
Tomb of Akhenaten
nolimit/FolsomPrison nolimit/FolsomPrison nolimit/FolsomPrison
Folsom Prison
nolimit/DevilsCrossroad nolimit/DevilsCrossroad nolimit/DevilsCrossroad
Devil's Crossroad
nolimit/Wixx nolimit/Wixx nolimit/Wixx
nolimit/DasxBoot nolimit/DasxBoot nolimit/DasxBoot
Das xBoot
nolimit/TeslaJolt nolimit/TeslaJolt nolimit/TeslaJolt
Tesla Jolt
nolimit/Oktoberfest nolimit/Oktoberfest nolimit/Oktoberfest
nolimit/EastCoastVsWestCoast nolimit/EastCoastVsWestCoast nolimit/EastCoastVsWestCoast
East Coast vs West Coast
nolimit/ManhattanGoesWild nolimit/ManhattanGoesWild nolimit/ManhattanGoesWild
Manhattan Goes Wild
nolimit/FireintheHole2 nolimit/FireintheHole2 nolimit/FireintheHole2
Fire in the Hole 2

Top Software Suppliers: Nolimit City

Chances are that the name “Nolimit City” doesn’t ring a bell to you. It’s a relatively unknown casino software brand which is just starting to unfold its potential. It’s high time we gave some limelight to this accomplished company because it’s really worth it. Let’s get started!

About Nolimit City

Launched in 2013, Nolimit City has been around for only 7 years which is still a young age for a software company. The software manufacturer was founded by knowledgeable industry professionals, such as Emil Svard, Jonas Tegman, and Örpen Kisacikoglu.

Nolimit City is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Apart from its Swedish headquarters, the company also has offices in Malta and India.

Nolimit City is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, which are among the world’s most esteemed gaming authorities.

Instead of relying on outsourcing, Nolimit City oversees every stage of the production process, from idea to implementation, and beyond. Nolimt City employs a small yet highly competent team that engage in design, development, testing and even marketing.

Over the years, the Swedish software supplier has partnered with recognized igaming brands, such as EveryMatrix and iGaming Platform.

Gaming platform

The Stockholm-based provider is widely praised for its own-developed gaming platform. Casino operators can use the platform to access and customize gaming products in real time. On top of that, the system enables Nolimit City to devise smart promotion campaigns tailored to each particular casino operator. This way, a casino can either benefit from the in-built campaign, or stick with their own strategy.

The platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, from PCs to smartphones. The platform gives Nolimit City the opportunity to craft flexible, adaptable solutions for its casino clients. As Nolimit City states on its official website, “the operator is the boss”. A custom approach like that goes a long way in creating a loyal client base and building a solid name in the igaming industry.

Games portfolio

Nolimit City has a passion for top-quality video slots. The Swedish software company has put together a small yet valuable collection of slot titles. Nolimit City-powered slots cover a bunch of themes, including pirates, deities, space adventures, food, cowboys, music, ancient civilizations, etc. What makes Nolimit City stand out is their fresh perspective on classic themes. The company knows how to breathe a new life into well-familiar topics like holidays or mythology.

If you’re still skeptical, make sure for yourself! Here are some of the best slots from Nolimit City:

  • Pixies vs. Pirates. Pixie Queen and Pirate Captain? Which side are you on? Play this 6-reel video slot to find out! Landing the Mystery Chest on the reels expands the number of symbols, giving you a staggering 11,664 ways to land a winning combination. The slot’s RTP stands at 95.91%. Ready to embark on a treasure hunt that will leave you breathless? Then hit the “Spin” button!
  • Space Arcade. Loosely based off of the iconic Space Invaders game, this 2016 release is a delight to explore. The slot is played on a 3x3 grid which is placed against the romantic backdrop of a night sky. On the reels, you’ll see minimalist geometric shapes standing for celestial bodies. With a decent 96.47% RTP and the biggest payout of x535, Space Arcade is your chance to fatten up your bankroll.
  • Oktoberfest. This 5-reel, 20-payline slot recreates the jovial ambience of the iconic Bavarian beer festival. If you’re lucky, you can unlock two randomly triggered features which are chock full high-paying symbols. The biggest payout stands at x500. With a 96.75% RTP, this merry game is totally worth your while. Cheers!
  • Thor Dungeon Quest. This 5-reel, 29-payline one-armed bandit saw light in 2018. Explore the mystifying underground world inhabited by Elves, Knights, and Vikings. Spin the reels dotted with precious colored gems and grab hefty money prizes (up to x450 your wager). The Alchemy Spins and 2 randomly unlocked bonus features will send your bankroll into the stratosphere. The solid 96.27% RTP is another reason why you should give this slot a try!
  • Creepy Carnival. If you have a weak spot for horror-themed games, you’ll be fascinated by this dark, moody slot. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, the Creepy Carnival slot features a motley crew of memorable characters, such as Eerie Clown, Blood-Curdling Vampire, and Terrifying Monkey. The slot has no shortage of lucrative features, e.g. Free Spins, x3-x5 multipliers, Locked Wilds, and more. If you overcome your fear and spin the reels, you might be rewarded with a 100,000-coin prize!

Games with progressive jackpots are notably absent from the provider's portfolio. But hey, here is good news to make up for this downside! In addition to engaging slot titles, Nolimit City has some lottery games up its sleeve. If you’re a fan, be sure to check out Lucky Cards, 36/3 Common Draw, and some other exciting titles.

As for table games, the Swedish software provider is still holding back. Let’s hope it won’t be long before Nolimit City tries its hand at poker, roulette, and other iconic casino entertainments.

Our verdict

Nolimit City lives up to its name. When it comes to crafting innovative, original gaming content, the sowar brand has indeed no limits. Full of enthusiasm and creativity, the Swedish provider has a fresh vibe about it which draws partners and audiences like a magnet. On its website, the company says that it aims “to take gambling software to the next level”, and this is exactly what it’s doing!

By ignoring games by Nolimit City, you’re denying yourself a first-class enjoyment. Visit Casinonic and play Nolimit City titles for free and for real money!

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