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yggdrasil/HyperRespins yggdrasil/HyperRespins yggdrasil/HyperRespins
Hyper Respins
yggdrasil/ShadowRaidersMultiMax yggdrasil/ShadowRaidersMultiMax yggdrasil/ShadowRaidersMultiMax
Shadow Raiders MultiMax
yggdrasil/Holmes yggdrasil/Holmes yggdrasil/Holmes
Holmes and the Stolen Stones
yggdrasil/DungeonTowerMultiMax yggdrasil/DungeonTowerMultiMax yggdrasil/DungeonTowerMultiMax
Dungeon Tower MultiMax
yggdrasil/TheOneArmedBandit yggdrasil/TheOneArmedBandit yggdrasil/TheOneArmedBandit
The One Armed Bandit
yggdrasil/ChampionoftheUnderworld yggdrasil/ChampionoftheUnderworld yggdrasil/ChampionoftheUnderworld
Champion of the Underworld
yggdrasil/JumboJellies yggdrasil/JumboJellies yggdrasil/JumboJellies
Jumbo Jellies
yggdrasil/NotreDameTalesGigaBlox yggdrasil/NotreDameTalesGigaBlox yggdrasil/NotreDameTalesGigaBlox
Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox
yggdrasil/Multifly yggdrasil/Multifly yggdrasil/Multifly
yggdrasil/NeonRush yggdrasil/NeonRush yggdrasil/NeonRush
Neon Rush
yggdrasil/EnchantedWaters yggdrasil/EnchantedWaters yggdrasil/EnchantedWaters
Enchanted Waters
yggdrasil/RockStarSantaMultimax yggdrasil/RockStarSantaMultimax yggdrasil/RockStarSantaMultimax
Rock Star Santa Multimax
yggdrasil/GemRocks yggdrasil/GemRocks yggdrasil/GemRocks
Gem Rocks
yggdrasil/GodsVSGigablox yggdrasil/GodsVSGigablox yggdrasil/GodsVSGigablox
Gods VS Gigablox
yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox
3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox
yggdrasil/DeadMansFingers yggdrasil/DeadMansFingers yggdrasil/DeadMansFingers
Dead Man's Fingers
yggdrasil/LotusWarrior yggdrasil/LotusWarrior yggdrasil/LotusWarrior
Lotus Warrior
yggdrasil/ValleyoftheGods2 yggdrasil/ValleyoftheGods2 yggdrasil/ValleyoftheGods2
Valley of the Gods 2
yggdrasil/Valkyries yggdrasil/Valkyries yggdrasil/Valkyries
yggdrasil/FruitCombinator yggdrasil/FruitCombinator yggdrasil/FruitCombinator
Fruit Combinator
yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltranudgeGigablox yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltranudgeGigablox yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltranudgeGigablox
Jokrz Wild Ultranudge Gigablox
yggdrasil/TutsTwister yggdrasil/TutsTwister yggdrasil/TutsTwister
Tut's Twister
yggdrasil/BusterHammerCarnival yggdrasil/BusterHammerCarnival yggdrasil/BusterHammerCarnival
Buster Hammer Carnival
yggdrasil/BeautyAndTheBeast yggdrasil/BeautyAndTheBeast yggdrasil/BeautyAndTheBeast
Beauty and the Beast
yggdrasil/Alchymedes yggdrasil/Alchymedes yggdrasil/Alchymedes
yggdrasil/10xRewind yggdrasil/10xRewind yggdrasil/10xRewind
10x Rewind
yggdrasil/Winterberries yggdrasil/Winterberries yggdrasil/Winterberries
yggdrasil/AldosJourney yggdrasil/AldosJourney yggdrasil/AldosJourney
Aldo's Journey
yggdrasil/MedusaHot1 yggdrasil/MedusaHot1 yggdrasil/MedusaHot1
Medusa Hot 1
yggdrasil/OrientExpress yggdrasil/OrientExpress yggdrasil/OrientExpress
Orient Express
yggdrasil/Bicicleta yggdrasil/Bicicleta yggdrasil/Bicicleta
yggdrasil/3LuckyWitches yggdrasil/3LuckyWitches yggdrasil/3LuckyWitches
3 Lucky Witches
yggdrasil/LadyMerlin yggdrasil/LadyMerlin yggdrasil/LadyMerlin
Lady Merlin
yggdrasil/CrystalFallsMultimax yggdrasil/CrystalFallsMultimax yggdrasil/CrystalFallsMultimax
Crystal Falls Multimax
yggdrasil/Seasons yggdrasil/Seasons yggdrasil/Seasons
yggdrasil/3LuckyLeprechauns yggdrasil/3LuckyLeprechauns yggdrasil/3LuckyLeprechauns
3 Lucky Leprechauns
yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz
Temple Stacks: Splitz
yggdrasil/MutantTrawlers yggdrasil/MutantTrawlers yggdrasil/MutantTrawlers
Mutant Trawlers
yggdrasil/MonstersVsGigablox yggdrasil/MonstersVsGigablox yggdrasil/MonstersVsGigablox
Monsters Vs Gigablox
yggdrasil/Thunderhawk yggdrasil/Thunderhawk yggdrasil/Thunderhawk

Yggdrasil Slots at Casinonic

Yggdrasil Gaming is a relatively young company in the gambling niche. However, it has managed to consolidate the image of a dynamically developing company in a short time, supplying products that are interesting for gamblers around the world.

The young company borrowed its name from Scandinavian mythology, where the magical tree Yggdrasil gives reliable protection not only to all earthly creatures but also to the gods. And maybe, the image of the Yggdrasil tree on the company's logo brought the team a significant success among other competitors in the online gambling niche.

By entering the gaming industry in 2013, the Swedish company started with the development of lotteries for the online network. Only a year after its founding, the team started making software for casinos. Now Yggdrasil's casino games are presented on many gambling sites worldwide and won an interest among gambling enthusiasts. The company currently has two headquarters in Malta and Gibraltar, employing a small but highly professional staff of game content developers.

Main Features of Yggdrasil's Games

This relatively young provider of virtual casino software has several undeniable advantages over more experienced competitors. Yggdrasil Gaming's slots are in great demand among players due to many features, including:

  • multilingual control panel;
  • guarantee of transparency of the gameplay, confirmed by the reputable auditor such as iTech Labs;
  • high RTP rate within 96-97%;
  • the originality of storylines, graphics, soundtrack;
  • additional bonus rounds and various new in-game mechanics;
  • regular updates and new products.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a clear example of how the products of a young company could become in great demand in many online casinos around the world.

Types of Casino Games Made by Yggdrasil Gaming

It is worth noting that in addition to interesting gameplay features, many slots from Yggdrasil provide an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot for any user! Among the huge number of games, everyone can choose the most interesting variations of gambling entertainment including:

  • original slot machines with an interesting plot and unique graphics;
  • scratch cards;
  • keno;
  • lottery;
  • card games.

The Yggdrasil Gaming is moving in its way, trying to select a unique storyline that has not yet been used by other brands. This position made it possible to provide users with many unusual solutions that distinguished it favorably from other software providers.

The Most Popular Online Slots Made by Yggdrasil Gaming

The popular content presented by this manufacturer is distinguished by excellent graphics, high RTP rates, and the possibility of getting a jackpot, which the fans of gambling managed to fully appreciate. Here are the top slot games made by Yggdrasil Gaming:

  • Nirvana
  • The legend of the Golden Monkey
  • Superheroes
  • Jackpot raiders
  • Champions of Rome

Every year this developer increases its influence, making its way into the ranks of the leaders of the highly competitive industry. Casinonic is a close partner of Yggdrasil Gaming, this allows you to play licensed software with the possibility of winning the progressive jackpot, which is drawn by Yggdrasil Gaming.

Don't hesitate, play Yggdrasil Gaming slots on Casinonic now!

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