ELK Played

elk/HitItBig elk/HitItBig elk/HitItBig
Hit It Big
elk/Cygnus4 elk/Cygnus4 elk/Cygnus4
Cygnus 4
elk/ToroShogun elk/ToroShogun elk/ToroShogun
Toro Shogun
elk/RabbitRoyale elk/RabbitRoyale elk/RabbitRoyale
Rabbit Royale
elk/LakesFive elk/LakesFive elk/LakesFive
Lake's Five
elk/KatmanduX elk/KatmanduX elk/KatmanduX
Katmandu X
elk/Cygnus3 elk/Cygnus3 elk/Cygnus3
Cygnus 3
elk/TacoBrothersDerailed elk/TacoBrothersDerailed elk/TacoBrothersDerailed
Taco Brothers Derailed
elk/Chi elk/Chi elk/Chi
elk/DamBeavers elk/DamBeavers elk/DamBeavers
Dam Beavers
elk/Valkyrie elk/Valkyrie elk/Valkyrie
elk/ClusterSlide elk/ClusterSlide elk/ClusterSlide
Cluster Slide
elk/DeadMansGold elk/DeadMansGold elk/DeadMansGold
Dead Man’s Gold
elk/Bloopers elk/Bloopers elk/Bloopers
elk/Birthday elk/Birthday elk/Birthday
elk/TheWiz elk/TheWiz elk/TheWiz
The Wiz
elk/VegasDiamonds elk/VegasDiamonds elk/VegasDiamonds
Vegas Diamonds
elk/FateofFortune elk/FateofFortune elk/FateofFortune
Fate of Fortune
elk/MissWildfire elk/MissWildfire elk/MissWildfire
Miss Wildfire
elk/Io elk/Io elk/Io
elk/WinWin elk/WinWin elk/WinWin
Win Win
elk/MysticOrbs elk/MysticOrbs elk/MysticOrbs
Mystic Orbs
elk/Tropicool elk/Tropicool elk/Tropicool
elk/ElectricSam elk/ElectricSam elk/ElectricSam
Electric Sam
elk/Cygnus elk/Cygnus elk/Cygnus
elk/Visitors elk/Visitors elk/Visitors
elk/Crusader elk/Crusader elk/Crusader
elk/SamontheBeach elk/SamontheBeach elk/SamontheBeach
Sam on the Beach
elk/KatmanduGold elk/KatmanduGold elk/KatmanduGold
Katmandu Gold
elk/KnockoutDiamonds elk/KnockoutDiamonds elk/KnockoutDiamonds
Knockout Diamonds
elk/JeffAndScully elk/JeffAndScully elk/JeffAndScully
Jeff & Scully
elk/Dropz elk/Dropz elk/Dropz
elk/JokerGems elk/JokerGems elk/JokerGems
Joker Gems
elk/BookofSam elk/BookofSam elk/BookofSam
Book of Sam
elk/DiabloReels elk/DiabloReels elk/DiabloReels
Diablo Reels
elk/Coba elk/Coba elk/Coba
elk/BuffaloToro elk/BuffaloToro elk/BuffaloToro
Buffalo Toro
elk/Nitropolis elk/Nitropolis elk/Nitropolis
elk/BloodLust elk/BloodLust elk/BloodLust
Blood Lust
elk/CobaReborn elk/CobaReborn elk/CobaReborn
Coba Reborn

ELK Slot Machines at Casinonic

ELK Studios is not the pioneer in online gambling but has already managed to declare itself as a promising market leader. From the very beginning, from the creation stage in 2012 in Sweden, the main direction of the company has been to meet the needs of the European gambling market. By creatively approaching the tastes and interests of the players, ELK managed to win the interest of gamblers to their slot machines.

At the initial stage of work, in 2012, ELK began to create gaming software, the first games were created for mobile devices, and then adapted for PC.

It is worth noting that ELK Studios approached the release of games with care, using high-tech developments that made their products original and recognizable, allowing users to experience the extraordinary features of the gaming process in slot machines. A team of skilled professionals, engineers, and web developers, using their creative ideas, they were able to make interesting casino games for the oversaturated gambling market.

Features of ELK Slots

Realizing that it is impossible to surprise a modern spoiled user with the standard options of traditional slot machines, the company has tried to bring a certain amount of novelty into its developments to win a client audience. Compared to other developers, ELK Studios slot machines stand out for the following advantages:

  • Original storylines with video inserts highlighting the chosen theme;
  • Excellent audio accompaniment;
  • High-quality graphics;
  • Additional mini-rounds that increase the player's initial bet.

Even though the ELK portfolio does not have such a large assortment of slots, in comparison with the "old" players in the online gambling niche, such as IGT, NetEnt, and others, the quality of the released software from ELK has freely occupied its place in the field of gambling entertainment.

What is the secret of the company's success? All ELK developments have very original options that open up additional opportunities for users, such as:

  • Availability of Free Spins;
  • The presence of special characters such as Scatters and Wilds that can influence the outcome of the gameplay;
  • Additional innovative solutions in terms of gameplay mechanics.

The Top Online Slots of ELK Studios

ELK Studios' range of gaming software is not big yet. However, there are already several games considered as the best representatives of the online slot genre:

  • DJ Wild - surely will please music fans;
  • Champion's Goal - a sports-themed slot for soccer fans;
  • Electric Sam - will give you a festive mood and will make you a rich person;
  • Taco Brothers - introduces hot Mexican guys who carefully guard the traditions Mexico;
  • The Lab - designed for fans of sci-fi;
  • Winners Scratch - will delight fans of instant lotteries.

Creative Ideas for Making Gambling Games

Among the innovative ideas implemented by the company into its developments, the Game On system should be highlighted, which allows you to get FS after making 25 cash bets for real money. To successfully launch this system, the engineering staff of the ELK team had to carry out a lot of mathematical calculations. The creation of this system has increased the interest of players and has generated a certain amount of trust in the new provider, which is so loyal to the gamblers around the world.

Play ELK games at Casinonic right now and get an unforgettable thrill of gambling entertainment!

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