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belatra/20SuperStars belatra/20SuperStars belatra/20SuperStars
20 Super Stars
belatra/buyBonusofMaya belatra/buyBonusofMaya belatra/buyBonusofMaya
#buyBonus of Maya
belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers
Bank Robbers
belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland
7 Days Anotherland
belatra/HighwayStars belatra/HighwayStars belatra/HighwayStars
Highway Stars
belatra/MWA belatra/MWA belatra/MWA
belatra/SevenFruits belatra/SevenFruits belatra/SevenFruits
Seven Fruits
belatra/GoldenLemonDeluxe belatra/GoldenLemonDeluxe belatra/GoldenLemonDeluxe
Golden Lemon Deluxe
belatra/GoldenLemon belatra/GoldenLemon belatra/GoldenLemon
Golden Lemon
belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada
7 Days The Spanish Armada
belatra/88Bingo88 belatra/88Bingo88 belatra/88Bingo88
88 Bingo 88
belatra/88DragonsTreasure belatra/88DragonsTreasure belatra/88DragonsTreasure
88 Dragons Treasure
belatra/TheGolden88 belatra/TheGolden88 belatra/TheGolden88
88 Golden 88
belatra/Action! belatra/Action! belatra/Action!
belatra/AfricaGold belatra/AfricaGold belatra/AfricaGold
Africa Gold
belatra/AmericanRoulette belatra/AmericanRoulette belatra/AmericanRoulette
American Roulette
belatra/Anotherland belatra/Anotherland belatra/Anotherland
belatra/BeautyBeast belatra/BeautyBeast belatra/BeautyBeast
Beauty and the Beast
belatra/BingoSoccer belatra/BingoSoccer belatra/BingoSoccer
Bingo Soccer
belatra/BlueBeard belatra/BlueBeard belatra/BlueBeard
Blue Beard
belatra/BookofDoom belatra/BookofDoom belatra/BookofDoom
Book of Doom
belatra/Carousel belatra/Carousel belatra/Carousel
belatra/HungryCaterpillars belatra/HungryCaterpillars belatra/HungryCaterpillars
belatra/Chicagobangbang belatra/Chicagobangbang belatra/Chicagobangbang
Chicago, bang, bang!
belatra/CrazyNuts belatra/CrazyNuts belatra/CrazyNuts
Crazy Nuts
belatra/BondedWarehouse belatra/BondedWarehouse belatra/BondedWarehouse
Customs Storage
belatra/DoubleCrazyNuts belatra/DoubleCrazyNuts belatra/DoubleCrazyNuts
Double Crazy Nuts
belatra/DraculaRiches belatra/DraculaRiches belatra/DraculaRiches
Dracula Riches
belatra/TheElusiveGonzales belatra/TheElusiveGonzales belatra/TheElusiveGonzales
Elusive Gonzales
belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz
Escape from Alcatraz


Belatra Games has been operating since 1993. For 20+ years, the company has released dozens of excellent slot machines, which occupy leading positions in the gambling market. At the moment, the provider portfolio offers more than 120 emulators:

-about 100 themed video slots (Piggy Bank, Lucky Drink, An Escape from AlCatraz);

-14 variations of the popular video poker;

-4 Roulettes (Quadro/ HD and others).

-2 hi-lo.

All slot machines are modern and have bonus options and features that are not available in games of other brands. In addition, Belatra releases Multi Billionaire kits designed for offline casinos and gaming halls. This series combines the new games of Belatra Games in with improved graphics and animation quality.

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