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#buyBonus of Maya
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Golden Lemon Deluxe
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Bank Robbers
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7 Days Anotherland
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Highway Stars
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Seven Fruits
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Golden Lemon
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Venetian Rain
belatra/TheWildlife2 belatra/TheWildlife2 belatra/TheWildlife2
The Wildlife 2
belatra/TheWildlife belatra/TheWildlife belatra/TheWildlife
The Wildlife
belatra/SpanishArmada belatra/SpanishArmada belatra/SpanishArmada
The Spanish Armada
belatra/TheSmartRabbit belatra/TheSmartRabbit belatra/TheSmartRabbit
The Smart Rabbit
belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania
The Moneymania
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The Ghost Walks
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Super Sevens Happy Wheel
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Super Sevens
belatra/Sevens belatra/Sevens belatra/Sevens
belatra/SeadogsStory belatra/SeadogsStory belatra/SeadogsStory
Seadogs Story
belatra/PrincessOfSwamp belatra/PrincessOfSwamp belatra/PrincessOfSwamp
Princess Of Swamp
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Prehistoric Story
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Piggy Bank
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Ocean Bed
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Neptune's Kingdom
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Neon Bar
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Maya Mystery
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Marswood Party 2

Belatra games at the Casinonic casino

The slot machines of Belatra company are popular among players in the European countries. The company has created such popular brands as Slots Devils (Lucky Drink), Alcatraz, Gnome and others. The company has been creating gaming devices since the 90s. They boast interesting stories, 2 bonus games and interesting super bonus rounds. The symbolism of the slots has a specific design, which was created specifically for players from eastern Europe. In the Casinonic online casino you will find all the slot machines from Belatra and you can play them absolutely for free or for real money (real money gambling games available only after registration). In addition to slots from Belatra you can find various slot games from different software developers as well.

Slot machines of the Belatra for several decades do not lose their position in the gambling world. This developer is the only Belarusian brand of software for online casinos that has earned such recognition. Slots are presented in both paid and free versions to simplify the acquaintance of the player with the games. Unusual graphics, similar to a cartoon with a bright design, has long been a hallmark of the company.

Almost all the reviews about this developer contain information that over the 20 years of its existence, he managed to release only a couple of dozen slot models, but in fact their number is close to a hundred. At the same time, the Belatra does not limited to creating the same type of slot game models, there are different slots with three and five reels, and the number of active lines can reach one hundred.

Belatra is famous for its generosity, the coefficient of return in online casino games varies from 93% to 98%. The most “giving” machines are:

    Fairy Land 3;
  • Insect Tricks;
  • Jack Poker;
  • Buster night;
  • The moneymania;
  • Spirit of Prairies.

The most popular Belatra slots on the Casinonic website

The most popular slots of this software developer are:

  • Alcatraz;
  • Hell;
  • Frog;
  • Money box.

Thanks to Casinonic website you can play any game of the Belatra game studios for free and for real money. In such a variety of topics, each player will surely find something for the entertainment and real money wins.

From the very beginning, as soon as this brand appeared on the gambling market, players fell in love with it and made it one of their favorites. Individual slots immediately became classics that the entire gaming community recognized.

Gold of Africa by Belatra, one of the best slots ever made, perfect graphics solution combined with a pleasant musical background - win-win for any slot game. For fans of extreme entertainment, the Alcatraz slot simulator was created. Here you have to perform non-standard moves, otherwise it simply will not work to get out of the prison cell. The reward will be a real jackpot. Money topics are revealed in the Piggy Bank slot. Packs of money, piggy banks, safes - here you can see everything that is at least somehow connected with the financial sector. The most daring player who is not afraid to rob a bank will receive a generous reward. Another popular game is Happy Drunkard. to get money in the slot, you just need to drink until the devil comes to the hero. Playing this slot, you cannot be afraid for a morning hangover, but a good mood in a fun atmosphere is guaranteed for each player.

Other developments of the Belatra brand

Each slot made by the Belatra game studios is unique in its own way. From the first seconds of loading, the game becomes interesting, and over time, the level of excitement only increases.

The developer has prepared many more pleasant gifts for his fans. There are about 20 video poker games and several roulettes online in the brand’s catalog. Moreover, any game has an increased rate of return to player.

In addition, the company is engaged in improving software security. Today, the developer uses the SAS4 data transfer protocol, which is the latest and, accordingly, the most reliable.

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