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Belatra Played

belatra/MummylandTreasures belatra/MummylandTreasures belatra/MummylandTreasures
Mummyland Treasures
belatra/BigWildBuffalo belatra/BigWildBuffalo belatra/BigWildBuffalo
Big Wild Buffalo
belatra/TonyGambler belatra/TonyGambler belatra/TonyGambler
Tony Gambler
belatra/GoldenLantern belatra/GoldenLantern belatra/GoldenLantern
Golden Lantern
belatra/RichyHog belatra/RichyHog belatra/RichyHog
Richy Hog
belatra/4SecretsofAladdin belatra/4SecretsofAladdin belatra/4SecretsofAladdin
4 Secrets of Aladdin
belatra/SantaMummy belatra/SantaMummy belatra/SantaMummy
Santa Mummy
belatra/XMasBuffalo belatra/XMasBuffalo belatra/XMasBuffalo
X-Mas Buffalo
belatra/MerryHog belatra/MerryHog belatra/MerryHog
Merry Hog
belatra/FullMoonMagic belatra/FullMoonMagic belatra/FullMoonMagic
Full Moon Magic
belatra/DragonsBonanza belatra/DragonsBonanza belatra/DragonsBonanza
Dragon's Bonanza
belatra/PrincessSuki belatra/PrincessSuki belatra/PrincessSuki
Princess Suki
belatra/WildFruitJam belatra/WildFruitJam belatra/WildFruitJam
Wild Fruit Jam
belatra/3xSuperPeppers belatra/3xSuperPeppers belatra/3xSuperPeppers
3x Super Peppers
belatra/MasterOfGold belatra/MasterOfGold belatra/MasterOfGold
Master Of Gold
belatra/5WildWildPeppers belatra/5WildWildPeppers belatra/5WildWildPeppers
5 Wild Wild Peppers
belatra/CrystalsDigger belatra/CrystalsDigger belatra/CrystalsDigger
Crystals Digger
belatra/BigBang belatra/BigBang belatra/BigBang
Big Bang
belatra/AncientTempleGems belatra/AncientTempleGems belatra/AncientTempleGems
Ancient Temple Gems
belatra/TripleXHotPepper belatra/TripleXHotPepper belatra/TripleXHotPepper
Triple X Hot Pepper
belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers belatra/LuckyBankRobbers
Bank Robbers
belatra/HotWildPepper belatra/HotWildPepper belatra/HotWildPepper
Hot Wild Pepper
belatra/NorthernBoom belatra/NorthernBoom belatra/NorthernBoom
Northern Boom
belatra/FrogCreek belatra/FrogCreek belatra/FrogCreek
Frog Creek
belatra/FruitMix belatra/FruitMix belatra/FruitMix
Mix Fruits
belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland belatra/7DaysAnotherland
7 Days Anotherland
belatra/SicBo belatra/SicBo belatra/SicBo
Sic Bo
belatra/Halloween belatra/Halloween belatra/Halloween
belatra/PrehistoricStory belatra/PrehistoricStory belatra/PrehistoricStory
Prehistoric Story
belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz belatra/AnEscapeFromAlcatraz
Escape from Alcatraz
belatra/IrishThunder belatra/IrishThunder belatra/IrishThunder
Irish Thunder
belatra/PiggyBankScratch belatra/PiggyBankScratch belatra/PiggyBankScratch
Piggy Bank Scratch
belatra/ChristmasJackpot belatra/ChristmasJackpot belatra/ChristmasJackpot
Christmas Jackpot
belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada belatra/7DaysTheSpanishArmada
7 Days The Spanish Armada
belatra/TheElusiveGonzales belatra/TheElusiveGonzales belatra/TheElusiveGonzales
Elusive Gonzales
belatra/TheGolden88 belatra/TheGolden88 belatra/TheGolden88
88 Golden 88
belatra/buyBonusofMaya belatra/buyBonusofMaya belatra/buyBonusofMaya
#buyBonus of Maya
belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania belatra/TheMoneymania
The Moneymania
belatra/GreenGrocery belatra/GreenGrocery belatra/GreenGrocery
Green Grocery
belatra/Rockets belatra/Rockets belatra/Rockets

Top Software Suppliers: Belatra

Belatra is another top-rate software provider whose games we’re happy to have on the Casinonic website. Belatra has been in the gambling scene since the 90s, which makes it a seasoned market player who knows the industry in and out. Curious to find out more about this brand? Let’s get started!

About Belatra

Established in 1993 in Belarus, Belatra specializes in building software and hardware for online and offline casinos, jackpot systems, etc. In fact, it’s the only Belarusian brand which has managed to earn a global recognition and gain a solid foothold in the gaming market.

Beltra started out as a provider of gaming solutions for land-based casinos. After making waves in Russia and Latin America, the company expanded into the highly competitive European market.

One of the major milestones in Beltra’s journey to success was its live-changing partnership with SoftSwiss, the first bitcoin casino and now a major igaming aggregator. That collaboration literally guided Beltra into the online gambling scene in 2017. Since then, the ambitious Belarusian company has succeeded in building a strong presence in the igaming industry.

With its head office located in Minsk, Belarus, the software brand has numerous local offices scattered around the globe (USA, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, etc.)

Belatra Games

Over 20+ years in the industry, Belatra has created a myriad of gaming apps. If we had to list every Belatra title ever released, we’d run out of space on the page!

It would be a mistake to think that Belatra only focuses on online slots. While 3D one-armed bandits are Belatra’s pride, the company has a varied games portfolio. Like any respectable software brand, Belatra produces all kinds of gambling games, including:

  • online slots;
  • roulette (American, European);
  • poker (7-card Hi/Lo);
  • video poker games;
  • and others.

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Belatra boasts an impressive video poker collection. The video poker games cover a variety of themes, from fantasy and adventure, to Egyptian culture. If you’re a video poker lover, you must absolutely try Wild Wild Poker, Draw Poker, and Pharaoh’s Chest Poker.

Belatra Slots

It’s only logical that we zoom in on Belatra slots. Online slots are, without a doubt, the hallmark of the Belarusian software brand. The company owes much of its recognition to the immense success of its beautiful slots.

It’s easy to see that Belatra is putting much effort into making its slots portfolio as diverse as possible. There are no two games alike! One-armed bandits by Belatra differ by number of paylines, number of reels, symbols, payouts, etc. One thing they all have in common is super lucrative features, such as all-or-nothing games, bonus rounds, Scatters, Expanding Wilds, etc.

If you take a sneak peek into Belatra’s slots portfolio, you’ll be delighted to see a huge variety of themes that can fit any taste! Pirates, vampires, magic, ocean life, animals, adventures... The list can go on and on! And of course, Belatra hasn't forgotten about the fans of classic fruities!

The total count of online slots nears 100. As of writing this article, their number must have already surpassed that mark. Check out Belatra’s top popular slots:

  • The Ghost Walks;
  • Super Double Diamonds;
  • Crazy Cherry;
  • Anotherland;
  • Frog;
  • Hell;
  • Moneybox;
  • Monkey Tricks;
  • Insect Tricks;
  • Gold of Africa;
  • Happy Drunkard;
  • Piggy Bank.

If you’re just starting to explore Belatra games, be sure to play the above-listed titles. This will give you the general idea of what to expect from the Belarusian brand. Feel free to keep your expectations high. Each Belatra slot is a unique game with multi-level gameplay, breathtaking bonus rounds, mind-blowing multipliers, and memorable characters.

If we had to recommend to you one slot by Belatra, we’d pick the Ghost Walks. It’s a truly stunning game with mesmerizing visual effects. Imagine a ghost flying wild all over the screen and increasing your payouts! It can happen after any spin, so keep your eyes peeled for the eerie (yet generous) creature! The game is played on a 5x4 grid and has 20 paylines. If you’re lucky, you can win up to 300 free spins.

The common question that goes through the mind of every gambler is how well a slot pays. When it comes to payoff rates, Belatra slots have no peers! The RTP (return to player) value among Belatra titles ranges between 93% and 98%. In simple words, you can count on decent payouts! Check out the most high-paying slots:

  • Alcatraz;
  • Buster Night;
  • Fairy Land 3;
  • Jack Poker;
  • Spirit of Prairies.

Safety and integrity

Like any major software supplier, Belatra understands the importance of providing its clients with games which are not only entertaining but also safe to play. Belatra is committed to constantly improving the quality and reliability of its casino software. For example, the company uses the most advanced SAS4 data transfer protocol which ensures the highest level of data safety.

On top of that, Belatra is regularly getting its gaming apps tested for integral and transparent operation. The brand has seals of approval from such well-respected agencies as BMM Testlabs, Gaming Laboratories International, SIQ, and others.

Why Belatra?

On the Casinonic website, we hand-pick the best casino software for our users to enjoy. If you see a company on our list of top casino software brands, you can rest assured that it's a trusted software manufacturer with a flawless reputation. Here are some of the reasons why we included Belatra games into our collection:

  • 20+ years of building solutions for both offline and online casinos;
  • Focus on online slots and video poker games;
  • Mind-boggling variety of themes;
  • High RTP rates;
  • Gamblers can play Belatra games on any mobile device running on iOS and Android;
  • Gamblers can play Belatra games either for fun, or risk real money.
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