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amatic/LaGranAventura amatic/LaGranAventura amatic/LaGranAventura
La Gran Aventura
amatic/RedChilli amatic/RedChilli amatic/RedChilli
Red Chilli
amatic/DiaMuertos amatic/DiaMuertos amatic/DiaMuertos
Dia Muertos
amatic/BeautyWarrior amatic/BeautyWarrior amatic/BeautyWarrior
Beauty Warrior
amatic/FieryFruits amatic/FieryFruits amatic/FieryFruits
Fiery Fruits
amatic/TripleWild amatic/TripleWild amatic/TripleWild
Triple Wild
amatic/LuckyPiggies amatic/LuckyPiggies amatic/LuckyPiggies
Lucky Piggies
amatic/BookOfFortune amatic/BookOfFortune amatic/BookOfFortune
Book Of Fortune
amatic/HotFruits100 amatic/HotFruits100 amatic/HotFruits100
Hot Fruits 100
amatic/LuckyJoker20 amatic/LuckyJoker20 amatic/LuckyJoker20
Lucky Joker 20
amatic/HotFruitsDeluxe amatic/HotFruitsDeluxe amatic/HotFruitsDeluxe
Hot Fruits Deluxe
amatic/FruitStar amatic/FruitStar amatic/FruitStar
Fruit Star
amatic/SakuraFruits amatic/SakuraFruits amatic/SakuraFruits
Sakura Fruits
amatic/MagicForest amatic/MagicForest amatic/MagicForest
Magic Forest
amatic/LuckyGolden7s amatic/LuckyGolden7s amatic/LuckyGolden7s
Lucky Golden 7
amatic/HotFruits5 amatic/HotFruits5 amatic/HotFruits5
Hot Fruits 5
amatic/WildDragon amatic/WildDragon amatic/WildDragon
Wild Dragon
amatic/CrazyBee amatic/CrazyBee amatic/CrazyBee
Crazy Bee
amatic/MagicIdol amatic/MagicIdol amatic/MagicIdol
Magic Idol
amatic/hotfruits20cashspins amatic/hotfruits20cashspins amatic/hotfruits20cashspins
Hot Fruits 20 Cash Spins
amatic/RelicRiches amatic/RelicRiches amatic/RelicRiches
Relic Riches
amatic/BigPanda amatic/BigPanda amatic/BigPanda
Big Panda
amatic/LuckyShark amatic/LuckyShark amatic/LuckyShark
Lucky Shark
amatic/NicerDice100 amatic/NicerDice100 amatic/NicerDice100
Nicer Dice 100
amatic/NicerDice40 amatic/NicerDice40 amatic/NicerDice40
Nicer Dice 40
amatic/EnchantedCleopatra amatic/EnchantedCleopatra amatic/EnchantedCleopatra
Enchanted Cleopatra
amatic/GrandX amatic/GrandX amatic/GrandX
amatic/FlyingDutchman amatic/FlyingDutchman amatic/FlyingDutchman
Flying Dutchman
amatic/DoubleDiamonds50 amatic/DoubleDiamonds50 amatic/DoubleDiamonds50
Double Diamonds 50
amatic/AztecSecret amatic/AztecSecret amatic/AztecSecret
Aztec Secret
amatic/DragonsKingdom amatic/DragonsKingdom amatic/DragonsKingdom
Dragons Kingdom
amatic/HottestFruits40 amatic/HottestFruits40 amatic/HottestFruits40
Hottest Fruits 40
amatic/GoldenFish amatic/GoldenFish amatic/GoldenFish
Golden Fish
amatic/DiamondsOnFire amatic/DiamondsOnFire amatic/DiamondsOnFire
Diamonds On Fire
amatic/WildShark amatic/WildShark amatic/WildShark
Wild Shark
amatic/sungoddess amatic/sungoddess amatic/sungoddess
Sun Goddess
amatic/DragonsMystery amatic/DragonsMystery amatic/DragonsMystery
Dragon's Mystery
amatic/CoolDiamondsII amatic/CoolDiamondsII amatic/CoolDiamondsII
Cool Diamonds II
amatic/LuckyZodiac amatic/LuckyZodiac amatic/LuckyZodiac
Lucky Zodiac
amatic/wildanubis amatic/wildanubis amatic/wildanubis
Wild Anubis

Amatic Games at Casinonic Canadian Casino

Amatic is an Austrian company and one of the oldest in the gambling market. Founded in 1993, it remains a prominent player in the gambling niche, despite increased competition from young teams like Endorphina or Thunderkick.

Now, casinos with Amatic Ind. Software offer online slots and other popular casino games applications. All games converted to work with HTML5, so players can enjoy casino games in their web browsers. Most of their slots resemble mechanical slot machines in Las Vegas casinos. This is the "trick" of their brand. However, despite the apparent simplicity, they have high-quality modern graphics. But the gameplay of Amatic's slots is not simple. In their software you will find both, free spins and bonus rounds with complex paytables and jackpots.

The company constantly participates in international exhibitions around the world. Although they mainly represent hardware and software for use in land-based establishments, their stands also have latest software developments for the online casino. Berlin, London, Latin American countries - all well-known gambling industry events are not complete without the representation of this brand.

You can see the history of this manufacturer on the official website - Here, admirers of their software will learn about the latest developments, news, exhibitions. To experience any Amatic Industries game for free - you can launch them on the Casinonic website.

Development History of the Amatic Industries

Amatic Industries began manufacturing of the slot machines in 1993. Their customers were land gambling establishments in Europe. Every year Amatic released at least one new slot. By the end of the 90s, their products were in almost every European gambling club. In 2010, when Amatic Industries slot machines became known throughout Europe, management drew attention to the rapid growth of online gambling. The employees were given the task to do an analysis of this market, calculate the prospects for entering in online market, and give a possible income forecast.

Having studied the data, the company management decides to start an online business. Literally in one year the most popular Amatic Industries slot machines were converted into digital code and presented in the form of software for online casinos. In 2011, the pack of 43 video slots appeared.

The next task for the Austrian company was to adapt all slot machine games and make them accessible to users of mobile devices. To do this, all the software that is used in the slots must be re-written in the HTML5 programming language. It is "readable" by all mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Linux.

In order to optimize its structure and engage highly qualified specialists to the maximum, a reorganization was carried out in the same 2011. The company created a new division on staff - AMANET. Programming specialists, designers, artists, marketers, mathematicians were invited here to work on creating new video slots. Today, all Amatic Industries casino slots are a product of this department.

Types of Games Developed by Amatic

Each Amatic slot in a casino is a digital analogue of a "physical" brother. The game is first released in "hardware" form. So, it is used for a bit, while experts' study how it meets the requirements of the players. At this time, each game goes through several tests, based on statistics, show its strengths and weaknesses.

If a position in a portfolio becomes popular, AMANET employees implement its idea in digital code. This is how video slots for online casinos appear.

Each offer from AMANET has permission from several jurisdictions. This makes it possible to use games of Amatic in any online casino without access restrictions, which only increases the popularity of the AMANET games.

The basis of the Amatic's video slots is classic fruits and sevens. But their slots with different numbers of paylines, bonus rounds, and the opportunity to increase your winnings with the risk game. This is especially appreciated by online gamblers.

The introduction of this back-office makes it easier to work with clients, gives complete information about their actions on the site, and helps set up promotions and improve user experience. The Amatic company promotes this product as a complete solution for online casinos.

The easiest option is to play Amatic's video slots for free on Casinonic Canadian casino. Here you will find both old video slots and new ones.

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