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Play Blackjack Online in Casinonic Canadian Casino

Card games make an important part of each casino’s game collection, and Casinonic is no exception. On the Casinonic website, you can test yourself a variety of card games, such as blackjack online, poker, baccarat, craps, and others. Moreover, we have both classic versions and unconventional variations of card games. There is so much to explore! In fact, many players only visit online casinos for the sake of card games!

Let’s focus on online blackjack, which is a truly iconic casino game. The game stands out through its dynamic play process, smart rules, and amazing money-making opportunities.

How to play blackjack online for free and without registration

On the Casinonic website, you can play online blackjack either for fun, or for real money. The choice is all yours! To play blackjack for free, you don’t even need to register an account. Go to Casinonic and explore!

Basic information on blackjack

Blackjack is played with a standard 52-card deck. The deck includes cards of 4 different suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades), from Deuce to Ace.

Seasoned gamblers know a bunch of blackjack online variations. While all blackjack variations are played by more or less the same basic rules, they may have different numbers of decks, different payouts, additional rules, etc.

When you’re playing blackjack in a land-based casino, there is a professional dealer who takes bets, deals cards to players, and guides them through the game. In online blackjack, cards are dealt from the shoe automatically.

Card values

In blackjack, each card has its value:

  • Ace is worth 1 or 11 points;
  • 10 and all face cards (J, Q, K) count as 10 points;
  • The rest of the cards correspond to their numerical value (e.,g, a Nine is worth 9 points, an Eight is worth 8 points, etc.).


Your goal when playing blackjack online is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. If you end with a hand of 21 or higher, you lose (blackjack pros call this situation “bust”). Not going over 21 is probably the trickiest part of the game.


Playing blackjack is no rocket science. In fact, it’s no harder than playing any other card game. This is how it goes:

  • The player places an Ante bet. Standard betting limits range from 1 to 100 coins. At high-limit blackjack tables, the maximum bet can reach 500 coins.
  • The player and the dealer are dealt 2 cards each. Cards are dealt face down. The Dealer flips over one card, while the Player keeps both their cards private. In Double Exposure blackjack, the Dealer must reveal both cards.
  • The Player assesses their hand and chooses to either Hit (i.e. take another card), or Stand (i.e. stick with the hand you have). If you have a blackjack on your first hand (Natural Blackjack), you win and get the biggest payout (3 to 2).
  • The Player and the Dealer compare their hands. The winner is the one whose total is closer to 21. If your total exceeds 21, you lose your wager. If your point total is lower than the Dealer’s, you lose as well. If The Player and the Dealer have the same number of points, it’s a tie, or push. If there is a push, the Player gets their wager back (1 to 1 payout).

Extra options in blackjack online

In online blackjack, you can benefit from three additional options:

  • Splitting. If you’re dealt two same-value cards (e.g., 5 of Hearts and 5 of Clubs), you can divide your initial hand into two hands. After that, every time you hit, you’ll have to take an extra card for each of your two hands.
  • Doubling down. After looking at your hand and the dealer’s open card, you can choose to double your initial wager. Doubling is not always a good decision, so be sure to use it wisely. Our advice is to only use this strategy when there is a high chance of the dealer going bust.
  • Insurance. If the Dealer reveals an Ace, you can choose to buy an insurance against the Dealer’s blackjack. Buying insurance means making a side bet which amounts to 50% of your initial bet. If the Dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you’ll end up losing your side bet.

The number of times you can use the Split and Double options can vary depending on what blackjack online variation you’re playing.

Dealer in online blackjack

In blackjack, the player is given a number of advantages compared to the Dealer. For example, as we’ve already mentioned earlier, the dealer must show one of their cards. This makes it easier for the player to make decisions. In the Double Exposure blackjack, the Dealer must reveal both their cards. Of course, this rule comes at a cost, pushing down the player’s winning odds.

Also, the Dealer is not allowed to split their hand or double their bet.

Another limitation applied to the dealer is that they must take cards till their total reaches at least 17. Once they reach 17, they must stand. In the Pontoon blackjack version, this rule also applies to the player.

Live Blackjack in Casinonic

If you’ve never tried live blackjack, you’re missing out on the world of fun. To explore live blackjack on the Casinonic website, you simply need to register an account (if you don’t have one yet) and choose a table with the betting range that fits your skills and budget. You can access live games from any device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Attention: Live blackjack tables tend to have higher betting limits than regular online blackjack. This makes live blackjack a real treat for high rollers!

Why do people choose live blackjack over online blackjack? The reasons are plenty. One of the most important motivations is the opportunity to hone your blackjack skills and become a pro. Playing against a live dealer and other proficient players is a unique experience. It’s a great way to take your blackjack expertise to a new level and prepare for a challenging online blackjack tournament.

Is online blackjack worth it?

Blackjack is the game you don’t want to miss. It’s fun, witty, and extremely generous. At the same time, you need to be very careful when choosing the blackjack online variation to play. (Casinonic offers plenty of those.)

If you’re a rookie, we strongly recommend that you start with free blackjack in demo mode. Once you’ve figured out how it all works, you can move on to real-money wagers. Like all online games, online blackjack relies on the algorithm called the random number generator (RNG) which ensures a fair and smooth play process.

Blackjack is one of those games which require strategic thinking and luck at the same time. After you’ve gained some experience, you have all chances to make a lot of loot playing this game. Give it a go and see for yourself!

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