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Blackjack Played

quickfire/MGS_Atlantic_City_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Atlantic_City_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Atlantic_City_Blackjack_Gold
Atlantic City Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Baccarat quickfire/MGS_Baccarat quickfire/MGS_Baccarat
quickfire/MGS_BaccaratGold quickfire/MGS_BaccaratGold quickfire/MGS_BaccaratGold
Baccarat Gold
quickfire/MGS_Big_Five_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Big_Five_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Big_Five_Blackjack_Gold
Big 5 Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Classic_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Classic_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Classic_Blackjack_Gold
Classic Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Craps quickfire/MGS_Craps quickfire/MGS_Craps
quickfire/MGS_1x2Gaming_Cribbage quickfire/MGS_1x2Gaming_Cribbage quickfire/MGS_1x2Gaming_Cribbage
quickfire/MGS_Double_Exposure_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Double_Exposure_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Double_Exposure_Blackjack_Gold
Double Exposure Gold
quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold
European Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_EuroBJGoldRedeal quickfire/MGS_EuroBJGoldRedeal quickfire/MGS_EuroBJGoldRedeal
European Blackjack Redeal Gold
quickfire/MGS_HiLo_13_European_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_HiLo_13_European_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_HiLo_13_European_Blackjack_Gold
HiLo 13 European Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_High_Limit_Baccarat quickfire/MGS_High_Limit_Baccarat quickfire/MGS_High_Limit_Baccarat
High Limit Baccarat
quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_High_Limit quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_High_Limit quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_High_Limit
High Limit European Blackjack
quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange
Mahjong Exchange
quickfire/MGS_MultihandBlackjack quickfire/MGS_MultihandBlackjack quickfire/MGS_MultihandBlackjack
Multi - Hand Blackjack
quickfire/MGS_AtlanticMHBJ quickfire/MGS_AtlanticMHBJ quickfire/MGS_AtlanticMHBJ
Multi Hand - Atlantic City Blackjack
quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Classic_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Classic_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Classic_Blackjack_Gold
Multi Hand Classic Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Perfect_Pairs_BJGold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Perfect_Pairs_BJGold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Hand_Perfect_Pairs_BJGold
Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_BJGld
Multi-Hand Premier Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Multi_Vegas_Downtown_Blkjk_Gold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Vegas_Downtown_Blkjk_Gold quickfire/MGS_Multi_Vegas_Downtown_Blkjk_Gold
Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold_Multihand quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold_Multihand quickfire/MGS_European_Blackjack_Gold_Multihand
Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Premier_Hi_Lo_13_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_Hi_Lo_13_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_Hi_Lo_13_Euro_BJGld
Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold
quickfire/MGS_Premier_High_Streak_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_High_Streak_Euro_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_High_Streak_Euro_BJGld
Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold
quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_Bonus_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_Bonus_BJGld quickfire/MGS_Premier_MH_Euro_Bonus_BJGld
Premier Multi-Hand Euro Bonus Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_BJ_SpanishBlackjack quickfire/MGS_BJ_SpanishBlackjack quickfire/MGS_BJ_SpanishBlackjack
Spanish 21 Blackjack
quickfire/MGS_Spanish_21_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Spanish_21_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Spanish_21_Blackjack_Gold
Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_BJ_SuperFun21 quickfire/MGS_BJ_SuperFun21 quickfire/MGS_BJ_SuperFun21
Super Fun 21
quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Single_Deck_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Single_Deck_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Single_Deck_Blackjack_Gold
Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold
quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack
Vegas Strip Blackjack
quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack_Gold quickfire/MGS_Vegas_Strip_Blackjack_Gold
Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Play Blackjack Online in the Casinonic Canadian Casino

Card game simulators occupy a separate niche among the assortment of the Casinonic Canadian casino. Casinonic offers the gambling public online сraps, baccarat, Blackjack and poker. This is not a complete list of varieties of simulators operating with a card deck. Superiority of popularity holds the last tandem of poker and Blackjack. Often, the goal of visiting virtual gambling establishments is the desire to learn poker combinations or to understand how to play online blackjack in casino for money. Let’s talk about online Blackjack. The game has simple rules, a dynamic process and high prospects to have account with a positive balance.

How to play blackjack online for free and without registration?

It’s safe to start with demo mode of the Blackjack software in the Casinonic Canadian casino. We allow all visitors of the club to play any game for free and for real money. The essence of the duel between player and dealer in the Blackjack game is to collect 21 points or get closer to the sum than the opponent, without exceeding it. The standard deck has 52 cards. These are 4 suits from deuce to ace. Accordingly, all variations of the game have a shoe (a card handler) and contains one or more decks (usually at least four). In the Blackjack demo game, playing with a computer is offered under similar conditions, with a couple of exceptions. Here both, the shoe and the dealer are virtual (programmed software).

The gameplay is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • A bet is placed on the main Ante field. The standard limits are 1 to 100 coins. For High Limit versions 1 - 500.
  • The player and the live dealer blackjack receive a pair of cards. The casino's hand is half open. In the standard version, one card is displayed, for Double Exposure - both.
  • A gambling person decides to take a card or Stand.
  • Both boxes are compared. The one whose sum is closer to 21 wins. Busting - automatic defeat. With the same number of points, a tie is declared, the bet is returned to the gambler.

In-game opportunities

In the first possible action is Split. Your current hand can be divided, and each hand will receive one more additional card. The action is valued at the size of the bet but increases the chances of winning. The second option is complemented by the Doubling option. This is the only chance to double the bet after the cards are dealt in the simulator. For both situations, there are a number of nuances. The maximum number of Splits and the rules for splitting aces differ in blackjack varieties.

Scoring and Bonus Points

Everything is extremely simple here. Ace - 1 or 11, as it is more profitable for the player, elements from ten to the king - 10 points, the rest of the cards - correspond to their face value. Blackjack combo is the amount of 21 points collected exclusively by the first pair of cards. Therefore, by applying a Split, the gambler loses the chances of a Blackjack combo and maximum winning bet ratio. In the blackjack game with real money play, the prize money is determined as follows:

  • 3 to 2 with blackjack;
  • 1:1 for any other win;
  • 2 to 1 when insurance is triggered.

Insurance is an option offered to a gambler in one case: an ace is an open dealer card. You can make an Insurance action from your opponent’s possible Blackjack combination by placing half of the bet on the Ante field. But insurance costs half of your bet.

Dealer in the online game of Blackjack

Virtual croupier is initially deprived of a number of privileges. In particular, his hand is half open. To fully contemplate the dealer’s cards allows the Double Exposure variation of the game. Such “openness” of the croupier hand negatively affects the gambler: the payout ratio is reduced to 1.

Another limitation of the dealer is caused by the need to continue to get cards until the amount on hand reaches at least 17. For the player, this requirement applies only to the Pontoon variation of Blackjack.

Features of the live Blackjack game in the Casinonic Canadian casino

The new genre of gambling is a live Blackjack game. This category of software is designed exclusively for cash bets. There is no demo mode available for live games. The live game is available from a desktop computer, phone or other mobile device. It is enough to log in on any device in the Casinonic Canadian casino to play live Blackjack online games for real money with instant withdrawal.

Features of live software: online broadcast of the game, professional dealer will manage the game and the presence of real opponents (albeit geographically remote) at the table. The increase in the number of players favorably affects the winner.

The amount of winnings in a live slot machine significantly exceeds the payout level for a regular emulator. This is due to the greater number of participants at the Blackjack table.

Another motivation to switch to a live game is professional growth. The opportunity to play online against a person in a live casino blackjack allows you to prepare for participation in an online tournament with real competitions.

It is important to consider the number of decks. Increasing the parameter reduces the efficiency of mathematical expectation. More decks - less chances for the player to win.

Is it worth playing the online game of Blackjack?

Yes, it worth if you like this type of a game. But you really remember the rule of profitable tactics - the choice of the game variation (there are plenty of them in the Casinonic online Canadian casino). It’s better to start playing blackjack online for free without registering first. Card game simulators as well as roulettes and online slots have an identical random number generator. Consequently, the transition from a demo simulator to real money bets will occur smoothly.

Don’t waste your time and start earning money in the Blackjack today with Casinonic Canadian Casino!

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