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Thunderkick Played

thunderkick/Hellapenos_tk thunderkick/Hellapenos_tk thunderkick/Hellapenos_tk
thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk
Sword of Khans
thunderkick/CrystalQuestDeepJungle_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestDeepJungle_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestDeepJungle_tk
Crystal Quest: Deep Jungle
thunderkick/TheRift_tk thunderkick/TheRift_tk thunderkick/TheRift_tk
The Rift
thunderkick/CrystalQuestFrostlands_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestFrostlands_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestFrostlands_tk
Crystal Quest: Frostlands
thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk
Well of Wonders
thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk
Riders of the Storm
thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk
Jaguar Temple
thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk
Turning Totems
thunderkick/Zoom_tk thunderkick/Zoom_tk thunderkick/Zoom_tk
thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk
Bork The Berzerker - Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition
thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk
Carnival Queen
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2Reborn90_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2Reborn90_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2Reborn90_tk
Esqueleto Explosivo 2 Reborn
thunderkick/GodsofRockReborn90_tk thunderkick/GodsofRockReborn90_tk thunderkick/GodsofRockReborn90_tk
Gods of Rock! Reborn
thunderkick/RavensEye_tk thunderkick/RavensEye_tk thunderkick/RavensEye_tk
Ravens Eye
thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouchChristmasEdition_tk thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouchChristmasEdition_tk thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouchChristmasEdition_tk
Midas Golden Touch Christmas Edition
thunderkick/JigglyCash_tk thunderkick/JigglyCash_tk thunderkick/JigglyCash_tk
Jiggly Cash
thunderkick/BeattheBeastCerberusInferno thunderkick/BeattheBeastCerberusInferno thunderkick/BeattheBeastCerberusInferno
Beat the Beast: Cerberus' Inferno
thunderkick/PyramythReborn90_tk thunderkick/PyramythReborn90_tk thunderkick/PyramythReborn90_tk
Pyramyth Reborn
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk
Esqueleto Explosivo
thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk
Fruit Warp
thunderkick/OdinsGamble_tk thunderkick/OdinsGamble_tk thunderkick/OdinsGamble_tk
Odin’s Gamble
thunderkick/CrystalQuestArcaneTower_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestArcaneTower_tk thunderkick/CrystalQuestArcaneTower_tk
Crystal Quest: Arcane Tower
thunderkick/FortuneCatsGoldenStacks90 thunderkick/FortuneCatsGoldenStacks90 thunderkick/FortuneCatsGoldenStacks90
Fortune Cats Golden Stacks
thunderkick/BaronBloodmoreandtheCrimsonCastle_tk thunderkick/BaronBloodmoreandtheCrimsonCastle_tk thunderkick/BaronBloodmoreandtheCrimsonCastle_tk
Baron Bloodmore and the Crimson Castle
thunderkick/JinChansPondofRiches thunderkick/JinChansPondofRiches thunderkick/JinChansPondofRiches
Jin Chan’s Pond of Riches
thunderkick/GodsofRock_tk thunderkick/GodsofRock_tk thunderkick/GodsofRock_tk
Gods of Rock!
thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk
Divine Lotus
thunderkick/CarnivalQueen thunderkick/CarnivalQueen thunderkick/CarnivalQueen
Carnival Queen
thunderkick/BeattheBeastDragonsWrath_tk thunderkick/BeattheBeastDragonsWrath_tk thunderkick/BeattheBeastDragonsWrath_tk
Beat the Beast: Dragon's Wrath
thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_de thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_de thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_de
Riders of the Storm
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk
Esqueleto Explosivo 2
thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk
Pink Elephants 2
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_de thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_de thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_de
Esqueleto Explosivo 2
thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk
Barbershop: Uncut
thunderkick/RextheHunt_tk thunderkick/RextheHunt_tk thunderkick/RextheHunt_tk
Rex the Hunt!
thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk
Flame Busters
thunderkick/Magicious_tk thunderkick/Magicious_tk thunderkick/Magicious_tk
thunderkick/TripleChristmasGold_tk thunderkick/TripleChristmasGold_tk thunderkick/TripleChristmasGold_tk
Triple Christmas Gold
thunderkick/BonesAndBounty90_tk thunderkick/BonesAndBounty90_tk thunderkick/BonesAndBounty90_tk
Bones & Bounty!

Top Software Suppliers: Thunderkick

The next noteworthy software supplier on our list is Thunderkick. It specializes in producing slots with top-notch 3D visuals and eye-catching animations. Allow us to give you some quick insights into the company’s journey towards excellence.

About Thunderkick

Thunderkick is a budding casino software developer with a home in Stockholm, Sweden. The developer also has another office located in Malta. Launched in 2014, Thunderkick is yet considered an emerging software brand which many gamblers have never heard of. Nonetheless, the company shows a lot of promise and ambition.

The software provider is licensed and regulated in Malta (Malta Gaming Authority) and Great Britain (UK Gambling Commission). These two licenses are proof enough of the company’s reliability and integrity. Thunderkick is authorized to supply its gaming products across major gambling jurisdictions, such as Gibratar, Isle of Man, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Lithuania, and others.

Scandinavian simplicity is reflected in everything Thunderkick does, from the company’s concise motto (“We’re Thunderkick, and we make games”) to the clean design of its casino products.

With the industry’s best professionals on its team, Thunderkick keeps its production fully in-house, without relying on an outsourced workforce. The dedicated team is, hands down, the main factor behind the company’s soaring success.

Thunderkick’s creations can be played across a whopping 86 respected online casinos, including Casinonic. It’s quite a big number for the industry’s newbie which Thunderkick still is!

Online slots

Slot fans, rejoice! The Stockholm-based provider is all about developing high-quality video slots. Thunderkick only has a modest slots portfolio, which is not surprising considering the company's young age. Currently, the software brand has 25+ games on its list.

The good news is that Thunderkick puts a lot of effort into creating each game. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that each one-armed bandit by Thunderkick is a hand-crafted masterpiece. The company’s games bring together user-friendly design, exciting gameplay, and big winning potential.

Thunderkick’s slot debut took place in 2014, when the developer presented its first one-armed bandit called Casumo Casino. The game was a huge success, catching the attention of the company’s first admirers.

Let’s take a look at the most worthy slot titles offered by the Swedish developer:

  • Flame Busters. Released in 2017, this 5-reel retro slot offers a staggering 243 ways to form winning combinations. The rudimentary graphics give off strong 80s vibes. The game features a bunch of perks, such as Fire Drill and Coin Ignition features. With the maximum payout of 5,280 times your wager, this one-armed bandit is smoking hot!
  • Arcader. This amazing arcade-style slot is crammed with generous symbols, such as Sticky Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and Expanders. The Mystery Game is chock full of big multipliers. With its catchy soundtrack and quirky visuals, this slot will take you to another dimension.
  • The Falcon Huntress. This 5-reel, 9-payline game is your chance to explore authentic Mongolian traditions and ways of living. Keep your eyes peeled for the randomly triggered Expanding Win feature, Free Spins, and x2-x200 multipliers.
  • Fruit Warp. Ah, a fruity! Finally! With no no reels or paylines, this slot is nothing like the games you’ve played before. The game boasts a simplistic yet appealing design with Bananas, Strawberries, Oranges, and other mouth-watering fruits. Keep your eye on the Warp Meter that will be rewarding you with hefty multiplies and free spins.
  • Pink Elephants.You can’t possibly resist a slot with such an adorable name, especially when it offers a staggering 4,096 ways to win. Set under the scorching African sun, this game will take you on an exciting quest for massive cash prizes. With the Mystery Scatter, Elephant Orbs, and Bonus Game, you have all chances to fatten up your bankroll big time!

Keep in mind that Thunderkick has a penchant for high-volatility slots, meaning you risk making a series of win-less spins before hitting a substantial win. Lengthy losing streaks might pose a problem for players with a limited budget. As for risk lovers with hefty bankrolls, they tend to love games with high volatility.

Thunderkick: Pros

Let’s sum up why Thunderkick appeals to a wide range of gamblers, from complete rookies to casino veterans.

  • What separates Thunderkick from many fly-by-night developers is that they produce original and quirky games, with memorable storylines and engaging features.
  • In terms of visuals and sounds, Thunderkick slots can compete with the industry’s top-ranking games from such giants as Playtech and NetEnt
  • Each slot has an intro which explains how the slot is operated, how many special symbols it has, how winning combinations are paid, etc.
  • Thunderkick slots are accessible from any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Based on the flexible HTML-5 framework, the provider’s slots are adapted for a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Mobile users can enjoy the same crispy graphics and compelling sound effects as those who play on their home computers.

Thunderkick: Cons

No software provider is perfect. Along with its multiple merits, Thunderkick has a couple of downsides:

  • The Stockholm-based company has no table classics, bingo games or video poker on its catalogue. Basically, its catalogue of games only poses interest to slot lovers.
  • Due to their large size, some slots take pretty long to load. This might be a frustrating factor for gamblers who are used to instant-loading gaming apps.

Our verdict

While Thunderkick can’t boast an impressive suite of games, it’s only a matter of time before the Swedish brand grows its collection to include hundreds of titles. Don’t let the small size of the company’s portfolio drive you away! We can assure you that each Thunderick-powered creation is a top-tier game of outstanding quality, with its unique design and gameplay. Come and play Thunderkick slots on the Casinonic website for free or for real money. You’re sure to enjoy it!

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