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EGT Played

egt/ThumbelinasDream egt/ThumbelinasDream egt/ThumbelinasDream
Thumbelina's Dream
egt/FruityTime egt/FruityTime egt/FruityTime
Fruity Time
egt/HotKeno egt/HotKeno egt/HotKeno
Hot Keno
egt/SuperbKeno egt/SuperbKeno egt/SuperbKeno
Superb Keno
egt/HotDeco egt/HotDeco egt/HotDeco
Hot Deco
egt/TheStoryofAlexanderII egt/TheStoryofAlexanderII egt/TheStoryofAlexanderII
The Story of Alexander II
egt/DorothysFairyland egt/DorothysFairyland egt/DorothysFairyland
Dorothy's Fairyland
egt/100BurningHot egt/100BurningHot egt/100BurningHot
100 Burning Hot
egt/JokerPoker egt/JokerPoker egt/JokerPoker
Joker Poker
egt/GreatEmpire egt/GreatEmpire egt/GreatEmpire
Great Empire
egt/SecretsOfLondon egt/SecretsOfLondon egt/SecretsOfLondon
The Secrets of London
egt/20HotBlast egt/20HotBlast egt/20HotBlast
20 Hot Blast
egt/OceanRush egt/OceanRush egt/OceanRush
Ocean Rush
egt/VikingRising egt/VikingRising egt/VikingRising
Viking Rising
egt/50AmazonsBattle egt/50AmazonsBattle egt/50AmazonsBattle
50 Amazons' Battle
egt/QueenOfRio egt/QueenOfRio egt/QueenOfRio
Queen of Rio
egt/RouteOfMexico egt/RouteOfMexico egt/RouteOfMexico
Route of Mexico
egt/40LuckyKing egt/40LuckyKing egt/40LuckyKing
40 Lucky King
egt/EmperorsPalace egt/EmperorsPalace egt/EmperorsPalace
Emperor's Palace
egt/EgyptSky egt/EgyptSky egt/EgyptSky
Egypt Sky
egt/RetroCabaret egt/RetroCabaret egt/RetroCabaret
Retro Cabaret
egt/FlamingHot egt/FlamingHot egt/FlamingHot
Flaming Hot
egt/SweetCheese egt/SweetCheese egt/SweetCheese
Sweet Cheese
egt/30SummerBliss egt/30SummerBliss egt/30SummerBliss
30 Summer Bliss
egt/MoreDiceAndRoll egt/MoreDiceAndRoll egt/MoreDiceAndRoll
More Dice & Roll
egt/DynamicPaytableRoulette egt/DynamicPaytableRoulette egt/DynamicPaytableRoulette
Dynamic Paytable Roulette
egt/ShiningCrown egt/ShiningCrown egt/ShiningCrown
Shining Crown
egt/4OfAKind egt/4OfAKind egt/4OfAKind
4 of a Kind Bonus Poker
egt/FrogStory egt/FrogStory egt/FrogStory
Frog Story
egt/81Wins egt/81Wins egt/81Wins
81 Wins
egt/MoreLikeADiamond egt/MoreLikeADiamond egt/MoreLikeADiamond
More Like a Diamond
egt/ForestTale egt/ForestTale egt/ForestTale
Forest Tale
egt/OilCompany2 egt/OilCompany2 egt/OilCompany2
Oil Company II
egt/VersaillesGold egt/VersaillesGold egt/VersaillesGold
Versailles Gold
egt/RetroStyle egt/RetroStyle egt/RetroStyle
Retro Style
egt/BookOfMagic egt/BookOfMagic egt/BookOfMagic
Book of Magic
egt/5GreatStar egt/5GreatStar egt/5GreatStar
5 Great Star
egt/20BurningHot egt/20BurningHot egt/20BurningHot
20 Burning Hot
egt/KangarooLand egt/KangarooLand egt/KangarooLand
Kangaroo Land
egt/40BurningHot egt/40BurningHot egt/40BurningHot
40 Burning Hot

Euro Games Technology (EGT) Software at Casinonic Canadian Casino

EGT slot machines are known around the world. This Bulgarian casino game provider for two decades managed to master not only Eastern Europe, but also enter the global iGaming market. Now EGT has in their portfolio several interesting and unique offers for gambling clubs of various types - land-based and online:

  • ground-based gaming slot machines, jackpot systems;
  • multi-user systems, including roulette;
  • platform and back office for managing the casino system;
  • video slots and table video games for online casinos;
  • a mobile version of their software products for use on smartphones and tablets;
  • the possibility of renting company products.

There are casinos with EGT games in 80 countries across almost all continents - Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa. One and a half thousand employees are working on creating new developments - a multinational team of mathematicians, marketers, artists, programmers and advertising specialists. Everyone who wants to cooperate with this provider can count on round-the-clock support. It is available on the official website - There is also a subscription form for newsletters, updates, news and consultations.

History of Euro Games Technology (EGT)

In 2002, EGT received its first license to develop, manufacture and market a hardware and digital product in the gaming sector. It was issued by the Bulgarian Gaming Board. Then they released the first slot - Gladiator. For the period 2003-2005, the company opened representative offices in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia and Russia.

EGT faster than others went global, making installations in all casinos, wherever possible, and participating in international-class exhibitions. Now you can meet EGT slots in casinos of 80 countries around the world. However, EGT did not forget about another important area - online games.

EGT Games

The EGT Interactive offers to online casinos a wide portfolio of games which includes video slots, video poker, several roulette types and several other interesting casino games. All of them are implemented using Flash and HTML 5 technology. The user can play online in these EGT applications on any modern device, whether it be a PC, smartphone or tablet. Communication between the user, operator and server is carried out by a separate, specially developed system - Multigame Server. To do this, you need only one integration through the API. After that, the online casino gets full access to all the offers of the company.

Among the latest developments are 40 Mega Clover, Almighty Ramses II and Magellan slots. They have bonus rounds, free spins, the function of doubling the win in a risk game. These video slots have low dispersion, which allows you to count on frequent payments. If you are looking for the medium payout slots, you need to pay attention to Diamond, Thumbelina's Dream and Route of Mexico slot games.

Coral Island, Big Journey, Jungle Adventure - slot games with high dispersion (high payouts). High rollers and players who prefer a cautious and carefully thought-out strategy will appreciate them. Betting at random will not work here. These slot games can only pay off in the bonus rounds. Players will have to wait a long time, so control of the bankroll should be the main concern of the gambler when he will test these EGT slots in the online casino. Multigame Server supports the ability to play EGT slots for free as well. This option is useful to everyone. However, it represents the main value for those who decide to play on highly dispersed machines.

Another interesting feature is the accumulative jackpot system. When a player reaches the bonus round, the Jackpot Cards option may randomly turn on. Four small windows will appear at the top of the screen by the number of card suits and with their own jackpot, and on the playing field there will be three rows of cards turned upside down. Opening cards one at a time, the gambler fills the counter of a certain suit in the corresponding window. The first filled window will give out the prize that will be indicated there. Winnings won in Jackpot Cards cannot be doubled in a risk game.

On the official website, it is indicated that the probability of Jackpot Cards appearing depends on the size of the bet. Thus, two birds with one stone are killed: the gambler gets a chance for a big win and even more entertainment, and the operator gets a good income, because not all large bets lead to the activation of this option.

EGT - Reliable Games and Reliable Company

For 15 years of work, EGT has gained a reputation as a reliable partner. It has always sought to comply with the requirements that controlling organizations set for players in regulated jurisdictions. In every country where devices of this brand are placed in the ground-based establishments, a license was obtained. The same applies to online businesses.

In addition, online casinos are provided with data encryption throughout the player-operator-server chain and vice versa using the 128-bit SSL protocol encryption, and support for a separate database. All operations are recorded in it in real time. This nullifies the risk of data loss and makes it possible to restore them to the current state in the event of any force majeure.

You can play all the EGT games on the Casinonic Canadian casino.

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