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Casinonic Live Canadian Casino

The world of online casinos is developing rapidly, replenishing with new games and changing the features of their gameplay. So, for maximum immersion in the atmosphere of excitement and money, visitors of the Casinonic Canadian casino have an opportunity to play with the live dealers. In this case, the player can observe the actions of the dealer and get a full sense of presence like in a real gambling establishment.

Casinonic casino with live dealers

Let's consider in detail what live dealers are and what software is used in Casinonic live casino. We also provide to Canadian users adapted mobile version of live casino that can be launched from devices running Android and iOS.

What is a live dealer?

A real game with live dealers is still considered that game when there is a real person on the other side of the screen. A computer model is just an imitation that cannot be called a full-fledged dealer.

However, even with a living person, there are two varieties of such a game. In the first case, the process is still under the control of a computer. The casino employee himself does not in any way affect the gameplay but is only a kind of visual accompaniment.

In the second, a live dealer is a real dealer located in the hall of a land-based casino or in a special studio. Users see not only a person, but also directly how the roulette online wheel is spinning or how cards are dealt. In live mode, only the process of accepting bets takes place through computer\mobile device.

Communication opportunities in the Casinonic live casino

In live games presented on the pages of the Casinonic website, you can communicate through internal chat with other players and dealer as well. This is another significant advantage that brings the atmosphere of the game to a real land-based casino.

However, etiquette rules require certain behaviors from players. If compliments and even slight flirting towards dealers are allowed, then rough treatment is punishable. Therefore, in such a casino there is no place for boors and rude people - they quickly lose the opportunity to communicate, and sometimes even play.

The situation is similar in relation to other players - obscene expressions, insults and abuse are not allowed. If the player behaves uncivilized, the administration has the right to take measures and disconnect the user from the chat.

Another important nuance that worries many beginners is the language of communication. Most dealers communicate in English and French, so don’t worry, every Canadian player will be pleased with the service of the Casinonic live casino.

Differences between live casinos and regular gaming clubs

Spending time at a live casino can truly diversify your gaming experience. This is more interesting than games in regular table games.

Playing in live casino is most suitable for those lovers of excitement who prefer to play in land-based establishments or like communication with other people or dealers.

A common thing between a game with live dealers and an online casino is that the player is lucky to be in the place where he is comfortable: at home on the couch, on a distant business trip or on vacation. There are high chances to win real jackpots in both cases.

What games are available in live casino?

Of course, not all gambling implies the possibility of playing with a live dealer. For example, slots in no way require the presence of a casino employee. However, if we talk about classic table and card gambling, then almost all of them suggest the possibility of playing with a real croupier.

The most famous and popular game that can be played in this mode is roulette. In this case, you can observe how the ball runs on the wheel and stops at a particular sector.

The situation is similar with many card games. A number of varieties of poker, blackjack, baccarat online - all these games can very well be played with a live dealer. Moreover, this kind of game has its undeniable advantages.

So, a casino employee can tell you the rules of the game or even advise you on the correctness of the move you’ve made. Despite the fact that the croupier primarily represents the interests of the casino, he will never refuse to explain the rules of the game. After all, the goal of any institution is to provide maximum comfort for its customers.

Please note that playing with live dealers always implies real money casino bets. If you can play various slots for free without registering in demo mode, the live casino does not provide this function.

Software in the Casinonic live Canadian casino

The same companies that work in the field of conventional online gambling take part in the development of software for such games. Among the well-known developers of live studios and software are Playtech, NetEnt, Amaya and Microgaming. These companies have been around for a long time thanks to the constant release of great slots and other games for online casinos.

However, there are a number of companies that specialize exclusively in developing software for playing with live dealers. In this category are:

  • Ezugi;
  • Vuetec;
  • Evolution Gaming;
  • Extreme Live Gaming.

Of course, not all existing companies are listed on this list. These are only those companies whose products can be found quite often.

Each software and each developer have its own characteristics that are worth considering. After reviewing several programs and playing for some time, the gambler himself can decide which software suits him best and gives a more comfortable game.

Casinonic live casino is not limited to software from a single developer and offers a fairly wide selection of games from the most famous game manufacturers. This allows visitors to choose the size of bets, the type of game and the dealer directly. Have fun playing in the Casinonic live casino!

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