Thunderkick Played

thunderkick/1429UnchartedSeas_tk thunderkick/1429UnchartedSeas_tk thunderkick/1429UnchartedSeas_tk
1429 Uncharted Seas
thunderkick/arcader_tk thunderkick/arcader_tk thunderkick/arcader_tk
thunderkick/Babushkas_tk thunderkick/Babushkas_tk thunderkick/Babushkas_tk
thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk thunderkick/Barbershop_Uncut_tk
Barbershop: Uncut
thunderkick/BeattheBeastMightySphinx thunderkick/BeattheBeastMightySphinx thunderkick/BeattheBeastMightySphinx
Beat the Beast: Mighty Sphinx
thunderkick/BirdsOnAWire_tk thunderkick/BirdsOnAWire_tk thunderkick/BirdsOnAWire_tk
Birds On A Wire
thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk thunderkick/BorkTheBerzerker_tk
Bork The Berzerker - Hack ‘N’ Slash Edition
thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk thunderkick/CarnivalQueen_tk
Carnival Queen
thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk thunderkick/DivineLotus_tk
Divine Lotus
thunderkick/DragonHorn_tk thunderkick/DragonHorn_tk thunderkick/DragonHorn_tk
Dragon Horn
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo_tk
Esqueleto Explosivo
thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk thunderkick/EsqueletoExplosivo2_tk
Esqueleto Explosivo 2
thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk thunderkick/FlameBusters_tk
Flame Busters
thunderkick/Flux_tk thunderkick/Flux_tk thunderkick/Flux_tk
thunderkick/FrogGrog_tk thunderkick/FrogGrog_tk thunderkick/FrogGrog_tk
Frog Grog
thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk thunderkick/FruitWarp_tk
Fruit Warp
thunderkick/FullMoonRomance_tk thunderkick/FullMoonRomance_tk thunderkick/FullMoonRomance_tk
Full Moon Romance
thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk thunderkick/JaguarTemple_tk
Jaguar Temple
thunderkick/KrakensLair_tk thunderkick/KrakensLair_tk thunderkick/KrakensLair_tk
Beat the Beast: Kraken's Lair
thunderkick/Luchadora_tk thunderkick/Luchadora_tk thunderkick/Luchadora_tk
thunderkick/Magicious_tk thunderkick/Magicious_tk thunderkick/Magicious_tk
thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouch_tk thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouch_tk thunderkick/MidasGoldenTouch_tk
Midas Golden Touch
thunderkick/NotEnoughKittens_tk thunderkick/NotEnoughKittens_tk thunderkick/NotEnoughKittens_tk
Not Enough Kittens
thunderkick/PinkElephants_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants_tk
Pink Elephants
thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk thunderkick/PinkElephants2_tk
Pink Elephants 2
thunderkick/RavensEye_tk thunderkick/RavensEye_tk thunderkick/RavensEye_tk
Ravens Eye
thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk thunderkick/RidersoftheStorm_tk
Riders of the Storm
thunderkick/RocketFellas_tk thunderkick/RocketFellas_tk thunderkick/RocketFellas_tk
Rocket Fellas Inc
thunderkick/Spectra_tk thunderkick/Spectra_tk thunderkick/Spectra_tk
thunderkick/SunsetDelight_tk thunderkick/SunsetDelight_tk thunderkick/SunsetDelight_tk
Sunset Delight
thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk thunderkick/SwordofKhans_tk
Sword of Khans
thunderkick/TheFalconHuntress_tk thunderkick/TheFalconHuntress_tk thunderkick/TheFalconHuntress_tk
The Falcon Huntress
thunderkick/TheRift_tk thunderkick/TheRift_tk thunderkick/TheRift_tk
The Rift
thunderkick/TigerRush_tk thunderkick/TigerRush_tk thunderkick/TigerRush_tk
Tiger Rush
thunderkick/TokiTime_tk thunderkick/TokiTime_tk thunderkick/TokiTime_tk
Toki Time
thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk thunderkick/TurningTotems_tk
Turning Totems
thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk thunderkick/WellOfWonders_tk
Well of Wonders
thunderkick/WildHeist_tk thunderkick/WildHeist_tk thunderkick/WildHeist_tk
Wild Heist at Peacock Manor
thunderkick/YetiBattle_tk thunderkick/YetiBattle_tk thunderkick/YetiBattle_tk
Yeti Battle of Greenhat peak
thunderkick/Zoom_tk thunderkick/Zoom_tk thunderkick/Zoom_tk

Thunderkick Casino Games

The Thunderkick Swedish company is based in Stockholm and focuses on creating software for the online casino market. The developer first made its name in the iGaming industry in 2012. In a short time, the young team of specialists has already gained a huge reputation based on partnerships with leading industry operators.

Thunderkick licensed in Malta. The founders of the company are professionals with many years of experience in the gambling market. All games and software are created at the main office. Every employee is driven by passion. This allows them to develop amazing products. The company follows the principle of "not quantity, but quality."

Thunderkick Software

Thunderkick games run in all popular browsers perfectly. This means that Flash and HTML5 technologies are at the core of development. They allow you to easily deploy applications in a very short time. It also frees players from downloading software. Thanks to modern technologies and 3D graphics, the player enjoy such spectacular visual elements that are unique and not found in other pokie machines.

Very often, Thunderkick’s pokies have a dynamic background that changes its position as the game progresses. Besides, Thunderkick is positive about humor. When it comes to symbols, each of them expresses a certain irony, satire, or contains a fraction of a joke. In its products, the company is trying not to abuse the Vegas theme. Promising golden mountains, jewelry and other “luxury” replace original themes with amazing musical accompaniment.

The software of the company is upscale. This is the real work of specialists who value and respect their fans. Using games from Thunderkick, the operator will easily gain the trust and loyalty of the players. It also contributes to a large payout percentage (RTP), which is around 96% in most of their games.

Games Portfolio

Thunderkick offers about a dozen online pokies. So far, the company specializes only in the development of gaming machines. The number may seem a little low. But quality exceeds quantity. Pokies make the best experience, delight with excellent features, and vivid graphics. Typically, devices have several paylines, 3 or 5 reels. Attractive bonus offers, but most of all, the unique format is striking.

In some devices, the Avalanche function is implemented - when a winning combination occurs, its constituent symbols burn out. In their place, new ones appear, and untouched ones remain. This gives additional chances to get the main prize. Fans of old casino games traditions were not left without attention. There are pokies with classic controls and functionality in the company’s catalog.

Honesty and safety

In terms of security and fairness, Thunderkick is an extremely responsible developer. All games are independently tested. For these purposes, there are separate organizations. The game license issued by the Swedish and Maltese governments. Another confirmation of fair play is the supply of software regularly for well-known casino brands.

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