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evolution/PorkKnoxr3 evolution/PorkKnoxr3 evolution/PorkKnoxr3
Pork Knox
evolution/BigMoneyWheel94NoBB evolution/BigMoneyWheel94NoBB evolution/BigMoneyWheel94NoBB
Big Money Wheel
evolution/JackHammer3DiamondAffair94 evolution/JackHammer3DiamondAffair94 evolution/JackHammer3DiamondAffair94
Jack Hammer 3: Diamond Affair
evolution/GoldMoneyFrog evolution/GoldMoneyFrog evolution/GoldMoneyFrog
Gold Money Frog
evolution/DeadorAlive99 evolution/DeadorAlive99 evolution/DeadorAlive99
Dead or Alive
evolution/CursedTreasure94 evolution/CursedTreasure94 evolution/CursedTreasure94
Cursed Treasure
evolution/BloodSuckers99 evolution/BloodSuckers99 evolution/BloodSuckers99
Blood Suckers
evolution/SteamTower99 evolution/SteamTower99 evolution/SteamTower99
Steam Tower
evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchenr evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchenr evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchenr
Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen
evolution/CreaturefromtheBlackLagoon evolution/CreaturefromtheBlackLagoon evolution/CreaturefromtheBlackLagoon
Creature from the Black Lagoon
evolution/HappyPanda evolution/HappyPanda evolution/HappyPanda
Happy Panda
evolution/HappyRiches evolution/HappyRiches evolution/HappyRiches
Happy Riches
evolution/GladiatorClash evolution/GladiatorClash evolution/GladiatorClash
Gladiator Clash
evolution/MegaFortune evolution/MegaFortune evolution/MegaFortune
Mega Fortune
evolution/DazzleMe99 evolution/DazzleMe99 evolution/DazzleMe99
Dazzle Me
evolution/RainforestGold evolution/RainforestGold evolution/RainforestGold
Rainforest Gold
evolution/Starburst98 evolution/Starburst98 evolution/Starburst98
evolution/ArabianNights evolution/ArabianNights evolution/ArabianNights
Arabian Nights
evolution/BuckshotWilds94 evolution/BuckshotWilds94 evolution/BuckshotWilds94
Buckshot Wilds
evolution/ScudamoresSuperStakes evolution/ScudamoresSuperStakes evolution/ScudamoresSuperStakes
Scudamore's Super Stakes
evolution/VegasNightLife evolution/VegasNightLife evolution/VegasNightLife
Vegas Night Life
evolution/RoyalNuts94NoBB evolution/RoyalNuts94NoBB evolution/RoyalNuts94NoBB
Royal Nuts
evolution/DeadorAlive98 evolution/DeadorAlive98 evolution/DeadorAlive98
Dead or Alive
evolution/KnightRider evolution/KnightRider evolution/KnightRider
Knight Rider
evolution/PorkKnox evolution/PorkKnox evolution/PorkKnox
Pork Knox
evolution/BigMoneyWheel94 evolution/BigMoneyWheel94 evolution/BigMoneyWheel94
Big Money Wheel
evolution/ButterflyStaxx98 evolution/ButterflyStaxx98 evolution/ButterflyStaxx98
Butterfly Staxx
evolution/FruitShop98 evolution/FruitShop98 evolution/FruitShop98
Fruit Shop
evolution/bloodsuckersj0r3 evolution/bloodsuckersj0r3 evolution/bloodsuckersj0r3
Blood Suckers
evolution/TheInvisibleMan evolution/TheInvisibleMan evolution/TheInvisibleMan
The Invisible Man
evolution/AlohaClusterPays98 evolution/AlohaClusterPays98 evolution/AlohaClusterPays98
Aloha! Cluster Pays
evolution/MagicLab evolution/MagicLab evolution/MagicLab
Magic Lab
evolution/ImperialRiches evolution/ImperialRiches evolution/ImperialRiches
Imperial Riches
evolution/ReelRush99 evolution/ReelRush99 evolution/ReelRush99
Reel Rush
evolution/KnightRider1 evolution/KnightRider1 evolution/KnightRider1
Knight Rider
evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchen evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchen evolution/GordonRamsayHellsKitchen
Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen
evolution/LockandPop94NoBB evolution/LockandPop94NoBB evolution/LockandPop94NoBB
Lock and Pop
evolution/VegasNightLife3 evolution/VegasNightLife3 evolution/VegasNightLife3
Vegas Night Life
evolution/MercyOfTheGods evolution/MercyOfTheGods evolution/MercyOfTheGods
Mercy Of The Gods
evolution/HallofGods evolution/HallofGods evolution/HallofGods
Hall of Gods

Net Entertainment - One of the Top Software Developers for Online Casinos

Net Entertainment (or NetEnt) is a company that implements and develops programs for the stable operation of licensed online casinos. The brand has over 22 years of experience, successful cooperation with world-renowned gaming platforms and prospects for further development. That is why many want to know what is so remarkable about Net Ent and how the corporation managed to stand out above all others in this niche.

History of Success in Casino Software Development

The history of development began in 1996. At this time, three talented programmers decided to join forces to create something special. Since they did not have a clear development plan, it was first decided to register the company. This was the first step towards a successful future.

It was decided that the most promising area is the iGaming business. In order to gain knowledge and learn to work in the chosen direction, the founders of the company began work on writing programs to ensure that their methods of development can be applied to sports betting. This did not give the business huge profits, but it allowed it to develop and learn a lot of new things.

After four years of fruitful work, the creators of the brand decided that they were ready to launch their own product. As a debut, a full-fledged software was released for their own online casino.

Inspired by the first small victories, a year later the creators released a new product - CasinoModule. This is a full-fledged software that allows all gaming platforms to move to a new, more convenient software for players. A distinctive feature is the ability to launch software on any device. This is achieved through the use of Java - a specific programming language. Secondly, the implementation of the improved platform is gradual and invisible to players of casino online.

NetEnt’s New Achievements

9 years after registration, the company receives a Maltese license, which gives the right to work in the field of providing software for online gambling platforms. Such a document guarantees users compliance with the rules and fair play.

As the position of the company in the market increased significantly, in 2009 it was decided to enter the Stockholm stock exchange. And two years later, a new era of mobile casinos begins - the company is developing customized software for the two most popular phone platforms. The first pokies that were available on mobile devices were selected based on the highest popularity among the players.

Realizing that gradually the sphere of influence needs to be expanded, the company announces an unprecedented step - the creation of a live casino with real dealers. By 2013, this project was completed and entered the market.

A year later, NetEnt software releases a new product - the world's first game for mobile devices and tablets, which runs on the latest, fifth version of the HTML. Thanks to such a breakthrough, the company's value is estimated at fabulous sums exceeding one billion dollars. In 2016, the corporation successfully entered the world market, having received a license to work in England, Spain and even in America.

If we talk about the current time, the brand continues to develop and expand. At this moment, a number of offices are located around the world, and the number of employees exceeds seven hundred people.

The Next Steps of NetEnt

At the moment, the company is rightfully considered as the leader among competitors in gambling niche. No one else is able to provide the gaming business with the same quality software as NetEnt. However, the decision not to develop further can only lead to death, so many are interested in what it means to remain silent about new projects in recent years.

At the moment it’s rumored that NetEnt works at VR and AR software development for next-generation online casinos.

Why You Should Try NetEnt’s Games?

If the player has never come across online gambling clubs or pokies, it will not be possible to understand why the NetEnt games are so convenient. However, the more experienced players are able to highlight a number of advantages:

  • Quick access to the section with explanations - if the selected game is not familiar, the user is provided with convenient and understandable animated instructions;
  • A large list of available online casino games - the company has more than four hundred of them;
  • Ease of transition - since the NetEnt gaming platform is universal, the interface will be the same when using a phone, tablet, computer, or even a ground-based pokie machine.

The Most Popular Games of NetEnt

Among dozens of NetEnt games, the most popular are:

  • Wishmaster - the plot is based on a story about magic gin and a lamp. In addition to clear graphics and vibrant colors, players appreciate the pleasant music and high payouts.
  • South Park - a story that has already become classic. It is based on a popular cartoon about funny characters who constantly find themselves in troubles.
  • The invisible man - A plot based on the story of an invisible man. In addition to the gloomy and exciting graphics, this online pokie machine also has a great storyline with interesting characters.
  • Jack and the bean stalk. Jack and his adventure in the land of giants - the main storyline based on the well-known fairytale. Interesting musical accompaniment and bright elaborated details are what attracts most of the players to the game.
  • Gonzo’s Quest - The game that was first adapted for Java. It is rightly considered an unshakable classic, which everyone remembers and loves.


Many newcomers to the gambling business recently are wondering what exactly the platform is beneficial for. The answer is very simple. Net Ent is not just a global brand thanks to which numerous players from several countries can play. It is also a guarantee of winning, combined with a high probability of profit and fair play.

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