Blackjack Played

evolution/BlackjackClassicRu8 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu8 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu8
Blackjack Classic Ru 8
evolution/LightningDragonTiger evolution/LightningDragonTiger evolution/LightningDragonTiger
Lightning Dragon Tiger
evolution/BlackjackClassicRu10 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu10 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu10
Blackjack Classic Ru 10
evolution/BlackjackClassicRu9 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu9 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu9
Blackjack Classic Ru 9
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack122 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack122 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack122
Classic Speed Blackjack 122
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Classic Speed Blackjack 95
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack108 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack108 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack108
Classic Speed Blackjack 108
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack110 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack110 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack110
Classic Speed Blackjack 110
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack93 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack93 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack93
Classic Speed Blackjack 93
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack107 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack107 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack107
Classic Speed Blackjack 107
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack120 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack120 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack120
Classic Speed Blackjack 120
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack121 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack121 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack121
Classic Speed Blackjack 121
evolution/bjclassic7 evolution/bjclassic7 evolution/bjclassic7
Blackjack Classic 7
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack86 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack86 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack86
Classic Speed Blackjack 86
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack90 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack90 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack90
Classic Speed Blackjack 90
evolution/BlackjackVIP44 evolution/BlackjackVIP44 evolution/BlackjackVIP44
Blackjack VIP 44
evolution/BlackjackVIP41 evolution/BlackjackVIP41 evolution/BlackjackVIP41
Blackjack VIP 41
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack85 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack85 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack85
Classic Speed Blackjack 85
evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackB evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackB evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackB
Free Bet VIP Blackjack B
evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackA evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackA evolution/FreeBetVIPBlackjackA
Free Bet VIP Blackjack A
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack83 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack83 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack83
Classic Speed Blackjack 83
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack84 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack84 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack84
Classic Speed Blackjack 84
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack88 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack88 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack88
Classic Speed Blackjack 88
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack89 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack89 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack89
Classic Speed Blackjack 89
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack76 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack76 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack76
Classic Speed Blackjack 76
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack79 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack79 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack79
Classic Speed Blackjack 79
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack78 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack78 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack78
Classic Speed Blackjack 78
evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack77 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack77 evolution/ClassicSpeedBlackjack77
Classic Speed Blackjack 77
platipus/multihandblackjack platipus/multihandblackjack platipus/multihandblackjack
Multihand Blackjack
evolution/SpeedBaccarat8 evolution/SpeedBaccarat8 evolution/SpeedBaccarat8
Speed Baccarat 8
evolution/SpeedBaccarat10 evolution/SpeedBaccarat10 evolution/SpeedBaccarat10
Speed Baccarat 10
evolution/SpeedBaccarat7 evolution/SpeedBaccarat7 evolution/SpeedBaccarat7
Speed Baccarat 7
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Speed Baccarat 5
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Speed Baccarat 4
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Speed Baccarat 9
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Speed Baccarat 12
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Speed Baccarat 11
evolution/BlackjackClassicRu3 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu3 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu3
Blackjack Classic Ru 3
tomhornnative/243CrystalFruitsDeluxe tomhornnative/243CrystalFruitsDeluxe tomhornnative/243CrystalFruitsDeluxe
243 Crystal Fruits Deluxe
evolution/BlackjackClassicRu2 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu2 evolution/BlackjackClassicRu2
Blackjack Classic Ru 2

Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular and famous card casino games for money in the world. The incredible relevance of this gambling card game is explained by the simplicity of the rules, easy card counting, the possibility of applying various winning strategies, as well as fast and exciting gameplay.

A Brief History of Blackjack

The history of Blackjack is very long, and dates back at least three hundred years. It is not known for certain where the blackjack game originated in Spain or France, where almost simultaneously at the turn of the 17th - 18th centuries prototypes of modern blackjack arose. Some sources generally attribute its origins to many thousands of years ago, to the time of Ancient Rome.

However, at the moment, the founder of blackjack is considered the game Trentuno (31) invented in Italy. It was Trentuno that was historically recorded based on the mention in the sermon of Bernadino from Siena against gambling. Trentuno is the ancestor of the original blackjack game we know today. The rules of the game in Trentuno are identical to the rules of modern blackjack, the only difference between the game is the number of maximum points that are 31 and not 21. However, the very same term - Blackjack, appeared in the United States of America, where it acquired its modern look.

Blackjack Today

Over time, the entertainment in the Blackjack game has gained immense popularity, continuing to form and mutate. The creation of new modifications and variations does not stop to this day. Only now, with the transfer of the gambling industry to virtual space, online Blackjack has rightfully taken a dominant place in Australia.

The Casinonic casino club - the best online casino in Australia, invites you to fully enjoy the sensations of this amazing gambling game by playing the Blackjack with highest quality and most profitable game for money!

Play Blackjack for free and for real cash

The best virtual Blackjack software from such famous providers as Amatic Industries, Tom Horn Gaming, Play n Go (Blackjack from this manufacturer is especially popular in Australia), Playtech, Microgaming, etc. are presented in the gaming room of the Casinonic virtual gambling club. Each game on the pages of the Casinonic can be played in two modes - the demo version (for free), and the format of the game for real money (requires registration).

Demo (or free) mode is a trial version of gameplay, with full preservation of game mechanics. Demo games are available to every visitor of the Casinonic website - you do not need to make an account in order to play game for free. There is also no need to make a deposit, since conditional credits are used as the currency.

Practice in online blackjack as long as you want!

Any Australian user can play online Blackjack as much as he wants, and completely without risk. Blackjack online, like other virtual table card games at the Casinonic gaming club, is based on the work of a certified random number generator, which ensures absolute honesty and unpredictability of the card combinations.

However, every card fan knows that only 50% of success depends on luck here. The remaining 50% are determined by skill and correctly made decisions during the game. Therefore, the free mode is ideal for players who are just starting to learn the game of Blackjack, as it opens up incredible opportunities for working out on your own skill and strategies.

Without risking anything, in a comfortable and calm environment, you can test the effectiveness of winning strategies or develop your own gaming technique. However, the lack of risk is not only an advantage, but also a disadvantage of the demo mode.

The demo version only allows you to get acquainted with the gambling, in practice, in all details, having studied all features casino game, characteristics and capabilities. But if you are aiming for real winnings, you should play Blackjack for money. This is the only way to get the full thrill of real excitement and win a major prize.

The main types of Blackjack - rules and differences

Compared to any other casino game, Blackjack has the greatest number of varieties that do not cease to arise today. However, the fundamental classical principle of gameplay does not undergo changes. To win, the player must score no more than 21, but higher than the dealer's points. In this regard, before the acquisition of the official name (in the light of the legalization of casinos in America in the 30s of the 20th century), it was simply called for a long time, as a card game of "twenty one" (21).

Classic blackjack

A standard 52-card deck is used. Jokers are absent. But in most Blackjack online emulators (as in various land-based gambling establishments), distribution is practiced immediately from several decks mixed together. The value of in-game cards as follows:

  • ace - 1 or 11;
  • king, queen, jack - 10 points;
  • the value of others corresponds to their number (face value).
  • The highest combination is Blackjack - an ace and ten. It overlaps any other combination, even if its value is 21. There are few actions that player can make during the game:
  • Split - in the case of a pair of the same value, the hand can be divided into 2 by making an additional bet;
  • Insurance - insurance from blackjack at the dealer's hand (if the ace is an open card);
  • Double - the bet doubles, but the participant receives only 1 additional card;
  • Surrender - a player can give up, but at the same time lose only half of the bet.

European Blackjack

The rules of Blackjack in the European version (European blackjack) correspond to the original classic canons. Two decks of 54 cards. The values of the denominations are identical to the classics. The highest combination is also Blackjack. In the process, a participant can receive up to 9 additional cards. Dealer gets cards up to 17 points (if he got 17 points, dealer will no longer receive any cards, he will Stand).

American Blackjack

American Blackjack, in turn, is also divided into several varieties. However, Vegas type is particularly popular - if the dealer's first open card is an ace or a high card of 10 points, he immediately takes the next one. If blackjack occurs, the player loses.

Another popular variety is Atlantic City version. The main distinguishing feature is the use of 8 decks, instead of the standard two. Also, here you can double the bet even after Split, and then split the cards again.

Spanish Blackjack

The Spanish (Spanish blackjack) variant differs from all the Blackjack varieties described earlier. It uses 8 decks, but not the standard, but the Spanish type. Each of them consists of 48 cards, instead of the classic 52 (therefore, the advantage of a casino in this type of entertainment is much higher). Otherwise, the rules are similar. With the exception of an additional rule - a player can play Split 3 times, i.e. play immediately with 4 hands.

Blackjack game for mobile devices (phones and tablets)

A smartphone plays a huge role in the life of almost every modern person. It has long ceased to be just a means of communication, and is used by most of us for work, communication on social networks, searching for information on the Internet, photography, and also mainly as entertainment. Therefore, the mobile version of Casinonic virtual gaming club is available for any owner of the smartphone. All Casinonic games are cross-platform - and without the slightest loss of quality are reproduced on any modern gadget - a smartphone on Android, iPhone or iPad, PC or laptop on Windows.

Thanks to the use of innovative HTML5 technology used in the development of pokie machines and other iGaming gambling products immediately adapt to the requirements of modern mobile devices. The interface of such games is characterized by maximum convenience when playing from the touch screen, and all gaming characteristics remain unchanged in compare to the desktop versions of the games. For those who want to play Blackjack on an Android smartphone or iPhone on our site, it will not be difficult - just open it on your mobile device and play!

AU Online Blackjack FAQ

The Casinonic Australian gaming club invites you to enjoy a truly high-quality, atmospheric and exciting process of playing Blackjack for real money. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions which will help you to prepare for real money battles in online blackjack.

How to play blackjack online?

The versions of the game in online blackjack may have differences (described above), but you can always read the detailed rules inside the game (in the options menu or by clicking on the icon with the letter "i").

Are there any tips on playing online blackjack for beginners?

Yes. Below you can find 5 useful tips for beginners in AU online blackjack.

  1. If the number of points of your cards after the deal is varied from 12 to 16, and the number of dealer points is over 7, take another card. But if the value of dealer cards in this case is from 2 to 6, we recommend that you do not take more cards.
  2. Do not take extra cards if the total points in your hand are 17 or more.
  3. Do not split if you have two fives, it is better to take another card so your chances of winning will be much higher.
  4. Do not split with two tens, we advise you to separate only 8ths, because a combination of two eights gives the worst possible scenario in Blackjack game.
  5. Always limit the time of playing online blackjack, do not overplay the time you've set! We also recommend that you set a limit on your bankroll, never exceed your bankroll!

Where can I play AU blackjack online?

On this site you will find many varieties of online blackjack. You can choose any and play for real money.

Can I play blackjack online for free?

Yes, in any version except live blackjack variations. This is due to the fact that in the case of the live version, real people work, which imposes certain obligations on the casino operator.

What do you need to start playing blackjack?

Internet connection, account registration and payment method binding. The last two points are needed only in case of playing online blackjack for real money.

I do not like online blackjack, are there any other options that are related to a real blackjack game?

Yes. You can always try to play live blackjack. It is practically no different from a real blackjack game in a land-based casino. Real dealer, other players, communication - all this is present in live blackjack.

Is it legal to play online blackjack in Australia?

Yes. You can easily start the game, win and withdraw money without any problems. You do not even need to pay the tax on winnings in online blackjack.

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