ELK Played

elk/Ashoka elk/Ashoka elk/Ashoka
elk/WildToroII elk/WildToroII elk/WildToroII
Wild Toro II
elk/Ivanhoe elk/Ivanhoe elk/Ivanhoe
elk/EcuadorGold elk/EcuadorGold elk/EcuadorGold
Ecuador Gold
elk/Tropicool2 elk/Tropicool2 elk/Tropicool2
Tropicool 2
elk/HitItBig elk/HitItBig elk/HitItBig
Hit It Big
elk/GladiaToro elk/GladiaToro elk/GladiaToro
elk/ValhallGold elk/ValhallGold elk/ValhallGold
Valhall Gold
elk/Cygnus4 elk/Cygnus4 elk/Cygnus4
Cygnus 4
elk/ToroShogun elk/ToroShogun elk/ToroShogun
Toro Shogun
elk/TacoBrotherChristmas elk/TacoBrotherChristmas elk/TacoBrotherChristmas
Taco Brothers Saving Christmas
elk/RabbitRoyale elk/RabbitRoyale elk/RabbitRoyale
Rabbit Royale
elk/Platooners elk/Platooners elk/Platooners
elk/ZuluGold elk/ZuluGold elk/ZuluGold
Zulu Gold
elk/BlackRiverGold elk/BlackRiverGold elk/BlackRiverGold
Black River Gold
elk/GrittyKittyofNitropolis elk/GrittyKittyofNitropolis elk/GrittyKittyofNitropolis
Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis
elk/LakesFive elk/LakesFive elk/LakesFive
Lake's Five
elk/KatmanduX elk/KatmanduX elk/KatmanduX
Katmandu X
elk/Cygnus3 elk/Cygnus3 elk/Cygnus3
Cygnus 3
elk/MicroKnights elk/MicroKnights elk/MicroKnights
Micro Knights
elk/AvalonGold elk/AvalonGold elk/AvalonGold
Avalon Gold
elk/HulaBalua elk/HulaBalua elk/HulaBalua
Hula Balua
elk/TacoBrothersDerailed elk/TacoBrothersDerailed elk/TacoBrothersDerailed
Taco Brothers Derailed
elk/Chi elk/Chi elk/Chi
elk/DamBeavers elk/DamBeavers elk/DamBeavers
Dam Beavers
elk/Valkyrie elk/Valkyrie elk/Valkyrie
elk/ClusterSlide elk/ClusterSlide elk/ClusterSlide
Cluster Slide
elk/Kaiju elk/Kaiju elk/Kaiju
elk/DeadMansGold elk/DeadMansGold elk/DeadMansGold
Dead Man’s Gold
elk/Pirots elk/Pirots elk/Pirots
elk/Bloopers elk/Bloopers elk/Bloopers
elk/Nitropolis4 elk/Nitropolis4 elk/Nitropolis4
Nitropolis 4
elk/Illogicool elk/Illogicool elk/Illogicool
elk/Birthday elk/Birthday elk/Birthday
elk/TheWiz elk/TheWiz elk/TheWiz
The Wiz
elk/VegasDiamonds elk/VegasDiamonds elk/VegasDiamonds
Vegas Diamonds
elk/IceWolf elk/IceWolf elk/IceWolf
Ice Wolf
elk/StarsofOrion elk/StarsofOrion elk/StarsofOrion
Stars of Orion
elk/RespinCircus elk/RespinCircus elk/RespinCircus
Respin Circus
elk/FateofFortune elk/FateofFortune elk/FateofFortune
Fate of Fortune

Casinonic - Australian Online Casino with ELK Pokies

The online gambling market has an impressive list of software developers specializing in the production of pokies for online casinos. One of such software developers - ELK. The ELK management's policy was aimed at quality over quantity. Another factor that ensured the popularity was the adaptation of products to mobile devices.

ELK Studios was founded in 2012 by a team of professionals with industry-specific skills. The main office is located in Stockholm. For 4 years the manufacturer has released only 7 pokies online. Such a small number of games did not prevent them from winning the title of leader in the gambling niche. Later the portfolio was replenished with 3 more games.

ELK Studios Top Games and Features

The selection of games of the brand will soon reach the mark of 20. Each pokie machine is unique in its way. As for the most popular online pokies among AU players, top positions are occupied by:

  • Taco Brothers,
  • Electric SAM,
  • The Lab,
  • DJ WILD.

At the same time, users are no less interested in the Platooners, Route 777, Birthday! and Kaiju online pokie games. ELK Studios offers a non-standard set of buttons to control the gameplay of pokie machines. The buttons are at the left and right edges of the screen. They do not contain inscriptions indicating their purpose, but only icons. With their help, you can completely tweak the Spins as you want. This can be done manually or by using the Autoplay mode.

ELK pokies usually consist of 5 reels, but the number of active paylines is more variable. Each pokie has its own individual set. Prize combinations can be arranged according to 243 payline schemes.

Features of ELK Pokies

ELK Studios has implemented the Game On feature for their pokie machines. Game On provides the player with the accrual of free spins upon completion of 25 standard spins. The betting strategy is another feature of the manufacturer's products. It consists of 4 options; the player can choose any betting option at his discretion:

  • Optimizer option - the bet amount will be automatically optimized for a percentage of the total sum at the gaming account.
  • Jumper - after 5 successful Spins, the number of credits increases by 1.
  • Leveler - provides an increase in the rate level of the bet, but after 5 consecutive losses.
  • Booster - the bet rate is reduced when the game is lost and returns to the initial values when the Spin is successful.

ELK Studios takes into account the trends of modern society, ELK branded pokie machines work on all mobile devices, and gadgets with a small display. The ELK is concerned about the safety of customers. ELK works completely legit. This confirmed by the issued licenses which allow official operation of the company in online gambling activities.

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