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quickfire/MGS_Gold_Factory quickfire/MGS_Gold_Factory quickfire/MGS_Gold_Factory
Gold Factory
quickfire/MGS_AlaskanFishing quickfire/MGS_AlaskanFishing quickfire/MGS_AlaskanFishing
Alaskan Fishing
quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange quickfire/MGS_MahjongExchange
Mahjong Exchange
quickfire/MGS_LostVegas quickfire/MGS_LostVegas quickfire/MGS_LostVegas
Lost Vegas
quickfire/MGS_Carnaval quickfire/MGS_Carnaval quickfire/MGS_Carnaval
quickfire/MGS_Age_of_Discovery quickfire/MGS_Age_of_Discovery quickfire/MGS_Age_of_Discovery
Age of Discovery
quickfire/MGS_MegaMoolah quickfire/MGS_MegaMoolah quickfire/MGS_MegaMoolah
Mega Moolah
quickfire/MGS_WuXing quickfire/MGS_WuXing quickfire/MGS_WuXing
Wu Xing
quickfire/MGS_108Heroes quickfire/MGS_108Heroes quickfire/MGS_108Heroes
108 Heroes
quickfire/MGS_10000WishesV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_10000WishesV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_10000WishesV94Desktop
10000 Wishes
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_100kJokerDesktop quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_100kJokerDesktop quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_100kJokerDesktop
100k Joker
quickfire/MGS_108HeroesMultiplierFortunes quickfire/MGS_108HeroesMultiplierFortunes quickfire/MGS_108HeroesMultiplierFortunes
108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10p10c1krRoulette quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10p10c1krRoulette quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10p10c1krRoulette
10p Roulette
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10pSlot quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10pSlot quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_10pSlot
10p Slot
quickfire/MGS_11Champions quickfire/MGS_11Champions quickfire/MGS_11Champions
11 Champions
quickfire/MGS_11EnchantingRelicsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_11EnchantingRelicsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_11EnchantingRelicsV94Desktop
11 Enchanting Relics
quickfire/MGS_RedRake_1stoftheIrishDesktop quickfire/MGS_RedRake_1stoftheIrishDesktop quickfire/MGS_RedRake_1stoftheIrishDesktop
1st Of The Irish
quickfire/MGS_3DevilsPinballV92Desktop quickfire/MGS_3DevilsPinballV92Desktop quickfire/MGS_3DevilsPinballV92Desktop
3 Devils Pinball
quickfire/MGS_4DiamondBluesMegawaysV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_4DiamondBluesMegawaysV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_4DiamondBluesMegawaysV94Desktop
4 Diamond Blues - Megaways
quickfire/MGS_5ReelDrive quickfire/MGS_5ReelDrive quickfire/MGS_5ReelDrive
5 Reel Drive
quickfire/MGS_6TokensofGoldV92Desktop quickfire/MGS_6TokensofGoldV92Desktop quickfire/MGS_6TokensofGoldV92Desktop
6 Tokens of Gold
quickfire/MGS_BetGamesTV_6Poker_95 quickfire/MGS_BetGamesTV_6Poker_95 quickfire/MGS_BetGamesTV_6Poker_95
6+ Poker
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_71121 quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_71121 quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_71121
7 11 21
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_7Up quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_7Up quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_7Up
quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_777ScratchDesktop quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_777ScratchDesktop quickfire/MGS_Gamevy_777ScratchDesktop
quickfire/MGS_777MegaDeluxe quickfire/MGS_777MegaDeluxe quickfire/MGS_777MegaDeluxe
777 Mega Deluxe
quickfire/MGS_777RoyalWheel quickfire/MGS_777RoyalWheel quickfire/MGS_777RoyalWheel
777 Royal Wheel
quickfire/MGS_8GoldenSkullsOfHollyRogerMegawaysV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_8GoldenSkullsOfHollyRogerMegawaysV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_8GoldenSkullsOfHollyRogerMegawaysV94Desktop
8 Golden Skulls of the Holly Roger
quickfire/MGS_RealisticGames_8thWonder quickfire/MGS_RealisticGames_8thWonder quickfire/MGS_RealisticGames_8thWonder
8th Wonder
quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsV94Desktop
9 Blazing Diamonds
quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsWowpotDesktop quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsWowpotDesktop quickfire/MGS_9BlazingDiamondsWowpotDesktop
9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT
quickfire/MGS_9MasksOfFire quickfire/MGS_9MasksOfFire quickfire/MGS_9MasksOfFire
9 Masks of Fire
quickfire/MGS_9masksOfFireHyperSpinsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_9masksOfFireHyperSpinsV94Desktop quickfire/MGS_9masksOfFireHyperSpinsV94Desktop
9 Masks of Fire HyperSpins
quickfire/MGS_9PotsOfGold quickfire/MGS_9PotsOfGold quickfire/MGS_9PotsOfGold
9 Pots of Gold
quickfire/MGS_ADarkMatter quickfire/MGS_ADarkMatter quickfire/MGS_ADarkMatter
A Dark Matter
quickfire/MGS_aTaleOfElvesDesktop quickfire/MGS_aTaleOfElvesDesktop quickfire/MGS_aTaleOfElvesDesktop
A Tale of Elves
quickfire/MGS_AbsolootlyMad_MegaMoolah quickfire/MGS_AbsolootlyMad_MegaMoolah quickfire/MGS_AbsolootlyMad_MegaMoolah
Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah
quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Eights_Video_Poker quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Eights_Video_Poker quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Eights_Video_Poker
Aces and Eights
quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Faces quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Faces quickfire/MGS_Aces_And_Faces
Aces and Faces
quickfire/MGS_Ainsworth_ActionDragons quickfire/MGS_Ainsworth_ActionDragons quickfire/MGS_Ainsworth_ActionDragons
Action Dragons

Quickfire Software at Casinonic Online Casino

Quickfire is an original gaming platform created by the world-famous developer - Microgaming. The main objective is to provide instant play on any platform. That is why among the main developments of the Microgaming Quickfire occupies a leading position, because they were able to establish themselves as one of the most modern and active casino games developers for any virtual casino available in the net. This brand was launched in 2010, and during this period has become the most recognizable and famous than many other pokie providers. Any casino that currently operates on the network is happy to work with the Quickfire platform, and especially for those institutions that work with Bitcoins as one of the main payment methods for deposits and withdrawal of winnings.

Other similar developers that are releasing pokies with the ability to play for Bitcoins are far from the uniqueness of Quickfire, because only this platform can boast of creating gameplay with instant play. Due to the fact that pokies are activated without downloading, players can quickly familiarize themselves with the features of the gameplay, as well as gain access to Quickfire’s games on mobile platforms on any operating system.

Quickfire - a Wide Selection of Thematic Games

The success of the company lies not only in the possibility of instantly launching the game, but also in the incredible variety of stories that underlie the existing models of gaming pokies. That is why players will be able to find a suitable type of entertainment in the library of Quickfire games, which will be dedicated to their favorite movie, comics, or popular video games. In addition, the Quickfire’s developments are distinguished by a fairly wide selection of extra features, including bonuses, various bet sizes, as well as the adjustable number of lines and other features.

It is noteworthy that Quickfire focuses not only on the production of pokies, but also various variations of table games can be found here, including Blackjack, poker, and roulette. Another obvious advantage of the developer is to equip online pokies with progressive jackpots. In this case, the prize amount exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can lure any player to play Quickfire games.

Main Advantages of Quickfire Software

As for the main advantages of the Quickfire games, players note such features as:

  • Great quality, which is reflected in excellent graphics and soundtrack.
  • The ability to instantly launch the game without using the download function.
  • A wide selection of thematic areas using the most popular stories.
  • Possibilities of playing with Bitcoin as a main currency.
  • High return percentage in pokies, which is over 96%.
  • Availability of progressive types of jackpot in pokie games.

There are also several popular games from Quickfire which are well recognized by many players around the world, namely:

To evaluate all the advantages of a developer, you need at least to try their pokie machines and experience firsthand all the advantages of modern games! Quickfire deserves special trust, as it is a unique development of the well-known Microgaming company, which has a decent reputation in the gambling industry market. The innovative pokies from Quickfire will be appreciated by both experienced players and beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with gambling. It is not difficult to master the pokie machines from Quickfire, because it takes a minimum of time, since they are all intuitive and have great Help section in each game. Remember, you can always try all games of all software providers at Casinonic website completely for free. Always use free feature before playing for real money, this will help you to understand bonus systems and payouts in one game or another.

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