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softswiss/AztecMagicBonanza softswiss/AztecMagicBonanza softswiss/AztecMagicBonanza
Aztec Magic Bonanza
softswiss/GoldRushWithJohnny softswiss/GoldRushWithJohnny softswiss/GoldRushWithJohnny
Gold Rush with Johnny Cash
softswiss/AlohaKingElvis softswiss/AlohaKingElvis softswiss/AlohaKingElvis
Aloha King Elvis
softswiss/AztecMagicDeluxe softswiss/AztecMagicDeluxe softswiss/AztecMagicDeluxe
Aztec Magic Deluxe
softswiss/AztecClusters softswiss/AztecClusters softswiss/AztecClusters
Aztec Clusters
softswiss/ElvisFrogTrueways softswiss/ElvisFrogTrueways softswiss/ElvisFrogTrueways
softswiss/LuckyDragonMultiDiceX softswiss/LuckyDragonMultiDiceX softswiss/LuckyDragonMultiDiceX
Lucky Dragon MultiDice X
softswiss/Gemhalla softswiss/Gemhalla softswiss/Gemhalla
softswiss/LuckyLadyMoon softswiss/LuckyLadyMoon softswiss/LuckyLadyMoon
Lady Wolf Moon
softswiss/MergeUp softswiss/MergeUp softswiss/MergeUp
Merge Up
softswiss/BonanzaBillion softswiss/BonanzaBillion softswiss/BonanzaBillion
Bonanza Billion
softswiss/MiceAndMagic softswiss/MiceAndMagic softswiss/MiceAndMagic
Mice & Magic Wonder Spin
softswiss/SavageBuffaloSpirit softswiss/SavageBuffaloSpirit softswiss/SavageBuffaloSpirit
Savage Buffalo Spirit
softswiss/FruitMillion softswiss/FruitMillion softswiss/FruitMillion
Fruit Million
softswiss/BeerBonanza softswiss/BeerBonanza softswiss/BeerBonanza
Beer Bonanza
softswiss/FortyFruityMillion softswiss/FortyFruityMillion softswiss/FortyFruityMillion
Forty Fruity Million
softswiss/BeastBand softswiss/BeastBand softswiss/BeastBand
Beast Band
softswiss/AlienFruits softswiss/AlienFruits softswiss/AlienFruits
Alien Fruits
softswiss/WildCashX9990 softswiss/WildCashX9990 softswiss/WildCashX9990
Wild Cash x9990
softswiss/RoyalHighRoad softswiss/RoyalHighRoad softswiss/RoyalHighRoad
Royal High-Road
softswiss/LuckyFarmBonanza softswiss/LuckyFarmBonanza softswiss/LuckyFarmBonanza
Lucky Farm Bonanza
softswiss/CloverBonanza softswiss/CloverBonanza softswiss/CloverBonanza
Clover Bonanza
softswiss/AllLuckyClover5 softswiss/AllLuckyClover5 softswiss/AllLuckyClover5
All Lucky Clovers 5
softswiss/MissCherryFruits softswiss/MissCherryFruits softswiss/MissCherryFruits
Miss Cherry Fruits
softswiss/DomnitorsTreasure softswiss/DomnitorsTreasure softswiss/DomnitorsTreasure
Domnitor's Treasure
softswiss/Gangsterz softswiss/Gangsterz softswiss/Gangsterz
softswiss/WbcRingOfRiches softswiss/WbcRingOfRiches softswiss/WbcRingOfRiches
WBC Ring of Riches
softswiss/JohnnyCash softswiss/JohnnyCash softswiss/JohnnyCash
Johnny Cash
softswiss/LuckyLadyMoonMegaways softswiss/LuckyLadyMoonMegaways softswiss/LuckyLadyMoonMegaways
Lady Wolf Moon Megaways
softswiss/MissCherryFruitsJackpotparty softswiss/MissCherryFruitsJackpotparty softswiss/MissCherryFruitsJackpotparty
Miss Cherry Fruits Jackpot party
softswiss/BigAtlantisFrenzy softswiss/BigAtlantisFrenzy softswiss/BigAtlantisFrenzy
Big Atlantis Frenzy
softswiss/JokerQueen softswiss/JokerQueen softswiss/JokerQueen
Joker Queen
softswiss/WildCash softswiss/WildCash softswiss/WildCash
Wild Cash
softswiss/ElvisFroginVegas softswiss/ElvisFroginVegas softswiss/ElvisFroginVegas
Elvis Frog in Vegas
softswiss/BobsCoffeeShop softswiss/BobsCoffeeShop softswiss/BobsCoffeeShop
Bob's Coffee Shop
softswiss/SweetRushMegaways softswiss/SweetRushMegaways softswiss/SweetRushMegaways
Sweet Rush Megaways
softswiss/CandyMonsta softswiss/CandyMonsta softswiss/CandyMonsta
Candy Monsta
softswiss/Road2Riches softswiss/Road2Riches softswiss/Road2Riches
Road 2 Riches
softswiss/GiftX softswiss/GiftX softswiss/GiftX
Gift X
softswiss/HitTheRoute softswiss/HitTheRoute softswiss/HitTheRoute
Hit The Route

Bgaming in the Casinonic Casino

BGaming was established in 2008 and at that time specialized strictly in software development for various kinds of online auctions. Thanks to this, they have reached the multinational level and therefore, to date, there are a lot of successfully implemented projects on the management’s account. BGaming's main office is in Curacao, and software development is in the capital of the Republic of Belarus.

After a series of successful products in the field of online auctions, the management decided not to slow down at the achieved level: the process of phased expansion of services and affordable projects began. In the course of a large and painstaking study of the online entertainment market, the company decided to engage in online casinos, since the demand for software for such clubs is constantly growing.

Key Internet Service Provider Platform

Entering and staying calm in the online gambling entertainment market was difficult. In particular, due to enormous competition, some companies have been working in this area for many years. However, BGaming has certain advantages that have made it possible to succeed:

  • The original vision of future projects;
  • Not quite a standard approach to the implementation of the plan.

Thanks to these two points, the team from SoftSwiss, which is located under the wing of BGaming, managed to create a completely new and original solution for online gambling entertainment, where there are unique features, architecture, and functionality.

Today, the popular SoftSwiss brand, which is the key foundation of BGaming, creates high-quality software for all online casinos. Besides, their software widespread over the world. Key benefits of the SoftSwiss platform:

  • The latest technology;
  • Unrivaled design solutions;
  • New functionality;
  • Wide range of games.

In addition to a high-quality and popular platform for managing online gambling entertainment, BGaming offers a quite solid and large portfolio with its own most popular games to date:

And the most important difference between BGaming projects is that they are developed in the HTML5 language in Full HD. Thanks to these two key details, the projects have a modern design, thoughtful gameplay and accurate mathematical calculations. Generous and promising online casino bonuses related to winnings also play an important role. Also, projects always work smoothly. It is worth noting that the projects support a variety of languages and different currencies.

Cryptocurrency support

And most importantly, the developers of SoftSwiss, led by BGaming, have become pioneers in the field of cryptocurrency gambling. After all, support for Bitcoin first appeared in projects from BGaming. Moreover, reliable mechanics of proven honesty for card games, online slots, and even roulette were created. Thanks to this, any player with the help of cryptographic functional tools can easily verify that the result of the game was random and was not subjected to any manipulations in the process. In the end, BGaming is known in all bitcoin communities, because it sets the necessary quality standards that the rest of the market must always meet.

It is worth noting that 2017 is an important date for the company since the game development business has been renamed under the BGaming trademark.

BGaming now is a leading gaming platform with thousands of oline casino games that we have presented to you here at the Casinonic website.

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