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yggdrasil/PopRocks yggdrasil/PopRocks yggdrasil/PopRocks
yggdrasil/TemperedSteel yggdrasil/TemperedSteel yggdrasil/TemperedSteel
Tempered Steel
yggdrasil/Achilles yggdrasil/Achilles yggdrasil/Achilles
yggdrasil/BigBenjiBonanza yggdrasil/BigBenjiBonanza yggdrasil/BigBenjiBonanza
Big Benji Bonanza
yggdrasil/NeonRush yggdrasil/NeonRush yggdrasil/NeonRush
Neon Rush
yggdrasil/9kYeti yggdrasil/9kYeti yggdrasil/9kYeti
9k Yeti
yggdrasil/EasterIsland2 yggdrasil/EasterIsland2 yggdrasil/EasterIsland2
Easter Island 2
yggdrasil/HanzosDojo yggdrasil/HanzosDojo yggdrasil/HanzosDojo
Hanzo's Dojo
yggdrasil/RiseoftheValkyrieSplitz yggdrasil/RiseoftheValkyrieSplitz yggdrasil/RiseoftheValkyrieSplitz
Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz
yggdrasil/WordofThoth yggdrasil/WordofThoth yggdrasil/WordofThoth
Word of Thoth
yggdrasil/BoilinPots yggdrasil/BoilinPots yggdrasil/BoilinPots
Boilin’ Pots
yggdrasil/EyeofPersia2 yggdrasil/EyeofPersia2 yggdrasil/EyeofPersia2
Eye of Persia 2
yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltraNudge yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltraNudge yggdrasil/JokrzWildUltraNudge
Jokrz Wild UltraNudge
yggdrasil/LetItSlide yggdrasil/LetItSlide yggdrasil/LetItSlide
Let It Slide
yggdrasil/LolliPop yggdrasil/LolliPop yggdrasil/LolliPop
yggdrasil/MegaPearlGigablox yggdrasil/MegaPearlGigablox yggdrasil/MegaPearlGigablox
MegaPearl Gigablox
yggdrasil/WaterBloxGigablox yggdrasil/WaterBloxGigablox yggdrasil/WaterBloxGigablox
WaterBlox Gigablox
yggdrasil/WildDuel yggdrasil/WildDuel yggdrasil/WildDuel
Wild Duel
yggdrasil/PenguinCity yggdrasil/PenguinCity yggdrasil/PenguinCity
Penguin City
yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz yggdrasil/TempleStacksSplitz
Temple Stacks: Splitz
yggdrasil/AllStarKnockout yggdrasil/AllStarKnockout yggdrasil/AllStarKnockout
All Star Knockout
yggdrasil/HippoPop yggdrasil/HippoPop yggdrasil/HippoPop
yggdrasil/GoldenGorgon yggdrasil/GoldenGorgon yggdrasil/GoldenGorgon
Golden Gorgon
yggdrasil/HunterMoonGigablox yggdrasil/HunterMoonGigablox yggdrasil/HunterMoonGigablox
Hunter Moon Gigablox
yggdrasil/HammerofGods yggdrasil/HammerofGods yggdrasil/HammerofGods
Hammer of Gods
yggdrasil/KrazyKlimber yggdrasil/KrazyKlimber yggdrasil/KrazyKlimber
Krazy Klimber
yggdrasil/JackpotExpress yggdrasil/JackpotExpress yggdrasil/JackpotExpress
Jackpot Express
yggdrasil/OdinInfinityReels yggdrasil/OdinInfinityReels yggdrasil/OdinInfinityReels
Odin Infinity Reels
yggdrasil/ChampionsofRome yggdrasil/ChampionsofRome yggdrasil/ChampionsofRome
Champions of Rome
yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox yggdrasil/3021TheBountyHunterGigablox
3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox
yggdrasil/SpinaColada yggdrasil/SpinaColada yggdrasil/SpinaColada
Spina Colada
yggdrasil/Seasons yggdrasil/Seasons yggdrasil/Seasons
yggdrasil/ToweringPaysExcalibur yggdrasil/ToweringPaysExcalibur yggdrasil/ToweringPaysExcalibur
Towering Pays Excalibur
yggdrasil/LilithsInferno yggdrasil/LilithsInferno yggdrasil/LilithsInferno
Lilith's Inferno
yggdrasil/GoldenHaulInfinityReels yggdrasil/GoldenHaulInfinityReels yggdrasil/GoldenHaulInfinityReels
Golden Haul Infinity Reels
yggdrasil/BountyPop yggdrasil/BountyPop yggdrasil/BountyPop
Bounty Pop
yggdrasil/TimeMachine yggdrasil/TimeMachine yggdrasil/TimeMachine
Time Machine
yggdrasil/Nirvana yggdrasil/Nirvana yggdrasil/Nirvana
yggdrasil/CherryPop yggdrasil/CherryPop yggdrasil/CherryPop
Cherry Pop
yggdrasil/VikingsGoWild yggdrasil/VikingsGoWild yggdrasil/VikingsGoWild
Vikings Go Wild

Brief History of the Yggdrasil Company

The company was founded in 2013 in Sweden, and during this time has created a collection of more than 100 modern pokies online that stand out with great graphics. The founder of the brand was Fredric Elmqvist, the former CEO of the equally well-known NetEnt international software developer.

The name Yggdrasil - a world tree in German-Scandinavian legends, personifying the universe. And this fact can be considered the best manifestation of Yggdrasil's ambitions, which were manifested from the very first years of the brand's existence.

The young company quickly gained popularity thanks to a small but innovative collection of modern video pokies equipped with cutting-edge visual effects.

From the very beginning of its existence, the provider focused precisely on the introduction of innovative graphical technologies - and they were right. That is why Yggdrasil pokies are now represented in all the top gaming clubs in the world and are greatly loved by fans of gambling around the world.

Features of Yggdrasil Games

Yggdrasil online pokies are licensed by the world's leading gambling commissions, which guarantees strict compliance of all technical and gaming characteristics of the products developed with international quality standards, as well as honesty, safety, and transparency of the game process.

Yggdrasil is one of the first providers to abandon the outdated Flash solution in favor of innovative HTML5, which ensured better graphics and higher speed of gameplay with more frames per second. The honesty of the used random number generator is regularly checked and confirmed by the iTech Labs (leading international auditor).

The popular Yggdrasil pokies feature original and non-standard themes that stand out against the background of competitive products, as well as their stunning embodiment, which has made the developer one of the unprecedented leaders in the modern iGaming industry.

Jackpots in Yggdrasil Games

The provider is also known for its incredible progressive jackpots. The first progressive jackpot was hit by the player in 2015, and the amount of the winnings exceeded the fantastic mark of 800,000 dollars.

The same pokie, Joker Millions, brought the user almost 3,000,000 dollars the following year. And in the same 2016 for Christmas, one of the gamblers received a dizzying jackpot of 3 million 300 thousand dollars.

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