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wazdan/MagicSpinsXmasEdition wazdan/MagicSpinsXmasEdition wazdan/MagicSpinsXmasEdition
Magic Spins Xmas Edition
wazdan/SizzlingEggs wazdan/SizzlingEggs wazdan/SizzlingEggs
Sizzling Eggs
wazdan/9CoinsXmasEdition wazdan/9CoinsXmasEdition wazdan/9CoinsXmasEdition
9 Coins Xmas Edition
wazdan/SizzlingMoon wazdan/SizzlingMoon wazdan/SizzlingMoon
Sizzling Moon
wazdan/SunofFortune wazdan/SunofFortune wazdan/SunofFortune
Sun of Fortune
wazdan/HotSlotMagicBombs wazdan/HotSlotMagicBombs wazdan/HotSlotMagicBombs
Hot Slot: Magic Bombs
wazdan/HotSlot777Crown wazdan/HotSlot777Crown wazdan/HotSlot777Crown
Hot Slot: 777 Crown
wazdan/9Coins wazdan/9Coins wazdan/9Coins
9 Coins
wazdan/MagicSpins wazdan/MagicSpins wazdan/MagicSpins
Magic Spins
wazdan/BurningSun wazdan/BurningSun wazdan/BurningSun
Burning Sun
wazdan/PowerofGodsMedusa wazdan/PowerofGodsMedusa wazdan/PowerofGodsMedusa
Power of Gods: Medusa
wazdan/PowerofGodsValhalla wazdan/PowerofGodsValhalla wazdan/PowerofGodsValhalla
Power of Gods: Valhalla
wazdan/SizzlingKingdomBison wazdan/SizzlingKingdomBison wazdan/SizzlingKingdomBison
Sizzling Kingdom: Bison
wazdan/DwarfsFortune wazdan/DwarfsFortune wazdan/DwarfsFortune
Dwarfs Fortune
wazdan/9Lions wazdan/9Lions wazdan/9Lions
9 Lions
wazdan/PowerofGodsHades wazdan/PowerofGodsHades wazdan/PowerofGodsHades
Power of Gods: Hades
wazdan/LarrytheLeprechaun wazdan/LarrytheLeprechaun wazdan/LarrytheLeprechaun
Larry the Leprechaun
wazdan/MagicStars3 wazdan/MagicStars3 wazdan/MagicStars3
Magic Stars 3
wazdan/9Tigers wazdan/9Tigers wazdan/9Tigers
9 Tigers
wazdan/AmericanPokerGold wazdan/AmericanPokerGold wazdan/AmericanPokerGold
American Poker Gold
wazdan/AmericanPokerV wazdan/AmericanPokerV wazdan/AmericanPokerV
American Poker V
wazdan/Arcade wazdan/Arcade wazdan/Arcade
wazdan/BARs&7s wazdan/BARs&7s wazdan/BARs&7s
wazdan/Backto70s wazdan/Backto70s wazdan/Backto70s
Back to the 70's
wazdan/BeachParty wazdan/BeachParty wazdan/BeachParty
Beach Party
wazdan/BeachPartyHot wazdan/BeachPartyHot wazdan/BeachPartyHot
Beach Party Hot
wazdan/BeautyFruity wazdan/BeautyFruity wazdan/BeautyFruity
Beauty Fruity
wazdan/BellWizard wazdan/BellWizard wazdan/BellWizard
Bell Wizard
wazdan/BlackHawk wazdan/BlackHawk wazdan/BlackHawk
Black Hawk
wazdan/BlackHawkDeluxe wazdan/BlackHawkDeluxe wazdan/BlackHawkDeluxe
Black Hawk Deluxe
wazdan/BlackHorse wazdan/BlackHorse wazdan/BlackHorse
Black Horse
wazdan/BlackHorseDeluxe wazdan/BlackHorseDeluxe wazdan/BlackHorseDeluxe
Black Horse Deluxe
wazdan/BlackJack wazdan/BlackJack wazdan/BlackJack
Black Jack
wazdan/BurningReels wazdan/BurningReels wazdan/BurningReels
Burning Reels
wazdan/BurningStars wazdan/BurningStars wazdan/BurningStars
Burning Stars
wazdan/ButterflyLovers wazdan/ButterflyLovers wazdan/ButterflyLovers
Butterfly Lovers
wazdan/CaptainShark wazdan/CaptainShark wazdan/CaptainShark
Captain Shark
wazdan/CaribbeanBeachPoker wazdan/CaribbeanBeachPoker wazdan/CaribbeanBeachPoker
Caribbean Beach Poker
wazdan/CasinoRoulette wazdan/CasinoRoulette wazdan/CasinoRoulette
Casino Roulette
wazdan/ColinTheCat wazdan/ColinTheCat wazdan/ColinTheCat
Colin The Cat

Wazdan Gaming

A manufacturer of this level does not need advertising. Its software is preferably directed to the European and Australian markets, and therefore has long been known to players of these regions. Therefore, when it comes to Wazdan Holding Limited, they mean high-quality software, with a high level of return and a wide variety of gambling.

This company is not the undisputed leader in the gaming software market. However, it is constantly increasing its momentum, and an expanded list of additional services contributes to the fact that it will soon take a leading position.

Brief History of Wazdan

In 2010, the company appears and receives an MGA license. In 2015, the name changes to Wazdan Limited as a result of rebranding. The same year was decisive for mobile devices - casino games translated into HTML5. In 2017, the UKGC replenishes the license collection, in 2019 new certificates are added. The official website footer lists brand awards – “Innovator in the field of online casinos” at CEEG in 2018, “Startup of the Year” at the iGaming Excellence Awards in Malta.

Software of the Wazdan

Almost all of the company's games are based on HTML5. More precisely, on the basis of its own system was implemented in the form of a platform. It is called Ace Mirage. This greatly expands the capabilities of the software. By order of its customers, the company can configure for a specific site, as well as for applications based on Android and iOS operating systems.

At the same time, the company is making an online casino from scratch. It helps to open game portals, separate rooms or pokie machines. Its employees develop bonus programs, incentive systems, and even a marketing strategy.

There are some networks of gaming sites created entirely by this manufacturer. They have their fans who appreciated the implementation of pokie machines and bonuses.

Wazdan Games

The company offers one of the most extensive assortments, with implementation on different platforms. It has:

Using modern platforms for creating games allows the company to quickly focus on market demands, adapting to the specific wishes of the players.

Honesty control

Wazdan uses a Maltese license. However, as a supplement, it has been separately certified by independent experts. Among them are organizations such as NMi and IDQ. If such certificates do not inspire confidence in you, then you should pay attention to the reviews of players who note a high level of return on bonuses or jackpots in Wazdan games.

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