Habanero Played

habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers
Totem Towers
habanero/JokerPoker10Hand habanero/JokerPoker10Hand habanero/JokerPoker10Hand
Joker Poker 10 Hand
habanero/SGScopa habanero/SGScopa habanero/SGScopa
habanero/SGWealthInn habanero/SGWealthInn habanero/SGWealthInn
Wealth Inn
habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley
Cake Valley
habanero/JacksorBetter1Hand habanero/JacksorBetter1Hand habanero/JacksorBetter1Hand
Jacks or Better 1 Hand
habanero/SGBikiniIsland habanero/SGBikiniIsland habanero/SGBikiniIsland
Bikini Island
habanero/SGQueenOfQueens1024 habanero/SGQueenOfQueens1024 habanero/SGQueenOfQueens1024
Queen of Queens II
habanero/AllAmericanPoker1Hand habanero/AllAmericanPoker1Hand habanero/AllAmericanPoker1Hand
All American Poker 1 Hand
habanero/SGTheDragonCastle habanero/SGTheDragonCastle habanero/SGTheDragonCastle
Dragon Castle
habanero/SGMagicOak habanero/SGMagicOak habanero/SGMagicOak
Magic Oak
habanero/BonusDuecesWild5Hand habanero/BonusDuecesWild5Hand habanero/BonusDuecesWild5Hand
Bonus Deuces Wild 5 Hand
habanero/SGTaikoBeats habanero/SGTaikoBeats habanero/SGTaikoBeats
Taiko Beats
habanero/SGDragonsThrone habanero/SGDragonsThrone habanero/SGDragonsThrone
Dragon's Throne
habanero/AcesandEights100Hand habanero/AcesandEights100Hand habanero/AcesandEights100Hand
Aces and Eights 100 Hand
habanero/SGDiscoBeats habanero/SGDiscoBeats habanero/SGDiscoBeats
Disco Beats
habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef
Cash Reef
habanero/SGSantasVillage habanero/SGSantasVillage habanero/SGSantasVillage
Santa's Village
habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe habanero/TGThreeCardPokerDeluxe
Three Card Poker Deluxe
habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker1Hand habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker1Hand habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker1Hand
Double Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand
habanero/SGLuckyDurian habanero/SGLuckyDurian habanero/SGLuckyDurian
Lucky Durian
habanero/SGPumpkinPatch habanero/SGPumpkinPatch habanero/SGPumpkinPatch
Pumpkin Patch
habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker100Hand habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker100Hand habanero/DoubleDoubleBonusPoker100Hand
Double Double Bonus Poker 100 Hand
habanero/DoubleBonusPoker1Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker1Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker1Hand
Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand
habanero/SGTabernaDeLosMuertos habanero/SGTabernaDeLosMuertos habanero/SGTabernaDeLosMuertos
Taberna De Los Muertos
habanero/BonusPoker1Hand habanero/BonusPoker1Hand habanero/BonusPoker1Hand
Bonus Poker 1 Hand
habanero/SGLuckyLucky habanero/SGLuckyLucky habanero/SGLuckyLucky
Lucky Lucky
habanero/TGWar habanero/TGWar habanero/TGWar
habanero/SGFenghuang habanero/SGFenghuang habanero/SGFenghuang
habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe
Golden Unicorn Deluxe
habanero/SGMrBling habanero/SGMrBling habanero/SGMrBling
Mr Bling
habanero/SGSuperTwister habanero/SGSuperTwister habanero/SGSuperTwister
Super Twister
habanero/SGCalaverasExplosivas habanero/SGCalaverasExplosivas habanero/SGCalaverasExplosivas
Calaveras Explosivas
habanero/BonusPoker10Hand habanero/BonusPoker10Hand habanero/BonusPoker10Hand
Bonus Poker 10 Hand
habanero/SGSpaceGoonz habanero/SGSpaceGoonz habanero/SGSpaceGoonz
Space Goonz
habanero/SGHeySushi habanero/SGHeySushi habanero/SGHeySushi
Hey Sushi
habanero/CaribbeanHoldem habanero/CaribbeanHoldem habanero/CaribbeanHoldem
Caribbean Holdem
habanero/SGWildTrucks habanero/SGWildTrucks habanero/SGWildTrucks
Wild Trucks
habanero/SGJump habanero/SGJump habanero/SGJump
habanero/BonusDuecesWild100Hand habanero/BonusDuecesWild100Hand habanero/BonusDuecesWild100Hand
Bonus Deuces Wild 100 Hand

Habanero software at the Casinonic website

Habanero, an Asian manufacturer of gaming software, is famous for its quite serious successes, although it was founded in 2010. The company experienced a serious step in the development in 2012, and over the past years, the provider’s activity has seen exclusively success trends. Within a short period of time, the developer occupies a leading position in the Asian gambling market, and recently he has been confidently striving to conquer the European market.

Habanero Features

To date, the provider produces more than a hundred different free online slot machines, among which there is a huge variety of stories and additional features. Moreover, the company produces such types of games as video poker and various types of card games.

The Habanero provider boasts the high level and quality of its developments, which are now used in the Casinonic casino as well. Created devices attract a considerable part of players interested in original and high-quality content. Almost all the slots manufactured by Habanero are launched both in the regular version through a browser and on mobile devices. All pokie slots are certified by international companies like iTechLab and BMM Testlabs.

Advantages of Habanero slot machines:

  • A wide range of entertainment, including not only slots but also table gambling games;
  • High-quality graphics and sound;
  • High return rate;
  • Accessible interface;
  • The introduction of free spins into the game process, the implementation of which takes place in the most favorable conditions;
  • Jackpot drawing in almost every type of slot machine (progressive and fixed);
  • The regular release of new products and constant updating of software already available in catalogs;
  • A high degree of reliability and security of pokies.

The listed advantages have a direct impact on the choice of players and their attitude to this provider. As for the Casinonic, we boldly placed the provided software, since the Habanero developer really attracts attention with its professional approach and serious attitude to work.

In addition to entertainment software, the manufacturer offers a powerful platform for virtual casinos with full technical support. At the same time, novelties of gaming software are offered monthly regularity, which is also attractive to both players and owners of gaming clubs.

Table Games presented by Habanero

The line of table games from the developer is represented by several options for baccarat, blackjack, a mass of versions of video poker and roulette online. There are also optimal conditions for the gameplay, which attract the bulk of the players.

This provider is famous for having several awards, and recently, Habanero has been actively involved in the development of the gambling area. Such active trends in the company's behavior provide our website with excellent gameplay capabilities and unconditional confidence in the future.

The prospects for the development of the Habanero provider are very confident because game software is being developed with enviable regularity, each new product has new features. Thanks to this, the developer manages to get away from the standard principles of the classics to completely new ideas that are embodied in unique projects that occupy strong market positions.

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