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Habanero Played

habanero/SG5Mariachis habanero/SG5Mariachis habanero/SG5Mariachis
5 Mariachis
habanero/SGNaughtyWukong habanero/SGNaughtyWukong habanero/SGNaughtyWukong
Naughty Wukong
habanero/SGTheDeadEscape habanero/SGTheDeadEscape habanero/SGTheDeadEscape
The Dead Escape
habanero/AllAmericanPoker5Hand habanero/AllAmericanPoker5Hand habanero/AllAmericanPoker5Hand
All American Poker 5 Hand
habanero/SGBirdOfThunder habanero/SGBirdOfThunder habanero/SGBirdOfThunder
Bird of Thunder
habanero/SGEgyptianDreamsDeluxe habanero/SGEgyptianDreamsDeluxe habanero/SGEgyptianDreamsDeluxe
Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
habanero/SGPuckerUpPrince habanero/SGPuckerUpPrince habanero/SGPuckerUpPrince
Pucker Up Prince
habanero/SGSojuBomb habanero/SGSojuBomb habanero/SGSojuBomb
Soju Bomb
habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers habanero/SGTotemTowers
Totem Towers
habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley habanero/SGCakeValley
Cake Valley
habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef habanero/SGCashReef
Cash Reef
habanero/SGSantasInn habanero/SGSantasInn habanero/SGSantasInn
Santa's Inn
habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe habanero/SGGoldenUnicornDeluxe
Golden Unicorn Deluxe
habanero/SGTechnoTumble habanero/SGTechnoTumble habanero/SGTechnoTumble
Techno Tumble
habanero/SGCrystopia habanero/SGCrystopia habanero/SGCrystopia
habanero/JokerPoker100Hand habanero/JokerPoker100Hand habanero/JokerPoker100Hand
Joker Poker 100 Hand
habanero/SGJungleRumble habanero/SGJungleRumble habanero/SGJungleRumble
Jungle Rumble
habanero/SGTukTukThailand habanero/SGTukTukThailand habanero/SGTukTukThailand
Tuk Tuk Thailand
habanero/SGFruityMayan habanero/SGFruityMayan habanero/SGFruityMayan
Fruity Mayan
habanero/DoubleBonusPoker5Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker5Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker5Hand
Double Bonus Poker 5 Hand
habanero/SGFireRooster habanero/SGFireRooster habanero/SGFireRooster
Fire Rooster
habanero/BonusPoker5Hand habanero/BonusPoker5Hand habanero/BonusPoker5Hand
Bonus Poker 5 Hand
habanero/SGFaCaiShen habanero/SGFaCaiShen habanero/SGFaCaiShen
Fa Cai Shen
habanero/DuecesWild50Hand habanero/DuecesWild50Hand habanero/DuecesWild50Hand
Deuces Wild 50 Hand
habanero/TGBlackjackAmerican habanero/TGBlackjackAmerican habanero/TGBlackjackAmerican
American Blackjack
habanero/SGGalacticCash habanero/SGGalacticCash habanero/SGGalacticCash
Galactic Cash
habanero/SGPamperMe habanero/SGPamperMe habanero/SGPamperMe
Pamper Me
habanero/SGNineTails habanero/SGNineTails habanero/SGNineTails
Nine Tails
habanero/SGArcaneElements habanero/SGArcaneElements habanero/SGArcaneElements
Arcane Elements
habanero/SGWeirdScience habanero/SGWeirdScience habanero/SGWeirdScience
Weird Science
habanero/DuecesWild10Hand habanero/DuecesWild10Hand habanero/DuecesWild10Hand
Deuces Wild 10 Hand
habanero/SGValentineMonchy habanero/SGValentineMonchy habanero/SGValentineMonchy
Valentine Monchy
habanero/SGNaughtySanta habanero/SGNaughtySanta habanero/SGNaughtySanta
Naughty Santa
habanero/AmericanBaccarat habanero/AmericanBaccarat habanero/AmericanBaccarat
habanero/SGHotHotHalloween habanero/SGHotHotHalloween habanero/SGHotHotHalloween
Hot Hot Halloween
habanero/SGLoonyBlox habanero/SGLoonyBlox habanero/SGLoonyBlox
Loony Blox
habanero/SGSparta habanero/SGSparta habanero/SGSparta
habanero/DoubleBonusPoker50Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker50Hand habanero/DoubleBonusPoker50Hand
Double Bonus Poker 50 Hand
habanero/SGSlimeParty habanero/SGSlimeParty habanero/SGSlimeParty
Slime Party
habanero/SGCoyoteCrash habanero/SGCoyoteCrash habanero/SGCoyoteCrash
Coyote Crash

Top Software Suppliers: Habanero

Habanero is another acclaimed software supplier which develops top-tier igaming products for online casinos. The company suppliers its premium gaming content to the world’s leading online casinos. Let’s take a closer look at this noteworthy software brand!

About Habanero

The history of Habanero started in 2010. Originally, the company was known under the name of Habanero Systems B.V. 2012 was a breakthrough year for the promising software supplier as it was acquired by a group of European investors. This is how the company’s igaming products entered the game catalogues of licensed online casinos.

In 2014, Habanero made an important step by entering the Asian gambing scene. Asian casinos and gamblers appreciated the engaging igaming content produced by the software supplier. After a tremendous success in Asia, Habanero ventured into the European igaming market. The next important milestone occurred in 2018, when Habanero presented its products in the Italian market.

By now, the brand has secured a global presence, with offices located in Sofia (Bulgaria), Kiev (Ukraine), Manila (Philippines), and Johannesburg (South Africa).

People are, without doubt, the most valuable asset that Habanero has. The software provider has put together a balanced team of 200 seasoned professionals, including programmers, software engineers, graphic designers, marketers, etc. Together, they’ve managed to build a strong, well-respected software brand with a large fan base all over the globe.

Games portfolio

Habanero has a big selection of gambling games to offer to its keen fans. The company’s portfolio includes 100+ slots, 12 table games, and 10 video poker games. Habanero is working tirelessly on growing its games collection, releasing new titles like clockwork. On the average, fans get 1 new game each month.

Here are the main categories of gambling games produced by Habanero:

  • online slots;
  • blackjack (including American blackjack);
  • poker (including 3-card Poker Deluxe);
  • video poker games;
  • baccarat;
  • roulette;
  • Sic Bo.

Excellent news for video poker fans! While Habanero is concentrating mainly on video slots, the company also offers a decent choice of top-class video poker games. Enjoy playing Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Double Double Bonus, and other amazing titles!

Habanero games can be found on a whopping 100+ gambling sites, which speaks volumes of the company’s high status in the igaming scene.

Habanero slots

Online slots take a special place in the games portfolio of every software provider, and Habanero is no exception. The brand’s video slots cover a plethora of genres, from historic adventures, to mythology, to celebrities. What an abundance of themes! If you’re a slot aficionado, you’ll be delighted!

Most one-armed bandits by Habanero are played on a 5x3 grid (5 reels, 3 rows). Knowing how players like extra money-making opportunities, Habanero tends to pack their video slots with exciting and lucrative in-game features:

  • Wild and Scatter symbols;
  • big multipliers;
  • free spins and respins;
  • bonus games;
  • double features;
  • progresssive jackpots.

Check out Habanero’s top popular online slots that will blow your mind away:

  • London Hunter;
  • Mystic Fortune;
  • Sparta;
  • Ruffled Up;
  • Gold Rush;
  • Jugglenaut;
  • Zeus and Zeus 2;
  • Koi Gate;
  • Biking Island;
  • Golden Unicorn;
  • Roman Empire;
  • Colossal Gems.

Whichever title you choose, it’ll most definitely have fantastic visuals, eye-catching design, and captivating plot.

Let’s give a round of applause to the Ruffled Up video slot which made waves back in 2016. In fact, it was one of the most played and discussed online slots of the year! Its signature feature is funny birds sitting on electric wires. If you’re lucky to hit a bonus game, you’ll witness some pretty cruel action where the birds are struck by lightning. Kudos to Habanero for coming up with a funny and original idea like that!

Technical features of Habanero games

Habanero is dedicated to developing safe, easy-to-play and accessible online casino games which are compatible with different platforms and devices.

  • All casino games by Habanero are built on HTML5, which means you don’t need to install any additional software to play them. Simply launch a Habanero game in your favorite web-based or mobile browser and gamble away!
  • Habanero games run across all types of devices, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Habanero games load fast and run smoothly on any device.
  • With a highly-functional Habanero API, all games are updated in the nick of time.
  • Mobile users can play Habanero slots in portrait or landscape mode. Either way, you’ll enjoy an exceptional player experience!
  • Your game data is saved in real time, meaning that you can put the game on hold and then continue playing whenever you want.
  • Habanero games are available in 28+ languages.
  • Ganabero games boast a customizable and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Habanero games support both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Habanero slots are truly generous to players and feature decent RTP rates. For example, the Zeus 2 slot has a 96.04% RTP, while the Roman Empire slot boasts a staggering 98.06% RTP.

Our verdict

In case of Habanero, the lack of a 20+ year experience in the igaming industry is rather an advantage. It’s easy to see that the young software provider is still full of smart and fresh ideas. The brand has a loyal and friendly community of fans who are looking forward to new games from their favorite provider. And you know what? Habanero knows how to make its audience happy!

If you haven’t yet experienced the Habanero brand, you’re missing out on loads of fun! We can help you correct this mistake, though! The Casinonic website boasts an impressive range of the best Habanero slots. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are and how much money you can afford to spend on wagers! With Casinonic, people from all over the globe can play Habanero games for free or for real money. The choice is yours!

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